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Dear Homeschooling Parents:
I have 4 children. I homeschooled the older 3 off and on as my health and time would allow> They are now 21,19, 17. I still have a 10-year old at home who has never been to school, but is doing just fine at home. He does above average work.
I am a teacher in a private religious school which has rigourous standards academically. I have considered sending him to this school for maybe a year. The school is very small and exclusive and I thought this may be a nice change of pace and would be an opportunity for him to go to school and I would still be keeping an eye on him and could control his environment.
Has anyone out there ever sent his/her child to the same school that they taught at?
Many of the teachers here at this school do or have had children attending the school. What has your experience been?
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Miriam, you'd probably get more responses to your question if you posted it at the ps board. That said, I know of a teacher who plans to send her dc to school and she is currently considering enrolling them in the school where she teaches rather than in their district school. One of the issues she's come across is that the children's circle of friends will be different. She feels her children may be out of the loop when it comes to birthday parties, play dates, sports, school dances, etc. because they will be living in another town, while all the school-mates will know each other from the neighborhood.
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