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It's the same concept as buying pretty underwear - nobody but you (and a choice few others) sees it, but it's fun to know it's there and looks nice
We do go coverless a lot of the time - that works well for me because it's a reminder to change him more often.
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I posted a question over in the diapering forum, but I'll ask it here too. For experienced cloth diapering moms, if you were going to buy any kind of diaper (any brand) which would it be? Why? If money were no object, I mean. Also, what kind/brand of cover. BTW, dh is dead set against prefolds, he doesn't want to have to fold, snappi, or pin anything.
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If money, and more importantly *availability* were no issue, I'd have an entire stash of Berry Patch side-snap fitteds with velour sewn-in quick-dry super-soakers and a bunch of Freshies Fittwraps. The fit and performance on both are absolutely amazing, and they're flawlessly sewn!
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If money was not an issue (yeah right!!!) I'd buy a ton of diapers from www.dreamboatdiapers.wahmbiz.com/ They are my absolute favorites!!!! I love the pocket diapers. Especially these with the fantastic velcro. VELCRO is SOOOOO much better than snaps!!!!!! I can't stress this enough!!! Chloe has been in between snaps and it's not a good fit during that time. (diapers falling off, leaks, etc) I'm talking about fuzzybuns snaps pocket diapers here.

Anyway, good luck and happy CD shopping!!!!!
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dang - I thought I had remembered reading that snaps were better than velco - that's why the samplers that I bought all have snaps...grrrrr....

Can one of you please come over to my place and sort out my system, please?
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Well.. I know some people who have told me their children were houdini's and took the velcro off of themselves quite regularly to run around nekkid. Hence preferring snaps.
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I like snaps better I would always end up forgetting to close the laundry tabs on one or two of the velcro diapers, and then they'd all stick together, and the hook-part would collect lint.....big mess. So it really is a personal preference thing! :LOL
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thanks - I feel better now...still - one of these days I have to figure out which system I am going to go with...not tonight, however...
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Yeah I prefer snaps too - can't stand velcro actually. :LOL You will find everyone has there own personal preferences and it's a trial by fire thing to find what you like best.

Spend some time hanging out on the diaper board and also read all the good stuff here http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=225

Most of all just have fun with it.
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I decided to resurrect this thread... cuz i just inventoried my diapers... keep in mind these are all handmedown, bought on the TP here or on ebay, and a couple of gifts... Also this is pre-shower. I hope to have a much larger stash after this weekend.

Anyway, my question is for the BTDT moms... if this were all you had, what else would you need for full time CDing... though we do plan to do laundry probably daily. (as in worst case, i get no dipes for my showers, and have to go buy more, how much money do i need to find for the shopping)

CPF's - 17 (seem to be assorted thicknesses, no idea what "size" they are)
Small Covers, various types - 6
Small Fuzzibuns with Joeybuns inserts - 5
Small Fitted (a WAHM one from ebay) - 1

Medium AIO - 1
Medium Happy heiny w/Inserts - 2
Medium Covers, various types - 5

Wonderoos (no inserts) - 3


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Joy, I think I'd get about 2 dozen infant prefolds. You'll use them as pocket-diaper stuffers, burp rags, milk-moppers, and the like when you're not using them as diapers. But I really stick to the 3-dozen diapers for the newborn period guideline. Sounds like you're good on covers.
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Joy you need to get some newborn sized covers. Proraps were recommended because they have leg gussets and do good at preventing blow outs from the side. Also, all the CD gurus I have talked to have recommended that I use a wool soaker for overnight and I managed to snag an aristocrat as a part of a large ebay order I bought.

I may not have BTDT but I've gotten a lot of advice and I've been told you need at least 2 doz prefolds so you don't have to do laundry every single day, at least in the beginning when you're recovering and getting used to the new baby.

Now for my questions (which will be x-posted everywhere): What did you do when you were going through the meconium? I bought a bunch of kissaluv's size 0 and I don't want to mess them up too bad. I've heard about inserts, but what is best to use and where can I get this material? Should I just use sposies the first week or so (DH's uncle sent us a big box of them and I don't know what to do with them)?
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If you want to use the sposies, do that. Haveing a new baby is alot to adjust to, recouperation, and learning to BF had me nervous that first time. This time I am considering 1 package of sposies, but I have put alot of $$ into my NB stash, so it will hopefully get used pretty soon after being home. I don't think I'm going to worry about the mec. staining. The sun takes out the BF poo stains, so I hope it works on mec., too :crossed

My stash now consists of:

22 KL size 0s
5 KL contours
7 FB XSs w/ inserts
24 preemie PFs (to be used as burp clothes first, but could be used as backups)

2 NB BB covers
1 NB prorap
2 NB Bumpy covers

22 FB S w/ inserts
12 infant CPFs (green stitching, dyed by me, and very cute )
3 fitteds (SP, LC, FCB)
3-4 small covers (Bumpy, Rikki, and BSIWW that I know of :LOL )

I also have some doublers, ect. but I am looking for about 12 fleece topped hemp doublers if I can find some fairly cheap. ANy recomendations?
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Shyly, just use cotton flannel - any fabric store will have it. Wash it on hot, dry it, then rip it into rectangles about 8"x12". If you have a way to finish the edges (zigzag on a sewing machine, or a serger), do that, and they can be used as baby wipes later. If you can't finish them, don't worry about it - they'll fray in the wash, but not enough that it will matter too much while you're using them for liners. All you do is lay a flannel cloth inside the diaper, so that it gets pooped on rather than the diaper. Easy.
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If Money were not an issue, I'd stock up on Fuzzi Bunz colors, Angel Wraps and HoneyBoy! diapers. I love to let my DS run naked and this wee one will go naked a lot too. I like cute prints on dipes, but I also must have reliable water proofness. We don't do fitteds with covers or prefolds/covers b/c DH will NOT put a cover over a diaper.
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Thats the other part of my dilemma. Eventually DH will be the stay at home dad, unless a job falls out of the sky for him in the next few months, so i need a system that will be very DH friendly... which is why i was planning pocket dipes, but have been given all these cpf's, etc.
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Joy, my dh was nervous about pins and prefolds (not that you have to pin them, but boy does it keep in bf poop!) but got over it quickly. The main thing that caused problems for him and my mother was that I had so many different types of diapering systems going that they got confused and more or less refused to try and figure it out - after washing diapers I was the only one who could pre-assemble or sort them, so that others could use them.
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If money were no issue - I'd get a bunch more Loveybum Organic Velour fitteds - they are soooooo soft and squishy, can't wait to use them. And I would also get some more Tykie fitteds - I got my first Tykie dipe in the other day and it's gorgeous, she did a really beautiful job. As far covers go I'm wool soaker fan so I would get a bunch of wool soakers, I'd like to try some of the wrap around kind.
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Okay, so to my earlier stash... now i've had added...

1 doz UBCPF's - teeny tiny ones, they've gotta be premie or infant
5 doz Flats in 2 different sizes. holy cow.
3 newborn covers... sorta look like prowraps, but they are a different brand
2 small rubber pants
2 small covers
1 small fitted
5 nb kissaluv contours
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used cloth diapers

Hello. I was wondering what the feeling is on using previously used cloth diapers or covers. Is is sanitary? Are there risks for the baby?

Thanks!! Also - great thread. I'm psyched for CDing!!
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