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My back.

I went to my parents' yesterday. My back was on the verge--stressed out and midcycle--and then I unloaded a load of bales so Mom wouldn't have to (see my post in "birth order" thread for clarification )...now I can't stand up straight. I'm one of those people who spasms for emotional reasons.

1000mg ibuprofen is not helping. I'm going to take a walk today and stretch some, but I'm walking crooked--and this inevitably makes my right knee let loose.

I hope I've cured some of you of your romanticism of farming...: BTW, massage/acupuncture is not an option. I need self help, please!!!
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Both my dh and dd have had problems with muscle spasms in their backs. They were both helped by a program called Egoscue. The book is called Pain Free. Basically it is a lot about stretching. My dh's favorite is to lay on your back with your legs on something that is just right to rest the top part of your legs, like you are sitting, but with your back on the floor. He does this for 5-20 minutes. This allows the back muscles to relax. HTH
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