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I peirced my DDs ears yesterday.... - Page 22

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I don't think the OP is checking this thread at all any longer as it's over a year old and she hasn't been online since last October.
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Originally Posted by annakiss
I don't think the OP is checking this thread at all any longer as it's over a year old and she hasn't been online since last October.
The OP has not even posted at Mothering for nearly a year, so you're probably right.
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Didn't realize the thread was that old!! Sorry!

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I haven't read all the responses yet but personally I would not allow a peircing until DD (or DS if he chooses to get one) is mature enough to care for it. I had to be 13 which seemed ridiculous at the time- I probably wouldn't make them wait that long but I certainly wouldn't do it at age 3 just because they wanted it.
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I was at the mall yesterday and heard a baby screaming and crying from pain, my first reaction was that someone accidently dropped their baby or something, but when we got closer I saw that a lady was getting her baby's ears done at one of those piercing kiosks. SHe couldn't have been but a month or two old. It was sooooo sad. It really made me want to cry.
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Originally Posted by HeatherE
Just as if I had had boys and didn't feel I had the right to circumsise them without their consent, I do not feel i have the right to pierce my girls' ears without their consent.

But... this is just my opinion. Lots of people do this in our culture, and if you feel ok about it that's what matters for your family.
I disagree with the last part. These painful, permanent modifications to a child's body don't affect the "family", only the body of the child. What matters is what the *child* wants. And, unless they can tell you what they want, it's impossible to know.

I don't have a crystal ball, and I'll wait until my child can voice his or her own opinion. There's no need to guess, inflicting pain and risking infection or other complications.

Originally Posted by klothos
...ultimately, she is not my doll. she is not a toy. she is a little thinking, feeling person, and just because she cannot communicate as efficiently as an adult does not mean i shouldn't afford her as much respect as one.

Their body, their choice.



PS. With regard to culture/tradition, I want my son to be his own person and not send a message, from an early age, that he should change himself to 'follow the crowd' or needs to modify his body to fit in.
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Originally Posted by boston
No, I would not do this. Not unless my daughter truly wanted them, and was old enough to have real informed consent.
Yup. This pretty much sums it up for me.
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Way too risky!!!

Originally Posted by girlndocs
With all the people happily repeating that it "really isn't permanent" I wanted to restate that um, yes, every piercing carries some risk of complications with permanent results, and although you can do some things to minimize the risk of those complications, you can't guarantee they're prevented, or predict who they'll happen to.

I certainly wouldn't want to take the risk of my baby's ears developing keloids, hypertrophic scarring, rejection, allergy, nickel reaction, abscess, furuncle, or a torn lobe.
Thank you for the links. I had no idea what keloids are!!! Previously, I would have thought I'd let my daughter pierce her ears around age 13 if she asked but now I will tell her she can't do it until she's over 18 and I'll show her the pictures and links that you have suggested to show her how risky it could potentially be.

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by nancymom
Although I would rather my daughter make that choice on her own, I cannot possibly see how pierced ears can even compare to the horror of circumcision.
If a child were to develop keloids that would disfigure him/her and not go away, despite repeated surgeries, I think that compares to the horror of circumcision. Check out the keloids link, I was shocked to see the pictures.
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We got our daughters ear's pierced two weeks ago, at the mall at Claire's. My daughters are three and four, and would have had them done when they were younger, but we were really, really, broke back then. So far we haven't had any problems, and they let me clean their ears w/out any complaints. I had my ear's pierced when I was a baby, as did a lot of women in my family. I feel the same way about this subject as I do with giving babies formula. If you want to breastfeed, great, if you don't, that's fine w/me too. To each its own
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My feelings:
I want my kids to know they are safe with me.

If I have to participate in causing them any sort of pain, it had better be for a carefully-considered, valid medical reason.

How can a baby feel fundamentally safe if a trip to the mall one day includes shocking, throbbing pain in both ears? Won't she wonder, on a baby level, "What could happen to me tomorrow?"
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Ear piercing is not something I get worked up about. It just isn't that big of a deal and there are so many other things to get up on the old soapbox about. The pain is so minimal and short lived (I have had a total of 8 ear piercings, a tounge piercing, and a navel piercing). I vaccinate my kids because *I* feel it is to thier benefit and a baby isn't going to understand the difference between vaccination pain, getting teeth filled, or getting ears pierced. When I ask myself if it would bother me if my mother had done this to me, my answer is no (she didn't, she waited until I asked for them at age 7). That said, if I had a dd, I would wait until she asked for it to be done. I hardly see any babies here with pierced ears and the ones who I do see are most often Hispanic since it is traditional. I would also take her to a reputable body piercer, not the mall.
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Let's put this poor thread out of it's misery. It's a good read as an old thread but I think it better a new one be started for renewed discussion of the topic.

Edited to fix the slip.
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