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Circle of Light

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Please post when you enter labor or need some extra support in these last weeks of pregnancy and the mamas on this board will surround you in a circle of light that stretches thousands of miles with strength as deep as the ocean.

Candle lighting/lighters protocol: Please subscribe to this thread and when you read a new request, please take a quiet moment to think of the mama needing support, send her the qualities you wish for her (strength, love, compassion, energy, peace, courage...) and light your candle. Please keep your candle lit for a full minute (longer if you like, but don't forget about it and leave it unattended). As you blow it out, take a cleansing breath.

Let us not post too many OT replies in this thread, instead let's keep it for the call for light and strength so that we are not overwhelmed by many pages of short replies. If you feel drawn to it, please offer your written support in the form of another message directed to the person or in the form of a PM.

Love, light and strength to you, my sisters!

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I'm drinking a castor oil milkshake as I type. MW stripped my membranes and I'm at a 2. Wish me luck.

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BEST OF LUCK,JESSE!!! sending you positive baby vibes as I type!!! Ladies!! Don't forget your candles!!!
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x-posted to the weekly thread

It's 3:55am, and.......well.....I think I might be in labor. Maybe? How in the world are you supposed to know???

I've been having contractions since about 2:30, and DH started timing them around 3:15 or so. They've been 3 to 5 minutes apart since then, lasting 30 - 45 seconds. We'll probably call our doula soon, and maybe the labor & delivery desk, just to see what they think. I feel silly telling you all to light candles already (especially since you're probably asleep ) because part of me is thinking, "This isn't labor yet! You're just being dumb." Ummm, but I think it might be.

Do I sound like a first-time mama or what? I'm going to x-post this to the "Circle of Light" thread.
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all my love!

i'm absolutely butting in on this board, but i was trying to locate a friend and whoa!

chelsea lynn, if you check this before you are off to have a baby all my love and God bless and hooray!

and if it was a false alarm, all my love too

here's to the flip-flop girl's new mommy! i'm getting all teared up... what a goof!
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We are off to the hospital, I'll update you guys as soon as I get home!!
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I've been having surges all night.. some of them WHOPPERS! They are down to two minutes apart so we'll be calling the midwife soon. I'm pretty sure I'm having my baby today.
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I go in for my scheduled C-Birth tomorrow Thursday Nov 4th at 7am due to various complications. Please send some positive vibes my way for a little bit tomorrow. Since I'll be in hospital for a few days, I'll have my dh post an update for you guys
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Got my candle lit for ya!! Here's hoping everything goes beautifully and you get a beautiful baby
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Well, I think I can post here now. I'm pretty sure baby is coming tonight. I've had regular contractions since 6ish and they are getting much stronger. DH was getting nervous and wanting to head into the birth center (we are about a half hour away) but I told him it was too soon and finally coaxed him to lay down and get some sleep. It's easier to labor without him worrying about me and timing every contractions. Contractions are 4-5 minutes apart right now and strong enough I can't sleep. Everytime I start to drift off I get another doosey of a contraction. Please pray that baby comes before morning, since my mw is only on call until then. I really want her to deliver this baby.
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Alisha I am thinking about you and hoping for a beautiful birth for you and your little one.

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Has anyone else had labor stop? Our Bradley teacher kept telling us in class that anything before a 4 can stop, but I didn't really pay much attention. I went into labor last tues, the 2nd, and things were going really good. I had regular intense contractions, they were 3 min apart lasting at least 60 seconds for several hours. We finally called our doula, who was also our Bradley teacher, and headed to the hospital. But once we got there things started to slow down. It was gradual, at first the contractions were just irregular. I couldn't believe I was only at a 3. I was 60% effaced, but I was only dilated to a 3. How could I have such strong contractions for so long, the good ones lasted at least 6 hours, and not have anything happen. It's really frusterating. I kept having contractions for another 12 hours before they stopped completely, but they were a joke. I wish there was some way to ensure that doesn't happen again.
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I'm in labor!

I think I can finally say that with confidence After a few weeks of prodromal labor I took Castor oil yesterday morning and my contrax started around 5 pm. It's now almost 4am and I have not slept hardly at all and they hurt more when I'm lying down so I got up. I'm having them no matter if I'm sitting, standing, lying down, in the shower, they do not seem to be stopping. I also can't talk through them and I'm having bloody show,which with my first two meant I was in labor. I think I'm going to call the midwife in an hour or so to give her a heads up. Wish me luck!
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Oh yay Kari! I'll be thinking about you this morning.
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My water just broke...

So I guess sometime in the next couple of days I'm going to have this baby! The irony is..tomorrow is my son Elijah's day so I was hoping not that day!!!

Will update later, since i'm having the baby at home i can take it pretty easy
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oh oh! lighting a candle for you, meg...

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Good luck, Meg! I'll be thinking of you!
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