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High Blood Pressure

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I had a hospital, drug induced 1st birth. I plan on having my next baby at home, with a midwife, no drugs. My question is: Does previous Preg induced High blood pressure affect whether or not I can have a homebirth? I really feel that my HBP was due to the stress I was under at the hospital. (Mean nurses ) I just really want my next baby to be born at home, surrounded by loving family and away from inquiring nursuries...
Any advice/info would be soooo helpful.
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I'm sort of in the same boat. I had high blood pressure during pregnancy and ended up with a pitocin induction. Yuck.

I know the high blood pressure was due to the staff and the hospital environment because I used to monitor my BP at home with a machine that was calibrated to theirs so I was sure we were getting the same results.

My BP was ONLY high when I was at my appointments.
I definitely think you can have a home birth. Get your blood pressure monitored. I had a home use thingie and it worked really well.
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Thanks. I had pretty much guessed that my BP was normal when I wasn't being rushed through a 6 minute appointment. I guess that I just need knowledgable encouragement.
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of course you can!

w/ dd I had high blood pressure, group beta strep, boderline gest. diabetes, meconium in the water, you get the picture....and I homebirthed her. Also, I consider my midwives fairlyl medically minded. They did have me push her out on my left side, not optimal in my opinion but there it is.
w/ds, we did a freebirth and when I did check my own bp during preg. it was never high. My theory is the stres factor htat you mentioned plays a big factor but also the approval factor. Now mind you, I did feel very comfortable and adored my midwives w/ baby one, I still feel their presence was unecessary and ultimately harmful. well, I know this is more than you asked for but wanted to add my two cents.
all I'm saying is just the "testing" atmosphere can be a huge stress in itself, along w/ getting there on time, etc. you get teh point.
good luck!!
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What is high?

Bella, I had my son at home with 'borderline' high BP. I agree that the reading for me seemed to depend on the circumstances.

Remember it is the bottom number that counts! As long as it stays in the neighborhood of 90, you are fine. The top number flucuates up and down and all around depending on how you are feeling.

We went through the whole thing starting the pregnancy with an OB . . . She kept ordering 24 hr urine tests just cause it was on the high side of normal. She flipped out at a 35 wk appointment bc of a high reading and threatened to induce me before even hooking me up to the machine to get a series of readings! Needless to say we dropped her like a hot potato and found a nice, conservative midwife. She was a bit concerned about me hanging out on the high side of normal but not frantic. She watched and waited. We had a beautiful, safe birth at home. (I think she just figured out I was a bit of a stress out person. And really who wouldn't be when DOCTORS are telling you that something is wrong with you and they think the baby is better to come out sooner?)

Keep heart and watch the bottom number. Find a midwife who makes you comfortable and you can trust.
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Both of my children were born at home and unfortunately, I had high blood pressure with both. I was almost transported with my first as I had posterior long labor with my blood pressure skyrocketing.

The thing that helped me the first time was a long bath with epsom salts while in labor and the second time, I was once again becoming toxemic-- long story. Anyway, I had found a wonderful acupunturist/ homeopath that was able to work wonders.

I had walked into his office with rapid pulse and high blood pressure and my midwives saying this is it. If this doesn't work, you are transporting-- and they are fairly liberal--

Well, ten minutes later after some acupuncture and a homeopathic remedy and my pulse and pressure were fine. So, I continued seeing my acupunturist once a week until the birth and took my homeopathic remedy whenever my pressure would start to creep. And you know what? It stayed down for the birth!

Even during another very long posterior birth-- my pressure stayed down and my beautiful baby was born at home-- without any pressure of transporting.

Anyway, yes, all of yours might have been due to the hospital pressure, but definitely look into homeopathy with a reputable homeopath and acupunture, as well. It was good to know that I had this on my side!

Good luck and happy birthing
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