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hi everyone

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i originally looked up my edd in a book, but i either read it wrong, or the book was wrong. at any rate i was estimating sometime in the middle of june (and thinking gees, that sure sounds like a long time...). on further inspection, my edd should be may 28 '05. i am 7 weeks pg today. i have taken 5 hpt...rofl

my first dr appointment is on the 20th. i am very excited, and also dreading the possibility of anything being wrong. *paranoid*

i've been feeling pretty icky for a while, but have only really had any morning sickness the last couple of days. i haven't thrown up...i just perpetually feel like i'm going to. oh, yeah, and my apartment complex is right behind a seafood restaurant. i never even noticed a smell until yesterday, but man, it's the worst smell ever. :Puke

anyway, i look forward to getting to know you all.
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Hope all goes well for you!!! WELCOME!
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Welcome and congrats!
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Welcome mama!

I see this is your first baby! How exciting! I hope everything goes well for you!!
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Hey nitemarehippiegirl! WELCOME TO the DUe in May EDD Club! I know what you mean! At the beginning of my PG, I was working at a Chinese joint, and man, I realized that while PG the smell of Chinese food makes me super nauseous! YUCK!:Puke
Good luck dealing with that!!!
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Hi nitmarehippiegirl! I did the same thing, thought I was due around June 5, then looked into it further and I am due May 30th. So I seem to be kinda stuck between two different boards because I was all over the June 2005 board but I like reading the posts over here - are you gonna make the switch?
Anyway, we have almost the same date! I have been sick for weeks. I took the test because I was feeling so barfy, and AF wasn't even late yet! I'm sipping on peppermint tea which is helping for the moment. I work in an office above a sushi restaraunt, I can totally relate to your seafood woes!
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