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thanks all for your love and support. i am feeling a bit more upbeat today. my chiropractor suggested that given my age and my two losses that i may have an imbalance with estrogen/progesterone. so i am taking some natural supplements to try and even things out. anyway, it gives me some hope. my accupuncture person called too and said we could do that and some herbs. so when i am ready to get back on the merry go round there is some great ppl there to help. that's all you can really ask for in these difficult times. good people like those on mdc. p.s. please get out and vote! i read that women can be a deciding factor in this election. i may be a canadian but what happens down there affects us too. sorry to be off topic!!
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I have a question. I just got a cold and suddenly all my pg symptoms have disappeared. I thinkit's because my nose is stuffy and blocking the smells that have caused me to feel crappy. But of course I am paranoid. I'm leaving for Disney tomorrow and have had this awful feeling that I will m/c there. Someone talk me down!
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I had a cold a few weeks ago and the cold symptoms overtook (is that a word? ) the pregnancy symptoms. If you feel really crappy just take some tylenol. Make sure your getting your rest and drinking plenty of fluids!!! You'll be fine just take good care of yourself and don't over do it.
Let us know how your vacation goes and how your feeling. I hope you feel better
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I agree...I always seem to get colds early on in pg more than any other time. And usually the syptoms of the cold override the pg syptoms. And also remember, that our pg symptoms will come and go as the hormones fluxuate.

Enjoy Disney!
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Thanks ladies! I must sound like a paranoid crazy lady to anyone who hasn't had a m/c. And I probably am! :LOL Especially considering that after I wrote that post, I almost threw up in my kitchen while trying to make some eggs. So much for no pg symptoms!

I'll "see" all of you when I get back!
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So is that we're all just too tired/sick to bother talking about it? How long can this go on? I want the fun part of pregnancy- the part where I feel like there's a baby in there and I'm not just imagining some little tadpole thingy and calling it a girl... I want a belly and to dream about baby clothes and stuff... urgh... The wait is annoying. As is the exhaustion and nausea.
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The nausea is gone for me, except once in a blue moon, I am really tired though. We are moving at the end of the month, to a townhouse accross the street! My own washer and dryer yay!!!!
I have a doc appt today, I am going to beg that he tries to find the heartbeat with the doppler. I really just don't feel pregnant. I can't feel my uterus yet, I check all the time, I kinda look preg, but just fat, I dunno, I am sooo nervous about this. If I didn;t see the baby and heartbeat on the u/s at 6 weeks I wouldn't believe that I am pregnant!

I want the belly too, and the kicks and all the reassurances that it is okay!
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hello everyone,
I haven't been posting much because morning sickness has hit me hard this week.
I have never had it with any of my other pregnancies, even though I am so sick I have such a hard time believing that I am pregnant. I don't know what is the matter with me, those dozen or so pg tests I took can't be wrong and I am already loosing my waistline as well as my milk supply, I just don't feel like there is a baby in there. Everyone keeps saying the morning sickness means it is a girl, since I didn't have it with my other boys.
I went to the maternity store today and I don't think I will ever find pants that fit, with my last pg my pants fell down continuously and I wanted to see If I could find anything better but nope they just don't seem to make mat clothes for small people I guess it is jogging pants and tights for me again I hope everyone is having a wonderful day
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hi all...
ahh the joys of technology. my internet has been up...down...up...and most recently ..down. i am at the library getting alittle alone time, and saw a computer available so here i am. in truth..i needed to get away from the house very badly. I dont know if its the pg or what but i am so unhappy right now. i feel really alone and need some irl friends to go out with. unfortunately i dont have alot of those right now. alot of aquantainces...thats it. I wish my dh and i were better friends. i dont look forward to seeing him anymore. its so sad. like something died. maybe while at the library i should get some dr phil marriage book... :LOL

I'm feeling really good tummy wise. feels like everything is as it should be. Last time, with the m/c i felt worse. so that makes me feel better.

anna...im with you with the "lets get to the fun part" thing. what i wouldnt give to feel alittle hello kick in the morning. to feel her/him rolling around in my belly....i cant wait!

nym...i really hope you get to hear the heartbeat at the apt. ! How pg are you again? hearing the hb for the first time was my always my fav. apt.

well...off to surf the rest of the board. ttyl
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Jenn, I hope you're feeling better soon. I've had lots of hormone induced sadness/grouchiness lately and I think I understand some of what you're feeling. If you lived closer we could hang out and complain together IRL :LOL

I hope everyone's nausea gets better really soon. I think mine is getting better, if I just keep eating constantly.

I'm really looking forward to the "fun" part, too. My 4yo wanted to feel the baby kicking tonight- she is SO excited. I told her soon, but I am as impatient as she is, :LOL. I'll be renting a doppler soon to check on the baby and that always makes me feel better.

I saw a woman in my OB's office on Wed who was due the next day and I had a pang of jealousy, then I remembered the sleep deprivation and felt very thankful for where I am at now

Have a great night ladies!!
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8.5 weeks

So sorry to hear about your mc hollyhobbie .

I've been struggling with spotting too but so far, everything seems to be ok : . Its wreaking havoc on our nerves though. My biggest preg. complaint right now is reflux. Everything I eat seems to sit right at the base of my throat. It's like it's always threatening to come back up. While I can look forward to less actual nausea once I'm out of the first trimester, the reflux and indigestion doesn't go away. I've been drinking lemon balm tea because an herbalist told me it might help with digestion. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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robugmum, I have Gastroesophogeal reflux disease and a stomach ulcer and pg makes the reflux a million times worse, so I totally feel for ya. Milk has always helped my reflux, as does staying totally upright after I eat, for at least 45 minutes. I don't take any presc. meds for it while I'm pg, but the milk, position, oh and peppermint tea can help sometimes, too. You might want to check with your Dr or MW about the peppermint, though- some advise to limit it or wait till after the 1st trimester, because it can supposidly cause uterine ctx. I hope you can get some relief soon!
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Well, I am 11.5 weeks now, not much longer to go until the 2nd trimester starts.

My appt was good, and I don't have to go back for a whole month! Yay!

He did try to find the heartbeat, but we couldn't hear it. I imagine my fat gets in the way :P
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thanks brandi...i needed a hug

nym...good to hear that your apt went well to bad about not hearing the heartbeat, but at least you really have something to still look forward to next visit

well, my next apt isnt for 1 1/2 weeks. im looking forward to it too. its been awhile and iv'e never been that good at waiting...

other than that all is good. i keep thinking that i can feel the baby move. i dont know how much is just in my head at this point thou. im almost certain its real :LOL oh well

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11 weeks 6 days

Tomorrow will be 12 weeks !!! Does that mean I'll be entering the 2nd trimester or does it start from week 13? I figured 12 weeks would be the beginning of the second
DH and I went to Gatlinburg for a couple of days with some of his co-workers. I think I scared them because I really haven't been in the socializing mood. I just want to be with DH and that's about it. I typically am a very social person but for the last 8 or 9 weeks I've been more of a hermit type.
It was an okay time. They kept us on our feet ALL day yesterday. From about 10 am til 5pm. Needless to say I was/am exausted.
I have been more emotional than anything lately. I spent yesterday morning crying because I just wanted to be w/ DH alone and not really bothered by what everyone else wanted to do.
We looked at some live bears this morning on our way out. I was so pi**ed that we spent $3 to look at them and supported those people who keep them in those horrible cages. I was so upset by what I saw. 3 black bears in a cage with concrete and a little pool of water. They were all curled up in balls and looked miserable. I wonder if there isn't some way for those bears to be rescued from that horrible place.
I have been very upset about the experience. Even DH was disturbed by it. So, if any of you go to Pigeon Forge Please do not look at the live bears
By giving those people money, they are encouraged to keep those poor animals.

Sorry about the rant off subject. I just needed to express my thoughts.

I am very very tired and I am going to bed. Sorry I am not posting personals. I'll get back to that.
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You might want to drink a ton before you take that antibiotic -- I managed to clear my body of all bacteria that are treatable by the more common antibiotics before I learned how to cure my frequent UTIs without them. My solution is to drink a ton of water -- some people swear by cranberry juice, as well, but I find water works just fine. Like 1L/hour -- your infection should be gone in 24 hours.

I'm lurking here, mostly. 8w+ and so relieved to be less sick with #2 than I was with my dd. I'm only throwing up once a day and retching, rather than throwing up all day. I've managed not to miss a day of work through it. Today was hard though -- sicker than normal and lasted until noon. UGH. I'm taking Diclectin which helps a bit, if I can keep it down. Sorry to be so graphic! I know you guys understand!

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