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Yay--an ALMOST ready to TTC thread; great idea, Bookworm!

DH and I have been married 2.5 years (been together 12, since we were 14), and just last weekend he finally said to me "I want to have a child next year". (I've been ready forever, it seems like, just waiting for him to get on board.) I am so excited!

We are both working on eating healthier, have quit smoking, and I am looking into quitting my job as a massage therapist and moving to a spa environment where I will have more regular hours and better pay. Since I am planning on being a SAHM, I feel like I should save EVERY PENNY up until the end of my first pregnancy, just to give us a nice cushion to live off of while I am not working. DH makes decent money, but I still worry . . . it's in my nature. (*grin*)

Been researching pregnancy and baby-havin' since I was 9 years old (I am an aspiring midwife), so my library is pretty extensive at this point--but I am always on the lookout for new and exciting books to read! Oh, and this year I subscribed to Mothering, The Compleat Mother, and Hip Mama--just to build a reference library on "alternative" parenting.

Good luck to all of you, and may we all conceive quickly once we are ready to try!
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Some good news!

Hubby and I were talking today, and it sounds like we have a deal!

I'm in okay shape:thin but flappy in too many places if you know what I mean, I wouldn't want to wear a string bikini. My two sisters are doing Pilates and stuff and look awesome in the bikiniis, (we just visited them) and I mentioned how good they look to DH and that I wanted to look the same.

I was talking about getting on a regular gym schedule and said I needed a goal. DH said on the phone today, well, what about when you're comfortable in a string bikini (as I had mentioned) that's when we start ttc?

I think this is a great idea, it gives me a goal to work towards, (getting healthier by the minute to boot) and, I'll have a great picture of myself to look at and aim for when I'm (hopefully) trying to get back into shape after having the baby!

Soooo, I'll let you know when I'm bikini-ready!

How are the rest of you gals doing?


**Oh! I had my cyst drained today too. We'll hope it doesn't come back, requiring surgery.**
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