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Clonidine, anyone?

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Gus and Emmet were just put on Clonidine yesterday. Not happy to be medicating a couple of 4 year olds....I know they need it. Life is so hard for them and not fun for the rest of the family. Just wondering if anyone has any expiereince with this drug.
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Moving this to Health and Healing for better luck!
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yes. my daughter has been on this med. to help her sleep. we've had success with it.

good luck,
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My father was just given this medication to quickly lower his blood pressure if it gets too high. He went to the ER with a 295 bp reading, and it brought it right down. He was also given an anxiety med to take at the first inkling of an anxiety attack, which they think might be causing the problem with his bp. What are your boys taking it for?
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explosive behavior/anxiety...psych thinks it's due to hyper-adreneline. Ya know when you are having the WORST day of your life and trying to keep it together, and then your little one poops on the floor or you drop an egg or light bulb and you ***F*R*E*A*K* *O*U*T***, well that's how they live day to day, minute to minute- Just 1/2 a second from COMPLETE meltdown...

It seems to be working okay, but Gus got too much yesterday and kept nodding off...I felt like I was abusing him or something. I kept fighting tears. I felt like SUCH a JERK! The problem is that the pills are SOOOOO small--like small bc pills and I have to cut them into quarters. They pretty much turn to dust and I have to guess-timate about what looks like 1/4 of a pill after it's been runover by a truck...

I have SOOOOO much GUILT about this....basically the DR said they will never be "normal" and by looking at it Gus's anxiety is so severe that we may have to go to harsher drugs....

I know it's ggos for them-short term...but what about down the road...will they be drug addicts? Silly thought, I know.....
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