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Family Bed, or Mama and Baby Bed? - Page 3

Poll Results: Do you sleep with...

  • 3% (6)
    Just your husband
  • 30% (60)
    Just your baby
  • 13% (26)
    Baby + Kid(s)
  • 53% (107)
    Baby + Kid(s) + Hubby
199 Total Votes  
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Well right now it is hubby, baby, me most of the time. Occasionally our daughetr will sleep with us. Actually since hubby is working from 3pm to 11pm she falls asleep with me and Tyme, then when he gets home he puts her in her bed. If she wakes up he will go and sleep with her or just bring her in the bed with us. Then our 2nd oldest son wants to sleep with us, but there is just no way. We only have a queen size bed for now, and no room for him even on the floor(we are living in our 5th wheel) So, sometimes the baby and I will go sleep with Tristen on the sofa sleeper. LOL
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Well, since DH is working night right now it's just me and the baby. He switches nights and days every 2 months and when he's home we all sleep together. We have a king size and it's fine for 3 since my DS starts in the crib and comes in around 12 or 1. If I'm not alseep before he wakes up it's hard for me to fall asleep when we are all squished but if I am asleep first then I'm so tired I don't mind it at all.
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Thanks for the post!!!!!!!!
I feel better now
I thought we were the only ones with that arrangement Sozobe it was really causing me distress
Especially with a new babe on the way
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crowded bed

I first brought our daughter to bed with me when I returned to work full time, but was still waking up for night time feedings. It worked great for a little while, until our daughter began to grow. Now she and I, or she and her father enjoy sleeping together, but we rarely sleep with all three of us in the bed. There just isnt room. We have thought of purchasing a king size bed, but we just havent had the spare cash. Besides, she isnists on sleeping in the middle and I doubt that will change just because we get a bigger bed. Despite the fact that we are happy that we have provided our daughter with a safe, cozy, love filled sleeping environment, my husband and I miss our cuddle time. We dont really see any way out of this predicament other than encouraging our daughter to move to her own bed. We have started to talk about it with her and have showed her some plans of a loft bed that we would like to build her. We are hoping that she will be so excited and enamoured with her new bed that she will wnt to sleep in it. Wish us luck.
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Voted for baby + kid + hubby. . although my "kid" is our 5 year old Black Lab. . she gets the foot of the bed

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Since dd was born (now 13 mo) she's been with me and dh in another room on a single futon. Now he's thinking of coming in with us, putting his futon next to our queen. I've invited him many times but the question of us both getting enough sleep - with hsi frequent trips to the bathroom, snoring, tossing and turning etc and dd's waking to nurse and crying in her sleep etc - has dissuaded him, and me. We'll have to see how it goes. another option we're thinking of is getting another double or queen for his room and me shuttling between the two! We'd probably all sleep better that way. We had some renovations done recently and I know all the workmen were really pitying dh for being banished to his single futon!
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Ilyas and I co-sleep on the futon in the living room. Hubby sleeps on the floor either next to us, or in the baby room. We all used to cosleep together in the baby room, but a flood caused us to lose our big bed, and the futon is too small for all three of us. So hubby takes the camping bedding and sleeps on the floor. The arrangement isn't as awfull as it sounds, but we are saving up for a new bed
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