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Pagan's: Mabon and Thanksgiving

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If you are in the US do you celebrate both Mabon and Thanksgiving? If you do, do you prepare the same meal for both? Do you only do one and not the other?

I sometimes feel that as a pagan I have double celebrations. I get Thanksgiving with my extended family and Mabon just for us. I get Christmas with the extended family and winter solstice just for us. So it's nice to have these seperate days just for my hubby and dd, but it is also double the work and planning.
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I know what you mean, I was just think ing that everytime I turn around it's another holiday! I'm not sure what we will do, our family is all far enough away that unles there are travel plans we can't celebrate together. It's harder for me to figure out what to do with Thanbksgiving than, say Christmas or Easter. Obviously the Christian holiday doesn't hold meaning for me and there is a Pagan alternative. I guess I want to let the kids enjoy the tradition of national holidays, but I will just have to see when it draws nearer. We don't usually do toomuch for Thanksgiving anyway since it's just us.
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My birthday is Sept. 22, so I'm already celebrating. We go to my family's for Thanksgiving.

We usually open presents on the solstice or if there's a full moon around then. Dh manages a hotel, so he usually works the whole day xmas so others can be with there families. Dd and I usually go with him and we order chinese or something that's open.

We hunt eggs on a full moon around Easter. We have loads of fun.
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Shamless bump, since Mabon is right around the corner now!
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As I am learning the Celtic Recon path I don't worry about the Solstices and Equinoxes to the same level as I do the major Celtic holidays. I acknowledge them quietly but don't make a big deal out of them.

Thanksgiving from my perspective is a uniquely American expression of the universal Harvest Festival, and we celebrate it accordingly either with MIL, who is local, or with my family, a 4 hour drive away.
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At Mabon I am thankful for the harvest and my Pagan friends, at Thanksgiving I am thankful for my extended family and that's what we are celebrating...
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Dh and I celebrate both. We usually have his children on the Christian holidays, so we celebrate those with them. They are being raised Christian.

We will raise our little one with both. Dh has lots of family here and he has not shared that he is not Christian. He wants little bit to know the Bible (it's good and bad aspects) anyway.

This will be little bits first Mabon and Yule and all.

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Hi! I am new to this thread and wanted to jump in. We have alot of celebrations in our family. I am a Witch and hubby is Jewish and we live in America, so we celebrate Mabon (I make chili and corn bread) and Sukkoth, which is a Jewish harvest celebration and then Thanksgiving in November. My family is African American so then there is Kwanzaa in December. All of these are harvest celebrations. The month of December is hectic and depending on when Chanukkah is (last year it was back to back with Yule, which I usually celebrate for the full 12 days) it was alot to do.

But it seems to be more fun to acknowledge the different ways people celebrate the wheel of the year. It is alot, but it is pretty educational too.

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No Turkey day for us .
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we usually make something special for us on Mabon. We as an extended family have an "orphan's thanksgiving": we invite anyone we know who may not have a family to spend it with (or would prefer not to spend it with ) to come and bring a potluck dish to share.

I love to cook as do many of the extended family, so we generally make way too much food and have a great time eating it.

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yes, we do both, we do lots and lots and lots of celebrations, there are so many wonderful spirits and beliefs to share.
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Less than a week to go. ANd I hate to admit I don't have a menu yet. I am usually much more organized.

Since we might be out of town for Thanksgiving this year, maybe I will do our usual meal for mabon?

I know I'm just rambling.......
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Hi , can someone please axplain mabon to me. Thank you.
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Mabon is one of the 8 Pagan sabats or holy festivals. Mabon is one of the harvest festivals falling on the Attumnal Equinox and also the inspiration for the American Thanksgiving.
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Happy Harvest Moon and Mabon !!!

ok, I slightly early for Mabon, but what the heck.

Hope everyone has a wonderful feast!
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please share with me yalls Mabons We are doing ours late this year, this afternoon- (Sunday) My children have spoken for calling the elements and the callers of the God and Goddess will be the "Harvest kind and queeen" my son and a friend of mine- Im sure Ill post later as to how it all went
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