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Are you gonna find out the gender of your baby?

Poll Results: Are you going to find out the gender of your baby?

  • 23% (10)
  • 45% (19)
  • 4% (2)
    I want to - dp does not
  • 7% (3)
    Dp wants to - I dont
  • 16% (7)
    Not sure yet
  • 2% (1)
42 Total Votes  
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just curious
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I voted dont know yet...
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Nope. Not having any sort of test that would tell us for one, like the surprise secondly.
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Not planning on it, as I'm hoping for no U/S.
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Yes, we like to know
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I won't find out with any children I have. I don't 'believe' in it :LOL
If we were suppose to know we would!
Just not for us!
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Nope, but I don't plan on a second trimester ultrasound, so no way to find out.
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I like to know ahead so I can wash the right gender clothes and get them in drawers before baby gets home.
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Nope, not us. The surprise is just too much fun. As my dad says, there are very few true surprises in this world, why take away one of them? If I have to dress a baby boy in pink for a few days, then so be it. I won't take any pictures. :LOL
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hey I have no problem with boys in pink! :LOL
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No, we won't find out. At least not by ultrasound, since we aren't having one. Does energy work count though? I've got a couple of friends who are known to be more accurate than US in determining gender.
DH and I both want the surprise.
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Didn't find out prenatally with Gabriel (we did with #1 and #2) and it was such a sweet surprise to discover this sweet baby we had been marveling at for 10 minutes was a BOY. A big shock because we all were convinced that he was a She!

I usually hate surprises. Am a big CONTROL FREAK! So when we had the echocardiogram it took everything in me to not ask to scan between the legs for a little peek. Thank goodness DH was right there "restraining" me. And the tech as well as doc were very respectful of our decision NOT to find out never even looked below the baby's waist in the off chance we would see any tell tale signs.

If it is a girl, I would like to know ahead of time though... Just because i have nothing pink... But little girls look adorable in blue too. As well as vice versa.
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We will find out with this one... I cant wait. If this one is a girl than I wont find out with the next. Silly, I know but thats what works for us! I just couldnt stand not to be prepared and not have a nursery done as I imagine itll be hard to do a nursery when having 2.
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I voted other, just to be difficult!!
We won't be finding out by u/s, but due to Traditional Chinese Medicine we already have a good idea. DH knows how to check the pulse to tell. He's not a Dr., though - but he thinks its a girl, which matches my intuition. So, we think we may already know... but we are still debating whether or not to have out TCM Dr. tell us what his prediction is... He is like 99% accurate! We really enjoyed the suprise last time, but we might be leaning more towards finding out this time.
and Desa, we were marveling over CJoe for a little while too, before we even thought to check the sex! LOL!
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I'm not sure.

On the one hand, I soooo want a daughter (this isn't a one-boy-one-girl thing, I have always wanted a daughter) and I feel so eager to find out! I also want to know if I can buy a few frilly things. I'm not huge on dressing girls all in pink and boys all in blue, but I have NOTHING girlie at all, it's all either boyish or neutral, and it would be nice to have something floral.

On the other hand, I really liked getting the whole surprise at the end. I know, it's a surprise whenever you find out because you didn't know before then, but somehow it's a bigger, more dramatic, more naturalistic this-is-how-the-generations-have-done-it surprise when you find out at the baby's birth.

So I think I'm leaning toward not finding out. I'll probably buy some girlie things anyway and use them as gifts or put away in the hopes of having a girl someday if we have another son. I'll take something neutral to the hospital, or one boyish and one frou-frou girlish outfit.
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I don't think I'll even have an ultrasound. i sad "I think" because that what I was planning, until I told DH, and he didn't fully agree with me .... but in any case we wouldn't find out the sex.
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I would love to know the sex of the baby I have three boys and wonder if this will be the elusive girl. There aren't very many ultrasound places that will tell you the sex of the baby here so It really doesn't matter if I want to know or not they probably won't tell me anyway, but I will be asking you never know
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I wonder how many non-invasive ways there are to tell the sex of the baby?
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I voted not sure yet. I am not sure if i will get the u/s at 18 wks....and even if i do...there are no garentees (in bc, canada at least) that they will tell you. i know of one place that MAY tell you, depending on the tech that is doing the u/s. i think they worry of A) getting it wrong and B) increased aborting.

if i go in and if the tech will tell me... i want to know.
I think its a suprise on the u/s day too that makes 3 exciting days for me! finding out im pg/finding out the sex and picking a name so i can talk to the baby using it in utero/and then the great day i get to hold him/her.
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Nope nope nope!
I'm sure I will be very tempted though! I'm one of those delayed gratification types!
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