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Poll Results: Would you get the Cochlear implant for your deaf child?

  • 45% (9)
    Yes, but I would make sure they knew sign language as well
  • 10% (2)
    Yes, but would not have tehm learn to sign
  • 45% (9)
    No, being deaf is not a handicap that needs correction
  • 0% (0)
20 Total Votes  
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I was struck by how much the deaf people wanted to live in their own insular community. Originally posted by MyBoysMommy
I think it's totally understandable. After all, the hearing world makes hardly any effort at all to accomodate deaf people. They can't, for the most part, learn to speak English. We hearing people can learn to sign, but how many of us do? Personally, I think every hearing person should learn to at least sign the alphabet. It's so difficult for a deaf person to get along in the hearing world, even though the smallest of efforts on the part of hearing people would make it so much easier. So of course they wnat to live in their own "insular" communities, with other people who can communicate with them and won't treat them as "disabled" people.

I voted no. My husband and I had a long talk about this before DD was even born (always be prepared!) Basically, we decided that such an invasive procedure with such uncertain results should not be performed on a child who isn't old enough to understand what's going on or voice her own opinion. I agree that the implants function more to make it easier for hearing people to communicate with the deaf than to make life easier on deaf people. Can you imagine hearing nothing for your entire life, and then suddenly to be bombarded by static and buzzing? Try turning the dial from your favorite radio station a little to the left or right, and then force yourself to listen for an hour or two. Wouldn't you rather just turn it off?
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Moving this to Health and Healing!
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I can only speak for myself ~ my anger comes from being able to communicate with Deaf people (and deaf people) better than their parents & I don't have Deafness in my family. It is frustrating when it is LAZINESS (what else do you call living in a home with someone their whole life without learning their language???) of the parents and families involved.

Braille is ENGLISH, blind people speak ENGLISH, they socialize with others blind or not, they belong to the culture of their LANGUAGE/society.

ASL is a LANGUAGE in it's own right, Deaf people have fought for years to have this recognized and it has been documented as the NATIVE LANGUAGE of all deaf/Deaf people~period. With the language comes a culture of its own.
All I ask of these parents and those who know *nothing* about this, LEARN!!! Do your homework, find out what is available before FIXING what the child may not consider broken. Find anyway possible to communicate with your child, in the way most accomodating to the CHILD not to the Hearing members of the family.
I, for one, would not freak if I had a deaf child ~s/he would grow and thrive as a Deaf person, linguistically and culturally. Yeah, this means they would have a life different and sometimes separate from mine. My experience has shown that this is NO BIG DEAL with parents who can communicate with their child in their rightful native language.
I would never deny parents the option of fixing something like blindness, clubfoot or cleft palate as you asked. NEVER! Again, I will state, these procedures have long term studies done about them, they do not involve placing electronic devices inside someones BRAIN without their consent/understanding. Deaf Culture is something near and dear to my heart, I would hate to see *lazy* Hearing people wipe out yet another culture they don't/won't understand! Please, go out and meet some Deaf people yourself, ask them, most will be happy to discuss this hotly debated topic with you. Get your info from the Source yourself, I did.

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hahamommy, the deaf can read word symbols in english. They can read body language. Some can speak english, and others can read lips. I just don't understand how you can say being blind is less isolating from your culture than being deaf?? I am trying to understand. No one said cochlear implants are the answer, and clearly you are against them, but I asked if you would be against a complete cure for deafness and you did not answer.

Hahamommy, you would be surprised how many adults who grew up differently abled in other ways will tell you they don't want to be changed. There are wheelchair bound, blind, Down's Syndrome, and other conditions affecting adults who do not want to be changed. Why would they? This is who they are, and asking to be "changed" is insulting.

That does not mean it isn't a "big deal" for a family raising a child with so much to overcome. I would rather have a child with perfect health, and if that were not possible, I would hope I had a child who grew up happy and whole and not wanting to be "changed".

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Yes, I am against any one who is NOT Deaf, *fixing* those who are. Now with a Deaf MD, (who has a personal interpreter, not a CI) the road has been paved, maybe a Deaf doctor will develop something, but I doubt it. *They don't want to be fixed! They're not broken!*
Has anyone else noticed the division on this issue is obviously between those who know Deaf and those who do not?? Those who *know* ASL and Deaf Culture know that CI will not and cannot work. Except the few who understand that electronics in the brain (an electrical organ) is NEVER a good idea, especially in the fragile developing brain of a child. Did I mention there are NO long term studies on the effect of this surgery??
Amy (functional ears, screwed up nerve system) pointed out ~ She lost a Sense, not an organ. Her question: to what length would you go for a child who could not taste??? She, and I hope she goes home and registers for MDC, feels being Deaf is absolutely NORMAL. She has had a NORMAL life. Her parents sign. She also knows two girls who became disfigured and DEAF from the surgery's failure "Gee sorry hearing parents, I miscut a nerve and now your child won't hear ANYTHING and they're unable to use the left side of their face at all" Worth it?

Please, please, please ask Deaf people. Don't believe me, fine, but don't blindly (hehe) follow those others who know nothing about the culture of Deafness.
Read the postings around Mothering ~ this board is all about trying to figure out our kids, making life better for them (not easier), how to communicate ... I cannot imagine the lack of acceptance of Deafness in a child of a Mothering mother.
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I'm sorry, I was gone for a day, now I'm back. Braille actually is not english written in bumps, it too is it's own language, and there are different levels of it. My husband is completely blind, he has no sight what soever, and there most definately is a blind community separate from the sighted.
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I just went to afb.org and researched Braille. It is not a language in and of itself, merely a coded form of English or other language. (much like Signing Exact English [SEE] is a manual code, not a signed language) Check it out.
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