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This is a copy/past that I wrote on another site because I'm too lazy to re-write

I was in a new store today and found Nag Champa incense. I believe someone here mentioned it quite a while ago to use for cleaning/ridding negative energy so I bought it.

I cleansed my products for my business, the computer, my desk and the doorway into the kitchen. Then I cleansed my pendants.

I have 1 pendant that I wore alot at the market because it brought me luck with selling products. About 6weeks ago it stopped working so I stopped wearing it. I never got around to cleansing it by burying it so I used the Nag Champa. I cleansed all of my pendants but none did what this one did. With all the pendants the smoke off the incense increased as I placed it under the pendant but with this particular pendant there was even more. I held it by the link and had the pendant hanging down. As I held the incense under it with the smoke covering the ball the pendant started moving in circles, then started to sway back and forth. It went in a line about 6 inches long for a few minutes then slowed down to circles again and then stopped moving. 1 other pendant did a similar thing, but not nearly as long of a line(maybe an inch) nor for as long of time as the ball one did. Every other pendant was still.

I knew that particular pendant was full of negativity, it was exciting to see it ridding the energy. I wanted to cleanse everything to see if similar things would