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Well...that didn't last long!

Kailey stopped nursing at 41 months, she has happily taken it back up again, a few days ago. Just out of the blue she sais she wanted to "nu-nu".

Cool with me

Does this happen often? She had stopped nurusing for about a month.
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PD: It's perfectly natural!!

I heard Kathryne Dettweiler give a talk once on a study she was doing on age of weaning, and she said it was almost universal for the child led weaning moms to answer, "Which time?" cause they thought their children were weaned at 3 only to have them come back and nurse some more, then surely they were weaned at 4 1/2. But no, need some more...

That's been my experience...dd stopped and started for a long time...sometimes now at almost 8 she still plays that she'll start again...
I secretly think it WAS her plan that I nurse her on her wedding day...not gonna happen, folks!!
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My son will be 4 in Jan and he has nursed once this month. He tried to nurse the other day but was not latching on correctly. I don't know what he was doing, but he was clamping down with his lips and not sucking at all. I could easily just slip the nipple out of his mouth. I tried to help him latch right but he just laughed and got down.
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PD, yes it is normal. When dd slowed down she would take long breaks too. It was her natural way of not needing it anymore, then needing it again for a while... She ultimately weaned because she had been taking such long breaks that my body stopped producing milk. So her last time was a little disappointing for us both because, when she finally decided to nurse, she still expected there to be milk (and I wanted to give her what she wanted). Every now and then (like once every couple of months) she'll try again just to make sure, which is bittersweet because I know that if there was still milk then she probably would still nurse occasionally. But my body thinks she's done, so no more milk. She's contently accepting of it though. I think most of all she misses the sweet taste combined with the comfort of nursing.

Kavamamakava, Dd's latch changed sometimes too. Sometimes it was so strange I would think "Who is this child?!" :LOL. I have no idea why she did it. Maybe she was experimenting or maybe it was one more biologically quirky step in the process of the long path of natural weaning. : But she always got back on track.
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You guys, right now alls I can say is, thank goodness my body is able to nurse my babies still!
My 4 y.o. DD just went in for surgery today for dental stuff and they put her under. Let me tell you, I am SO thankful to be able to help her and comfort her this way. Of coarse her twin thinks it's an open bar for her today too :LOL

Ladies, be sure to thank your bodies for providing this gift. Remember those whe aren't so lucky
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I am glad things went well, Charmaty. Thanks for the update

You are right, nursing is such a gift...especially when our little ones are hurt. The whole thing must have been scary for you, too. Enjoy your little ones
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So do you ever feel like not nursing? My son is at this really annoying stage where he wants me to be running around National Geographic style all the time so he can "sip" at his nursies and then run off and come back... well, that drives me crazy, I want him to either nurse or not, the :flyby stuff really irritates me because it's a lot of work for me. I usually have to put his sister down or rearrange her, and that takes time and energy, and then to have him trying to crawl up my shirt while I'm doing it... :

Of course, my son knows the drill-- if he really wants to nurse and not mess around, he'll say "Mamma, ______ hurts! Kiss a booboo, nurse you BeanBean?" with this face: or . He knows that if he's really hurting, I won't deny him the breast. Still, sometimes it really feels like he's just out to make me spend my whole day on my butt, boobs exposed. He actually told me he wanted a sip yesterday! A sip! I'm totally going trying to keep up with him. As committed as I am to child led weaning, I still feel like telling him no more often than not. He gets so sad, though, he thinks the whole world is against him or something and he just bawls and bawls and bawls; I have no idea what to do.

Please tell me that this doesn't last forever, that he really will wean eventually.... tell me that I'm not creating a monster by caving whenever he cries.
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THat is my Dylan too- see the signature!

She acts like more of a baby when she wants to nurse. She speaks very clearly usually, but when she wants to nurse she reverts to baby talk.
"Mommy, I nurssey couch." Is how she would usually say, "Mommy, I want to nurse on the couch."

Or if she hurts herself, "MAMA!!! I bumpy head, needa nurssey now!"

:LOL I love my nursling!
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My nursling is 5 now
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Congratulations callmemama!! And Happy Birthday to your nursling!
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Good for you Callmeama, that's great!
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We're doing child led weaning here.

Leah nursed through my second pregnancy and then it was a "mutual weaning" when she was 30 months old. Hannah weaned prematurely at 14mo (a month before big sis weaned) due to bad advice I followed from a "friend." I think if I'd had internet access then, I would have been able to salvage that nursing relationship (not to mention salvaging her baby teeth that got decayed from the bottle!!!!)

My sweet little boy just turned 3 and has been "nursing like a newborn" because he's sick. I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity to nurse a real newborn again so I'm savoring it.
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Happy Birthday to your sweet nursling Callmemama and congratulations to you on a half decade of nursing!

Also, thank you for bumping this up. One of my goals this week was to bump it. I was missing it and all of you.
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I'm going through one of those phases where I hate nursing.
DS (31months) still keeps me up like he's a newborn all night long.
During the day, if I sit down to look at the newspaper or make a phone call, he wants to nurse.

I've started to set some more limits, but they don't always work (he's going to be a great negotiator someday).

Limits like, at night, I encourage him to try water from a cup instead (doesn't always work). And today at a playdate, he wanted to stay and nap with his friend, but I told him I wasn't going to nurse him to sleep if he did (his friend doesn't nurse, and I just didn't feel like staying, anyway). I guess the limits are mostly at night. He wakes me up every 2-3 hours.

Can I still consider myself a CLWer?

ETA: congratulations Callmemama!
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Ok, I can hear you all out there in cyberspace saying "what the heck happened, Adrianne! We thought you were a CLWer!"

Come on, hasn't anyone had these feelings at least once in five years of nursing?

Anyway, I'm over it now! Yay! It was very brief - a day or two. And no, my limits were not over the top. Just encouraging my ds to nurse less at night, but I usually was overruled by his need. And, during the day, I always did end up nursing him instead of reading the newspaper or while talking on the phone.

So, no, I have not betrayed you all!

But, good news on the night-waking: last night, for the first time in his life, DS slept 7 hours!!!! 10:30pm - 5:30am! I woke up wondering what the heck happened! I wonder if it will happen again.....

p.s. read my post with a touch of kiddingness
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:LOL No Adrianne, I don't think anyone was thinking that! Of course you're still doing CLW. We all have our ups and downs. Dd's actually been challenging me w/it lately. She's become demanding of so many things. I realize it's not just about nursing though. It's a GD issue all around. She's like this w/everything lately. So we're working on it and it's getting better. I just wanted to let you know that of course you're not alone in going through some rough times and as long as you're still planning on doing CLW than of course you are a CLWer!
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what do you mean by "challenging you with it"? I'm nosy and curious
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I wasn't thinking that at all Adrianne. I think we tend to be harder on ourselves than others are, that's how I am anyway. So, as I always sing to dd (ala Bob Marley).....

Don't worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
is gonna be alright

(I just needed a music notes smilie, not the whistle)
Okay, so that was totally corny. For some reason I just felt like singing it. :LOL

BTW, I like your DDDDC MamaAllNatural!
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mother_sunshine, as our longest term bfer (that I know of) - did this ever happen to you, and how often? I mean, the bfing burnout. How did you deal with it?
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Originally Posted by AdrianneWe
mother_sunshine, as our longest term bfer (that I know of) - did this ever happen to you, and how often? I mean, the bfing burnout. How did you deal with it?


Adrianne, I have felp burnt out at times and I suppose some days I reacted better than others. Some days, I felt tired and impatient, others I was able to step back and look at the big picture.

My goodness, setting a few limits as you did doesn't make you a bad mother...or bad breastfeeder :LOL

On days when I felt worn out, I sometimes used distraction by going to the park, getting busy with something else. I remember often, just laying down and surrendering, you know? "Ok, we'll nurse all day..."

These are temporary measures for temporary feelings, because they do pass. Just as you are feeling better today
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