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Aw, Jay, that is tough! Wow, I feel for you! Twelve months is a really long time! I hope everything continues to be great with your health, and that once you get the all-clear, you get pregnant your very first cycle! Baby dust to you!
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Me too!

Wow, what a fun thread!

DH and I are planning (fingers crossed) on starting our TTC journey for the first time in February. I have a lot of weight to loose though - 60 lbs. which I am really struggling with. DH and I want a homebirth and I need to be in great shape to do it - so I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am working out and trying to eat well - but I have a terrible sweet tooth.

I have been charting and we are using FAM till February, and I am trying to get my cycles down to a normal length with vitex.

We haven't done all that much in the way of getting things - my friend sold of some baby clothes and I took the cold weather clothes that I thought were cute, and my Mom sent me some cloth newborn size diapers that came her way. I am a little superstitious about perusing yard sales or ebay to find other things. But the moment I am pregnant, look out...

I am so glad to find this thread with people in the same boat.

Good luck to all of you!

- Sarah B
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Oh, Jay, that just plain sucks. I am sorry you have to wait so long. On the upside, it will be that much more exciting when you do it! I would use this time to go on tons of dates with dh.
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Good afternoon Mamas and Mamas to be!

Just checking in...


I have a question for those of you who already have at least 1 kiddo. It will probably pertain more to those who have more than 1 but everyone's situation is different. So, do you ever have times where you are starting to enjoy the "freedom" of having a child who is a little more independant thus making you wonder if you REALLY should have another even though you can't kick the urge? :LOL I know you're all laughing at me now!

Here's where I am today... I have 3 kids and my youngest will be 3 soon and totally goes on the potty. I am tasting this for the 1st time ever and it's quite cool since I actually have a little time to breathe unlike when they were all small. I had my 1st 2 in dipes at the same time so this is my first experience with a bit of "freedom" if you will. Not that I don't still run like a chicken with my head cut off, but YKWIM? Anyhow, I can't kick the feeling that I want to have 4 kids but there seems to be a nagging inner voice that keeps holding me back from completely committing. Some days I do and some I don't. It's so wierd.

We have decided for sure that December is gonna be the time to do it and right now it's a go... but this whole thing is always on my mind. The general mindset is " oh you're so young just wait a few years and when you're ready do it again" but I totally can't do that. I have no desire to put that much space between kids. I feel like I'm having an inner battle but I'm not quite sure what the problem is.

Maybe it's because my near 3yo ds is still nursing and in our bed and I haven't quite left that whole phase. Maybe I should postpone until he weans? I don't know HELP MEEEEEE I am confusing myself. Being a mom is what I love best and I so want to do it one more time. DH and I have always said a family of 4 kids would be perfect and I fell I would be complete after that but I am BUGGIN' out about the timing issue here.

Thanks for listening ,sorry for the rant but this is the only place I can do this. Especially since we aren't sharing with anyone IRL about our plans to TTC
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Hi all...me too!

We have one DD who is 29 months, and we thought we'd want to space our kiddos at least 4 years apart, but we have the bug and want to do it soon. Tenatively, we're saying we'd try in early December...but I have a selfish reason for even waiting that long...read on...

I'm generally a very boring person when it comes to "partying." I don't drink hardly ever, and we are homebodies. However, there is a certain herb that I have just recently been able to partake in since my DD weaned, and I want to enjoy the tiny bit I have left, and give it 30 days to leave my system, before we TTC. It sounds horrible, but it is my one indulgence, and I don't dream of enjoying it while I am pregnant or nursing, so after we start trying, it will likely be many years before I get a chance again. What an awful introduction of myself to this group! I guess at least I'm honest...

Anyway, to answer the person who is excited about her youngest child's current independence, and not QUITE ready to give it up, I hear you. My DD isn't quite there, but we thought we at least had her sleep all settled until recently, when, as you can imagine, she taught us a lesson about taking her good habits for granted. We decided that it would never be the perfect time, and we just want to DO it already, before we lose our nerve.

All of you almost-ready-for-your-first mamas, it's going to be a wonderful ride! Welcome aboard!
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I guess I will join in here as well. We are planning to wait until Jan. or Feb. depending on how my cycles run. We would like an Oct. or Nov. baby so that we can use all of the clothes we already have. I have recently had back to back miscarriages so that is another reason we are waiting...I need the mental and emotional break.

I can certainly understand what you are talking about, Kristie. Of course all of mine are very close together so I have never gotten much of a break, but we wanted them that way. So while I am excited at the prospect of ttc and getting pg again, it seems like things just get a little easier and then become much more difficult again. Diapers aren't our issue (only the baby wears them), but ours is more of a logistics problem. I have to mentally go through every step I am going to take before I go anywhere or even contemplate getting out of the car. Gotta figure out where to park and how I am going to get all of them in a store at the same time. Most of the time I just force myself to do it and it's not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

Enough of my rambling....
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Thanks for all the replys, I was really going around the other day about that! I'm feeling much better today.

I'm feeling the fever big time now especially since one of my best friends just came over tonight and told me she was pregnant! It wasn't exactly too exciting at first because it was very unexpected and her baby is only 6mo and still nursing of course, and she suffers from severe hyperemesis. So she was freaking out but once she stopped crying and we were able to encourage her a bit we kicked right into the exciting pregnancy and birth chatter That fueled my fires naturally

So December it is!

Fiddledebi :LOL :LOL :LOL a certain herb huh?

That's histerical, I love your honesty! What else is there left to be right? Hey did you read the issue of Mothering that talked about smoking weed when your pregnant to relieve hyperemesis? I talked about that with my friend tonight so funny you should mention it. That was an informative article. : OK people are gonna love me or hate me now!
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Debi and Kristie - It is great you both are being so honest about smoking herb. People who don't know about it need to hear that normal, smart, good people do it. Personally, I think it is wrong that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Just plain stupid, like many other of our policies. Dh's cousin suffers from hyperemesis while pregnant, each time until 7 months! She just had her 4th and her OB told her to have a glass of wine to relax every day, and she did, and the baby is fine. She is very mainstream/straightedge, but I just wanted to pull her aside and get her high. Poor girl.

A friend came over yesterday. She has a 6.5 yr old dd and a 2.5 yr old dd and they found out they are pg, accidentally. DD2 just potty trained and she is back in college full-time and they just started going out again, so she is really upset. She said she kept saying, "That's not a line, is it honey?" :LOL But in a little while she will be happy about it. I think that is the miracle of hormones - you get happy about the baby eventually. Of course it made me want to TTC right now. This was helped by the copious amounts of EWCF I had and my raging libido. Luckily we were too tired to GIO. :

Dh wrote a shopping list - milk, eggs, butter, more babies. He is always on me about having another. I told him between December and April, which is really not so far away anymore!
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Hi again everyone,

Milkymommi - is there any chance that you can wait just a little longer to enjoy your freedom? Or is it important that you start trying in December? Someone had a good point about having nearly a year to enjoy your freedom before the new baby comes, but then being pregnant does have its

Doulanicholem - Hi! It's Sarah (doula Sarah) in Athens - long time no see! How is life?

I have the baby bug bad right now - and even February seems far away - I can't imagine having to wait longer to lose mroe weight or save more money up. I hope some sort of windfall comes our way!

I have been working hard on exercising and eating well though, so we'll see.

- Sarah
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Are we really going to wait? I don't know.

So, we are supposed to wait until January to start to try. That is the smart thing to do, mainly just because of finances.

This cycle, I had a scare (due to looking at the wrong numbers on my chart) and thought I was not going to ovulate. That made me see how much I really want this, and that I really am nervous about being 33, and that I don't want to waste any more time.

So we could try next month, and we would recover financially if it "took" the very first month, it would just take a few extra months, but that's okay.

My next cycle would produce a Leo. I am an air sign who grew up in a house of all fire signs, and DH is fire, too. Do I really want to create that situation for myself again? My mom is a Leo, and we hada troubled relationship when I was growing up. Of course, that's mainly due to the fact that she had severe untreated insomnia, not because she was a Leo. I don't know, though, I'm just scared to have a Leo... But then I think, well, at least the kid would be popular, and won't have to suffer the heartache of not having friends in school. Sigh. Does anyone else think about this stuff? In this much detail? Does anyone have a Leo child who can put in their two cents?
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I guess this is where we are right now, though we're not totally sure about timing TTC. It took us 1.5 years to concieve Kira and then we lost her at 37 weeks. Even though I'm two years older than when we started and many other things in life have changed, it kind of feels like someone hit the rewind button and we're back at square one all over again.

AF came back last week, so I am charting for observational purposes since I've had a couple of annovulatory cycles before. My temps have been weird - really high for the first week. I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins, though I may change brands after this bottle is finished.

I'm trying to continue eating well, but it is really hard - partly because there are days that cooking is out of the question because life is so overwhelming and partly because it's so nice to have comfort food sometimes. People have brought meals for the freezer which is soooooooooo nice to have. I've bought a little more convenience foods than I normally do to make things easier.

Weight - that is an issue too. I gained 30lbs while pregnant. At my 2 week postpartum appt I was wearing my prepregnancy jeans and had lost all but 7 of those pounds. That was a real mood booster! (especially considering I had done NOTHING at that point in terms of diet or exercise) I have another appt next week so we will see if anything else has come off. When I was pregnant I talked with Dh about how I really wanted to start my second pregnancy 25lbs lighter than I was this time. (I had gained about 40 since college, though some of it was needed since I was probably too skinny then) Of course, I thought I would have a year or so to do that and the help of breastfeeding. Now I think I would be happy with a 10-15 lb loss. I've started walking again and will add some weight training soon.

One thing I have enjoyed reading on this thread is how many 1st-timers are already reading pregnancy and parenting books! I started reading them before I was even dating Dh and thought I surely must be the biggest dork because of it. I would hide in corners in the bookstore or look online when I was home alone. Once we were engaged I started buying a few books, but I hid them in my closet! One of my roommates caught me reading a breastfeeding book and looked at me like I had 3 heads!

I still can't stay off the Diapering board and I've already thought a few times how I might like to revise my stash for the next baby. I have two friends irl who cd and otherwise this is the only place that understands the obsession!

The thought of another pregnancy is very daunting at times when you have experienced a loss. I will need at least one visit with a perinatologist and we will have a lot of decisions to make regarding what type/level of prenatal care we want. I am very grateful and encouraged by the fact that I had an absolutely amazing and wonderful birthing experience. (though I will do everything in my power to avoid pitocin again - that is evil evil evil stuff) Overall it was so empowering to know that I CAN GIVE BIRTH!!!!!!

Well goodness I have written a book huh? I'm glad this thread is here. Another baby will never ever take Kira's place, but it is nice to have breaks from grieving to think about the future.
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I am so sorry that you lost Kira, Sara.
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Oh, Sara. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart truly goes out to you.
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Lilli I totally support the legalization of medicinal Mary Jane :LOL I've heard so many wonderful stories about people who have had their lives normalized again from it's use after not being able to function. In the case of the Mothering article... a debilitating and potentially life threatening problem for mom and babe which seemingly can be reversed by moderate use of the wonder herb Hey it's so cool that your DH is sooo supportive of baby making!

sarahcecile Well... It's not like a life or death thing I suppose but here's the reasoning for the December or January timing. We really would like to have a fall baby as we have 3 dead of winter babies. I've always wanted to be able to give birth during weather that you can go out in without being wrapped in 16 layers. December or January will give us the 1st weeks of either Sep or Oct approx. The other reason is that we really didn't want to put oo much space in between children and at this rate my youngest will be almost 4 as opposed to if we waited till next yr this time he'd be 5. That's not as appealing to me. So I guess that's what is really driving us to do thing soon. We talked more today about it and it's feeling more and more right... I think by the time we start ttc we'll be in full blown baby making obsession

Sara Ohhh... I'm so glad you're here, feel free to talk about your little angel and anything else through your journey here. This seems like a great support circle. I am familiar with loss... mine was not the same as yours but I can relate in a different way.
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I'm starting to get the bug! But I still don't have AF yet after dd's birth. I would like to start TTC in April. My dd is 22 months old now, I would like them to be at least 3 years apart, well if AF ever comes back!
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Thank you for all the kind words.

What brand of vitamins is everyone taking? As I mentioned before I would like to change brands (currently taking Now Prenatals). I want something affordable in capsules and I like the divided dosage like Now has, though I wonder if a single dose would be easier to remember! I am going to Whole Foods today so I will check out what they have.

What other herbs or supplements are you taking to prepare for pregnancy? I will probably start taking B6 again because my luteal phase tends to be a bit on the short side. I still have some RRL tea left so it can't hurt to drink it up!
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I am taking the Rainbow Just Once Prenatals. Does anyone else find vitamins to be very confusing? I think I need more calcium than Rainbow provides or I am absorbing from my diet, (All the women in my family have osteoperosis.) but I don't know what kind of supplement to take for that. I read the threads on MDC and still don't know.

I'm also nervous about Vitamin A. The Rainbow Light does contain Vitamin A in the form of palmitate. I'm still trying to decipher what I need to do about that. Wild Oats doesn't carry another prenatal that looks any better to me, and I know I want a food-based one. Not sure what I am going to do about this. I wish Rainbow would make one without the herbs and without the Vitamin A that isn't beta carotene.
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me too

Hey ladies

We've been talking about kids for ages, but, it's not something dh actually wants to say "okay, now we start". He's such a romantic.

But, we've been waiting for him to finish school, he's probably just going to go as far as August, the first year of his PhD. He hates the city that he goes to school in, and he isn't planning on being an academic anyway. He wants to be a highschool teacher.

SO, since I've been fascinated by pregnancy for several years, I'm already well read.

These past three years I've been on an all-out cleanse, the more I learn, the healthier I feel and the more I change!!

I've been eating about 60% organic - whatever I can afford.

I've been drinking more milk - I know some Mothering folk don't like milk, but, I've never had a bad reaction to it, and we don't have the production hormones up here in Canada and milk is not a BSE risk, and I'm really concerned about the very high plant estrogen content in soy, so, I'm using cows milk for the B vitamins, calcium and other nutrients. Goat's milk is great too, I might switch to that exclusively once we're pregnant.

I've been eating a lot of organic beans, whole grains, organic eggs, organic oatmeal, org. Squash, broccoli and tomatoes - MMMMM- free range chicken and emu. Drinking lots of green and rooibos tea. Rooibos is AMAZING! I recommend it. Lots more antioxidants than green tea, tastes better, imo, no caffeine.

I've been lifting weights much more often, I want to train for pregnancy and birth like a marathon. I already exclusively walk and bike everywhere for everything so, I'm in good cardio shape, I just want really strong muscle tone, especially in the legs for the squats.

To clean my house for the past three years, I've been using baking soda and vinegar - it's great- I also use Borax, which is safe, just don't inhale the dust if you shake it, it's not toxic or lingering though - you can use it to clean clothes in the laundry or mix with hot water to scrub the floor. I use oil soap on my hardwood floors. That's it.

For "air freshening" I have a candle burner. I use only bee's wax as conventional candles are OIL based and out out a lot of indoor airpollution along with synthetic perfumes. The Bee's wax candles are great, and I put them under a bowl of water with a few drops of essential oil. Works really really well.

Personal hygeine, I use Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, it's a natural paste with no flouride in it. I JUST found out that our city puts flouride in our WATER!!!! ARGh! I'm really ticked off, so, I've started HAULING a jug of the spring water back from the store all the time.... thank goodness we have a wheely cart.

I have eliminated parabens since I read the British study that found them in the tumors from women with breast cancer. They're in most shampoos and cosmetics and deoderants. I use Nature Clean "au Naturelle" shampoo, and Curelle "Riche" conditioner. Both of them have ingredients I can pronounce! LOL. I have a really neat soap that's 100% olive oil from Greece. Super cheap and cleans well, doesn't smell very nice though, so I use a bee pollen/evening primrose soap for that. I use those crystal things for deoderant, but, I've rarely ever used deoderants anyway, my girlfriend who needs them found that the crystal does work to a degree, so, I guess it's up to the individual.

I've bought a Hepa air filter for our bedroom as we live on a busy city street and I don't like the idea of breathing exhaust.

The only thing I have left to deal with is the bed. We sleep on a foam bed, and I'm worried about the level of flame retardant chemicals in foam.... and what kind of effect it may have on my breastmilk. I guess it's already done really, we've been sleeping on it for years. But, it's still a thought. I'm getting a duck down mattress cover from my Mom, though, I have no idea if that will make any difference... other than in my own mind!

Now, I admit, I might be a little obsessive. But, it's the way I am, and I'm thankful that I have a patient husband! LOL.

I'm glad I have some netfriends who are doing the same thing!

Love, Trin.
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Wow, Trinitty - you are the healthiest person I ever heard of. Congrats. I am jealous! We did nothing to prepare, as ds was conceived earlier than expected. He is okay, though!
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