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Homeschooling an only child in a rural area

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Hi; I hope I can find someone who can relate to this. We just moved to our new house in the country, on a 3 acre farm. We feel very inclined to unschool, and I had been dreaming about this moment for years, yet these few days have been very dissapointing. I am home all the time with my 3 yo. son (he'll be 4 in September) and I feel very isolated most of the time.

I am eager to homeschool, and feel inspired by such a beautiful place and the simple life, but also feel guilty because he only gets to see my face all the time; dh gets home after 5 pm so its just ds and me. How can I keep the motivation to homeschool without feeling that I am depriving him of socializing with other human beings (not just children)? This also makes me feel desperate for having more children (well, we really want a large family) but haven't been able to conceive and I fear my ds will be really lonely as he grows up.

Sorry about the long post.
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All I can offer is that you need to get out of the house. If you don't have a car get one because you are going to need it. Go to play dates, homeschool events, organizations, clubs, churches whatever. Parks usually have good pickings of little kids so if your son isn't terrible shy that could be a source. Don't overlook your social events as a time for him to get socialization. Invite people over (offer to pick up thier kids your more likely to have more people accept your invitation), take some lessons, volenteer at a retirement center. Thier are lots of chances for your child to interact with people. Any people. Be creative. Just because you live in a rual setting doesn't mean you need to be isolated.
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We HS the first two years in the boonies. Lived too far away from any HS group to get involved. And there were no kids anywhere near her age by us. We did have a great time though. We saw family on the weekends when we could, so she could play with the cousins and had a great time taking care of our livestock.

JMO, but I don't think a four year old needs to have his time filled up with alot of planned activities and groups. You can play with kids at the park, or the childrens section at some bookstores. And he does come in contact with people of all ages as you go about your business of shopping, billpaying ect. Have you read any books by John Holt?? I highly recommend them. He does address this issue.
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I think your situation sounds wonderful. I agree that planning some outings is a good thing, but it's not like he needs to have something going on every day. Small children really do not require lots of time with other small children. Our kids have friends in the neighborhood, but there are lots of days, even in the summer, that they don't see them, either they are gone or our kids are busy at our own house. I'm sure you'll find a balance that works well for your family
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