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puppy/dog vaccinations?

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Those of you with dogs - what shots should I get or not get for our puppy who is currently 10 weeks old and has had his first puppy five round of shots before i took him home? THANKS
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Hi naturalmama!

Personally, I do not give vax to my dogs at all anymore. Both have really suffered from vaccine injury, unfortunately.

If you *do* decide to go forward with vax, you should know that there are some excellent homeopathic remedies that really help.

Thuja in the 30C potency is very good for general detoxification. And adding milk thistle for liver support post-vax also helps.

There are others that are formulated to deal specifically with resultant vaccinosis from specific vaccines -- and you can get those through a vet trained in homeopathy.

You can find such a vet, as well as resources to help you with your vaccine decision on


My older doggerino (6yo) has had problems with tumors resulting from his 2nd rabies vaccine.

If you are worried about the diseases that the vaccines are meant to prevent, you can look into bolstering your dog's natural immunity in other ways -- diet, homeopathic nosodes. Check out the site I listed. It really is a very helpful resource.

Blessings to you and your doggerino!

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Ditto here: we don't in-toxin-cate our dog BUT do keep in mind that the paranoia about things like rabies can be...uh...rabid. If your dog is not vaccinated according to state guidelines, it cannot be brought to doggie daycare or boarding, but more importantly, if it ever bites someone or is SUSPECTED of biting someone and is not registered (can't be if not given rabies shots) the dog can be brought in against your will and decapitated to test the brain tissue for rabies (that is how they do it). A calculated risk.
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I don't vaccinate my pets either, unless I'm forced to do so. All my animals have now had the rabies vaccine for that reason (required for foster care licensing), but I won't do any of the others.
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I vaccinate our dog because we camp with him, and campgrounds won't let us in without it. Plus, even though I know he won't bite anyone, I would just die if he did and they killed him.

I got all of his shots last time, but next time I'm going to ask about some of them. I noticed after the fact that they gave him one for kennel cough. I think that's something that mainly puppies who are kenneled get, so I'm not sure why they gave it to my 3 year old spoiled rotten dog who would never stay in a kennel.
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We started out vaccinating but then switched to just having the titers checked. If you are not familiar with titers, the vet takes blood samples and sends them to a lab to check for their level of natural immunity against various diseases. We have only given the rabies vax since we started doing this... BTW, titer testing is not cheap!
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