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OMG Mrs. Garfunkel how could I have forgotten you!

I you all, you dear sweet mamas!

(and, I just polished off a very large bar of chocolate which might be adding to my MDCMamas infatuation right now)

My circle of IRL friends who are still bfing their 2002 babies is shrinking fast... some have moved on to 2004 babies, but I'm starting to feel like the weirdo!

MDC Mamas rock
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Hey, Adrienne, since I'm just about tied with mother-sunshine, I just want to say YES! YES! YES!

It's only natural to have days when you just want to, you know, SIT DOWN without your 30 to 40 lb toddler or preschooler crawling over you looking to nurse, when you long to hold a book with 2 hands, or have a hot drink...

And since I tend to self-pity in my worst moments, I'd be saying to myself, "none of the other mommies are having to go through this."

I always found that after I fretted for a few days and *maybe* raged for another, that I surrendered and the nursing jag was over.., and I could once again enjoy a variety of activities with her.

It's truly one of those things in life that does fit under the heading,"this too will pass."
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Originally Posted by Mom4tot
:LOL I was just going to post the reminder.

I agree with Joan and Darlindeliasmom, this will pass. After you asked me that question, Adrianne, I started feeling panicky trying to remember those times :LOL. I think if those times were truly lasting and life-changing I would remember them more clearly.

I know there were plenty of times when I had my fill of frustration, and like Joan, I handled it in different ways depending on all the circumstances (mood, health, level of patience, luck). We do the best we can. Even though we all have this ideal of exactly how we should always be and how things should always fall into place, we are all human and we all have our proud and not-so-proud moments. Motherhood can be extremely tiring and exhausting, even more so for us because we listen to our instincts, and I think it is our instinct to doubt ourselves and our actions at times. Especially when we live in a culture that conditions mothers to deny their instincts. We feel especially all alone sometimes...like "what is wrong with me?", yk? Oh yeah , now I'm remembering it. I remember when my last friend who was breastfeeding weaned her dd at 2yrs (when dd was 2yrs) and then I was completely on my own. I didn't have internet and I was ignorant to the "alternative" info that was out there (ie: Mothering mag). I was riding on pure instinct then (dd's and mine) and questioned what was "right" all the time.

(please pardon me . Dd has been sick all week and is holding me hostage at home. I am going a little crazy right now NEED.....TO....GET....OUT )

But really, I know how it feels. And you're not alone Adrianne. And this will pass (even though it doesn't feel like it right now).

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Adrianne, I meant she's been challenging me a bit w/breastfeeding WRT being demanding. She's been like this in many ways. ITA w/everything Joan said in her post, esp.WRT seeing the big picture.

Originally Posted by mother_sunshine
Don't worry
about a thing
cause every little thing
is gonna be alright
:LOL You're so cute Mother Sunshine!

BTW, I like your DDDDC MamaAllNatural!

Originally Posted by Mom4tot
I was going to post this too! :LOL to Joanie!

Originally Posted by Mom4tot=
bad breastfeeder :LOL
: Yes, how does one define a bad breastfeeder? :LOL That's so funny.
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I'll miss you, ladies!!
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Hi Mountain Mom!
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Originally Posted by Mom4tot

I'll miss you, ladies!!

Where ya goin' Joan?
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I mean when MDC goes down for a few days! I will miss talking to you all
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mountain mom
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(we posted at the same time)

Ah! gotcha.

Glad you're not going anywhere.

I'll miss you guys too.
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Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!
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BTW Joan, Ellie's package came today. It made dd feel better.

ETA: Happy Thanksgiving!
(are we totally in-sinc today or what? )
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I'm so glad she got it. She can color the leaves and put them in a sunny window
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That's so sweet, Joan
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Okay, so I'm a little slow today. I knew MDC was closing for an upgrade soon but I didn't realize it was tomorrow morning.

I'll miss you all.

Here's to family.

And here's to our sisterhood
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yay, we're back! I missed you all, too! I lurked a bit on the Yahoo threads, but that was after the fact. I wasn't online at all on Saturday so I didn't get to participate in the bathroom talk :LOL
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Missed you. too!

What bathroom talk?

Now, I am pretending MDC is still down. Must clean! :LOL
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Wow, that was actually a lot shorter of a break than I expected. I'm in the middle of getting the house ready for MIL this week, and I just caught dd's cold . And dd just caught what seems to be Part II of this nasty cold. Ugh.

Anyway, I missed the potty talk too. :LOL
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Bathroom.... : ...I must remember to turn the heater in my bathroom on ... it was waaay too cold in there this morning ...

Speaking of cleaning...we got a 7 foot long cabinet w/ bookcases on top from my parents, who are remodeling their kitchen. Earlier I was sitting on the floor putting stuff into the cabinet and rearranging the stuff I already put in and just happened to notice that Haley was nursing as I was doing all this. I didn't even notice her latch on, or the fact that I was (automatically) working around her! I suppose after (almost) 6 years of continuous nursing... :LOL
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