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feeling baby?

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how early can you feel the baby move? I swear I have felt something today and yesterday.. is this possible?! I will only be 10 weeks on Sunday (today is Friday)
Am I going crazy? :LOL
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Hey, we're due on the same day! I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday too and I wrote a long post about being sure I must be further along because I've been feeling the baby move for the past week. I'm glad I'm not alone. I was starting to think I was crazy!
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Maybe we are both crazy! :LOL
No of course thats not the case! :LOL Thats cool! We must have strong babes!
BTW howcome I keep getting an EDD of the 9th?
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I don't know My LMP was on Sunday, August 1st so 40 weeks ahead is Sunday, May 8th (although in my head I am constantly saying May 9th for some reason). So every Sunday is the start of a new week, I think.
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awww I see.... my LMP was the 2nd! yes every Sunday is the start of a new week! how exciting!
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I swore I felt movement at 10-11 wks with Gabriel's pregnancy. DH wasn't able to catch a flutter until 13 wks thou... Very possible especially since you've had babies before and you are more likely be able to distinguish the butterfly flutters of the babies kicking about from other rumblings in your belly.

Nothing yet though... but I am 3 wks behind you guys. We'll see what kicking at the end of the month.
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Wow ~ I thought 14 weeks was the earliest you could anticipate with the second time around. I felt my first at 17 weeks, so I am definitely hoping to feel the flutters even earlier this time. How exciting to know it might only be a few weeks away!
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I feel even sillier. I'm only 8 weeks tomorrow and I thought I felt a wave of something. I really don't think I did, but I hope you did so that I can feel something real soon!
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I don't know... I feel stuff that feels exactly like a baby all the time, even when not pregnant. It's all digestion though, I'm certain. Maybe it's because I'm so skinny that I feel it all the time? Is that weird or an arrogant explanation? I only weigh 97 lbs.
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I don't think you are crazy. I thought I felt something, too, about a week and a half ago. I'm almost 10 weeks. I really wasn't looking or expecting to feel anything until after the first trimester, but this felt EXACTLY like it felt with the very first "flutterings" with ds. And then today, I felt that little something again. I am on the thin side, too, though; I can feel my uterus just above my pubic bone.
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I have felt things but they are all above the my belly button or right below it so there is NO way its baby as baby is not even past my public bone Im sure. I dont think you can feel the baby until 14 weeks at the earliest. I wasnt for sure on Braedon until 21 weeks, than I knew for sure. Most people know before than. Itll only be a matter of time before we feel our babies like crazy!
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I felt my first at 16weeks, 2nd at 11 1/2weeks, third at 19weeks.

With my 2nd I know it was the baby because it was in the same spot that they checked on the US and it moved up about an inch each week.

I am not pg but i have felt feelings exactly like what a baby feels like. they are very similar, but it was different with my 2nd.
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Wow, guys, that IS really exciting! I have had the same thought, but only a few times, and I am also sure at this point mine is gas/indigestion.
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Hey guys

i felt me first at 15 wks and my second at 11 1/2 wks too. no doubt about it...i know it was baby. i was also quite skinny at the beginning of all my pgs.

this time i feel little flutters that feel soooo baby and i get so excited...but then i get gas (sorry tmi) and know that it is just my digestion tract. i am SOOO excited for the first time that i feel it and know its baby.

i also get baby kicking feelings when i am not pg. i remembr the feeling of a nearly full term baby's shoulders rolling low when head is down. i feel that alot...no matter if im pg or not!!

i am 10 1/2 wks right now and am really hoping not to wait much more. its weird that ppl are saying that they felt the 3rd so late. maybe its because we are so stretched out.

weird thing for me is that i needed an u/s at 8wk6d and my fundus was already high (exactly 1/2 way to my navel) im thinking this is also a "stretched out from last time" issue.
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This baby kicked my 15 month old in the back the other day and I also felt it on the outside with my hand!
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I'm pretty sure what I felt this morning was the baby. I was lying on my side and it was sooo strong, nice and low in my pelvis. It was really strong, I thought I might be able to feel it on the outside. Weird!
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I'm skeptical but so excited that you've felt your babes so early. I didn't feel Julianna until about week 20 but i'm hoping that this one - i'll recognize sooner. I'm just 10 weeks and so psyched at the possiblity of feeling a kick in the next few weeks. I'm gonna pay more attention.
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Today was the best! The biggest movement!
I mean its not like kicking more like... butterflies/vibrating... hard to explain but Iw as like WOW!!!!
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I think I was about 14 wks with my first baby, and about 13 with the second. I'm now 12.5w and I know I've felt baby the past couple days- you can just tell that precious little flutter My OB told me when I was pg with my first that thinner women often feel their babies earlier than 20 or so weeks.
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My OB told me when I was pg with my first that thinner women often feel their babies earlier than 20 or so weeks.
:LOL that just made me giggle because I'm FAR from thin!
isn't that flutter wonderful?!
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