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Originally Posted by Amy_in_Memphis
My next cycle would produce a Leo.

Does anyone else think about this stuff? In this much detail?

I do, I do....

We are wanting to start next year also. But depending on how my cycle comes about, we may have to wait until late March. I'm a Sagittarius and have NEVER gotten along with Scorpios...so that's OUT. Also don't want a Cancer or another Sag ('cause we're just trouble ). My dp has some zodiac limitations also, so we're going to have to carefully plot when we ttc so that the signs work out. LOL

Also, in response to the mom who wonders about finally getting the 3 y/o independent and wanting to have another... I pondered this for years after my son was born. I would vacilate terribly, but being a single mom at the time helped diminish some of the desire to do it again alone. Then once he got around 5 or so, I really liked having a little buddy and didn't want to start over and be restricted. Now that I have found a wonderful partner and my son is 9 (will be 10 to 10 1/2 when #2 comes) I feel differently. My son is starting to move away from me as children do some, plus he's old enough to help if he wants to once the baby is here. He's also very excited about being the big brother. So I understand, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Oh, btw...I'm in TN too....Nashville!
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sungglebutter, I'm sad about your loss as well,

...but just scanning the second page, to see where the most recent unread post was, really freaked me out, when I saw responses to your post.

My name is sara, and my dd's name is Kira. Reading, "sara, I'm sorry you lost kira" honestly made my heart skip a beat.

I guess more pleasantly interesting is that my Kira is Kira Isabella, and Isabella and Elizabeth are sort of the the "same" name
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I almost lol'd when I saw this thread!

I just decided yesterday that I'm not ready to have another kid and I am so happy!

My dh and I decided to start not-trying-not-to-conceive a few months back. Right after I got laid off- great timing, huh?

I got pg the first month, but had a v. early miscarriage. Then got re-hired. We've been trying for a few months, but dh has been out of town a lot, I've been fighting with my family, we're both busy and the timing on having a kid concieved right now kinda sucks anyway.

My dd was an "accident" so I was wondered why it was taking "so long" to conceive, but I've been slowly realizing the reason- I don't want to get pg yet! I've had crazy abnormal cycles lately- it's almost like my body was consciously trying not to ovulate anywhere near when I had sex.

My dd is 2.5, I'm finally getting my life back. Why rush?

When I finally decided to wait 6 months (I told dh I wanted to wait 3-4- he's more into this than me for some reason)- I felt happier and sexier than I had in months.

I dunno if I'm cut out for concious conception- it felt too thought out for my taste. I think I'll start using NFP and a bit of some kind of birth control method for a while. When I start to feel less opposed to a second kid, I'm sure to get less careful.

good luck for all of you who are ready! and those of you who are not- we should start the conception-slackers tribe
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Hi everyone! I am almost ready to ttc #3. We struggle to get pregnant, so while we do not use birth control, I have to really be on top of my cycle and charting to conceive. Both of my girls were due Sept 30 of odd years, and the time is coming up when I would likely get pg again. The problem is, we will be moving from Hawaii to ? next Sept and having a newborn is just not desirable or possible. Dh wants to be cautious the next few months. I also suffer from hyperemisis, I might have to test the weed thing LOL!
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I'm another one waiting till January to TTC. My DD is 16 months old now, we were going to TTC in August, but decided to put it off a few months since she still wakes and nurses frequently at night, and she doesn't eat solids reliably. I'm worried my milk will dry up if I get pregnant, the thought that she'd wean because of that makes me sad.

I think October will be a great time to give birth, as we just went through this October I kept thinking how lovely it will be next year as I'll be walking around heavily pregnant or with a newborn babe in my arms.

To get ready, I started trying to exercise, but I've always had a bad back, and doing any kind of strenuous activity made it much worse. So I'm a lump again. I'm taking a regular women's multi-vitamin and trying to eat well.

I'm finding it really interesting reading what others are doing as they get ready to TTC.
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Anyone still here? Its been quiet lately and wandering what you are all doing? I myself am feeling the each for next month, but I want to make sure my body can handle it which means getting to a doctor in the next few weeks.
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Still here. My cycles are getting better and better thanks to Vitex and B complex. http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/5d839 Now I have an 11 day LP. I am having a really tough AF this month, and am happy I only have 1 more to go. Dh is excited that he only has to pull out for one more cycle, and then at the end of December we will be going for it! Yay! So exciting. I see what a good thing it is that in nature/hunter-gatherer times, we would only have a few periods. They suck.

I am trying to think of boy names, b/c I don't think I will get the girl I want. We'll see, but I don't think I'll be that lucky.
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Still Here Too

I'm still here and was also wondering what was happenging with everyone else. I am just hanging out and trying to figure out exactly what my body is going to do this month. Don't really know what to expect after the last m/c, but I am either getting ready to ovulate or af will show soon. Not charting simply because I don't feel like it after the last few cycles. Hopefully I will be able to get into charting in the next cycle so that I am ready to ttc when the time comes.
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Sigh, I'm still here, too. I almost abandoned y'all. We thought we were going to throw caution and plans to the wind and try this month. Well, I ovulate in a few days and wouldn't you know it I have a raging yeast infection. I got out of the habit of eating yogurt, don't know if that contributed.

I'm never sure whether I believe there's meaning in small events. I am superstitious about it, but if you really pin me down, I don't intellectually believe that there is order or meaning to things. But I keep telling myself this means we should wait, that it's a sign. I don't really know what to think. I am disappointed.

Our next chance to try will be January. December is out for a number of reasons. I need to take this time to get my body in even better shape. This morning, for breakfast, I opted for a side of quinoa instead of the white bagel my husband was trying to talk me into. I still haven't started running again. I need to do that. This is a positive chance to make a better baby, right? Right. Meanwhile, I itch and I'm in an incredibly foul mood! Oh, what joy I am to be around.
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I'm still here. As wishy-washy as ever about going for it in January. Since I will use a clomid/ IUI cycle, I can't just throw caution to the wind! We have gone ahead and done our pre-blood work, pap test, etc, etc. I too struggle with the fact that I am just beginning to see that "me time" could be just around the corner. I can leave the 'baby' for several hours at a time now. I could be happy with two kids, start to get fit and race again. Money wouldn't be such a concern. That said, I can't imagine being old and having only two grown children.

And I am still concerned about finances. My DP is in an unpredictable industry that is even worse since 9/11; we may never have a higher income. I don't want to be irresponsible and have another child for selfish reasons if I can't give them what they both need AND want.

Everyday, we talk about it. I think my 4 year old is starting to catch on to the conversations. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.............

Be well.
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Amy - sorry about the infection. Those things are just pure torture!

It has helped me sooooooo much to focus on nutrition and exercise right now. I've also been back in a good cooking mode. My biggest downfall lately is emotional eating. It usually happens about once a week and it's not pretty. : My mom was telling me about her friend who is losing weight - she plans for a nice treat about twice a month. It got me thinking....... maybe I can plan for emotional eating? I can't predict when the day will hit of course, but I could decide ahead of time what I will eat. This will allow me to keep some healthier comfort food options in the house, rather than going to the store that day and grabbing lots of stuff that looks good. I can also plan some non-eating diversions for those days. What do you think - is this just wishful thinking?
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Hello all.

My DP agreed last night that we can start TTC in 4 years time! Hah, I know you're all thinking - that's freaking years away! We're both 21, students (he doesn't even graduate till 06/06), broke, renting etc, so he's being reasonable really. It was just really good for me to finally be able to discuss it with him and get an understanding about what sort of time scheme he had in his head. Fortunately we are both agreed that we want children fairly early (he wants his father, who has poor health, to be around), but he still often made me feel like this obsessive freak for always banging on about children - he doesn't know I lurk on Mothering : But now it's all out in the open and I have a date to dream about!

Snugglebutter, I think that's a really good idea. I try to do that as well - if I go out to the shops when in that mood I just buy, well, you can guess. But if I have stocked up a nice pile of fruit bars and nuts and suchlike, that will generally suffice.

Cal xx
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Sara, I think it is strong to plan for weaknesses! I mean that! We can't always be perfect, and expecting perfection probably sets us up for even bigger falls!

My favorite naughty treat, which I had not been keeping on hand, but now will definitely remember to: Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt in Strawberry or Vanilla. They have lots of sugar, so not great for you, but better than cookies if you are going to binge on sugar anyway, since at least they are serving a good purpose, too. (Keeping yeast at bay. : )

I'm having trouble deciding what to do about my running. We just finished a major home remodel, most of which, including laying a thousand square feet of flooring, I did myself. Then I had nothing planned between that and TTC, so I took a daytime job waiting tables. That involves about three hours a day of almost but not quite continual walking. I'm not even sure if I need to add running on to that... I still think about running wistfully, but I am afraid if I try to do it before work, I will have an out-of-gas crash during the intense lunch shift. That would be so awful, I can't even describe it. Waiting tables may sound like a menial job, but it takes all my faculties and energy. After work I have too much to do. My husband keeps buying cheddar cheese, which I cannot resist after a glass of red wine, so my thighs are not perfect, but I actually think I'm in pretty healthy shape. I do love running, though, and it would tone my body before pregnancy. We are reading Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions, and her descriptions of her post-pregnant body are a little scary to me, a first-timer!
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Amy -- I'm still lurking on this thread and wanted to jump in on two of your thoughts -- hope you don't mind!

Re: yeast, I had HORRIBLE problems with this for years and years, making baby-dancing a miserable experience for much of the early part of my marriage : Aside from going off birth control pills (which I imagine you are not on!), the two single biggest things that helped keep me from getting infections were 1) not wearing underwear whenever possible and 2) not ever using pads or tampons, but switching to Instead softcups for AF. The "going commando" (no underwear) thing takes some getting used to, and yes, you may wash your pants more often, but it was a HUGE difference, just not providing such a warm and tight environment down there. Then, switching to the Instead cup was more of the same -- not so much heat and moisture right against your vulva really helps. Go to www.softcup.com, or you can get a reusable menstrual cup like The Keeper or the Diva Cup (which I'll do after the next baby).

And then, re: body after the baby, you'd be surprised how little you care about that. I remember that image in Operating Instructions where Anne talks about her stomach lying next to her on the bed, and I read that book lying in my bed on my side with my newborn nursing next to me, looked down, and saw EXACTLY what Anne was talking about! Yeah, it's kind of strange, but it's all skin and it mostly goes away. Having a conscious pregnancy, where you are thinking about your health and your needs, pretty close to ensures that your body gets what it needs and not more. I am now 2.5 years post partum and can say that the changes I notice now are that my hips are actually narrower, my breasts are droopier (mostly because I wore crappy bras when I was nursing DD hardcore and my breasts were HUGE), and I have scars from my PUPPPs. I have a tiny pooch of skin about 2 inches below my belly button that I'm sure would go away if I got around to exercising more. I weigh about 15 pounds less than I did before I got pregnant, and that's with some exercise and healthy eating, but nothing extreme.

I hope that helps. It won't be bad, really!
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Thanks for the reply, Fiddledebi!

I probably should experiment with "going commando", lol. My husband would be happy! Usually, yogurt seems to work for me, internally if I remember to eat it, and externally if I don't. I just forgot to buy it during my last few grocery trips.

I'm never sure about using a cup. Do most of y'all? I feel I should, as I want to pollute the earth as little as possible, but my periods tend to be so light I can get buy with about three of those tiny pantyliners a month. I have some issues with putting my hands "in there". I know that is terrible, I guess I am still overcoming my upbringing more than I realize.

I really try to eat a low-fat, low refined grains and low sugar diet, but not because I am worried about the way my body looks. I'm much more worried about the way it performs, feels, and how long and well it will last. However, if I know I can manage future sags with a little exercise, and it is good for me anyway, well that only makes sense. I'm just still trying to decide if waiting tables actually qualifies as exercise. I will say I do NOT know how the people who are bringing McDonald's sausage to work every morning make it through the lunch shift. I have to eat healthy to sustain the fast pace. I poop out if I don't watch my diet. When I used to eat saturated fat and meat without paying attention, I got so fatigued in the afternoons, some days I would actually have to lie down for up to a couple of hours. Now, give me some quinoa, brocolli, and cabbage, and I can go all day. I sometimes eat turnip greens for breakfast, lol. Why not?
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I've never tried any of the cups. I use cloth pads and really like them.
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Hi! I've been lurking on Mothering for-EVAH, but I feel like I'm finally getting close to having a "legitimate" reason to be here. DH and I are going to throw caution to the wind and no longer use birth control, and just see what happens for a few months. I've charted in the past, and I hated it. It was very confusing and made me feel like a freak because my cycles are so long and irregular. Since I do have very long, irregular cylces, I know that TTC may be difficult. I just want some time where we just see what happens and try to have as little stress as possible.

We'll probably start TTC in the next month or so -- whenever we both feel really brave. We both want a baby SO BADLY, but it is such a big step to go from actively TTA to TTC. It's a little scary? Are we ready? Heck no! But we're starting to think that if we wait, we'll NEVER feel ready.

I'm not doing a whole lot to prepare - I'm going to start prenatals, and schedule an appointment with my gyeocologist. I'd like to read a pre-conception book. More exercise. But I'm not really changing my diet -- just continuing to try to avoid crap and eat more fruits and veggies. Organic food is hard to come by where I live (rural Oregon), so I can't even begin to worry about that. I can't wait until we live in a city again so I can shop at organic grocery stores.
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Welcome, Michelle!

It's such a lovely adventure...surely frought with tension sometimes, but exciting mostly in a good way!

I had a horrible time in my adolescence with eating issues that wreaked havoc on my cycles, and my midwives agreed that when we began TTC, we should be prepared for a sizable wait. Imagine our surprise when we were pregnant the first month! DH pretty much dropped his pants in the next room and I was pregnant!

So, let go and relax, wait for what's coming, and you never know -- it could be a lovely surprise.
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