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I never nursed. But I do remember sucking my thumb and dragging around my blankie

I hope ds remembers when he is older!
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I posted the other day about how my 5yo ds hadn't nursed in 2 days, and now it seems he just wants to nurse once every 2-3 days and that's his new pattern! I'm a little sad but mostly I'm happy that he's weaning at his own pace...

He's my only so when he's weaned, I'm done with breastfeeding. That does make me sad.
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I know what you mean Cranberry. I always think I'll be so sad when my nursing career is over. I actually asked my Aunt, who has six kids, if she was sad when the last one was weaned. She said no. I was like "Really?" She said "well I was nursing for fifteen years straight (most of that time she was either tandem or triandum nursing too) and it was enough." So, she didn't walk away sad. She had nursed enough to last her a lifetime I guess. :LOL

It's so funny, I've never experienced infrequent nursing. My first quit cold turkey (which I think had something to do with how much food I was giving him) and my 3 1/2 yo dd is quite addicted to the boob. She nurses once at night and a few times during the day. I see her nursing for at least a couple more years. It will be interesting to me to see the process happen more naturally and gradually this time. I think it'll be healing from the way ds weaned too whiich was sudden, unexpected and left me depressed and engorged.


Are things going any better for you guys lately?
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Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural

Are things going any better for you guys lately?
A little bit, thanks for asking. BeanBean now understands that I have to put his sister down or hand her to someone else a lot of the time before I can nurse him, or that he has to get into a not-so-comfotable position. He still doesn't understand that being quiet will get him where he wants to be more quickly, but he's learning. I think he was asking to nurse so frequently because he was going through a growth spurt-- not that he's gotten any bigger, but he did gain a whole bunch of new words and his diction is much better than it was before.

BooBah vomits constantly, and everytime she does I'm impressed once again with breastmilk. ChibiChibi had reflux as a baby, but she was on nutramigen-- not only does that stuff stain, it reeks to high heaven! : Breastmilk puke doesn't stain; if it did, none of us would own an item of unstained clothing. :LOL
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I'm new here. My ds is only 14.5 months and I nurse on cue/demand
24/7. Hopefully I will learn from everyone, thus will mostly lurk. :
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Me too! People always look at me crosseyed when I say that, but I've never met anyone who remembered nursing and I think it'd be nice. It must have a huge impact on the parent-child dynamic, you know?
My DH remembers being nursed. He remembers - in quite a bit of detail - a specific nursing session where he bit his Mom and got in trouble. He was nursed until 3 1/2, I think.

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Hello everyone! I am here still :0 I am nursing my 4 y.o. twin girls. No sighn of weaning. In fact, lately Jordyn has been wantin got nuse alot the last few days. I hope she is not getting ill. But gosh I love that I am still able to do this! Lately my dh and I have in in complete awe at how fast our little girls have grown up , it feels sooo good to have my babies still curled in my lap from time to time. To hold them both in my arms at night nursing and all tucked into bed for a good nights sleep.
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Just saying hello-my 3rd child is now 5.8 years & still nursing at bedtime only-actually fell asleep last night without it!
That is a rare thing!
My older boys weaned on their own -but before this age-so I am letting her guide me a bit.

i loved the article on the 5 year old who hulahooped & breastfed still!
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Charmarty and Jazmommie... I'm so jealous! I SO wish I could have b/f the twins. There are times now when I could just cry because nursing them would be SO much easier than the other (far less effective) methods of calming them.
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Yesterday afternoon I found myself wishing my almost-6 year old was still nursing...he fell off a kitchen stool and broke his arm. Every instinct in my body told me to scoop him up and nurse him, but he's weaned! I literally thought, "Well what do I do now?" He's doing ok after 4 hours in the ER and having to be sedated so they could set his arm. The breaks are on the "corner" of the bone and involving the growth plate, so this will be a long recovery and years of checking to see if the bone grows properly. My poor little man!

At least we're able to re-use the jacket with the left arm cut off from when his brother broke his arm! :LOL
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Oh Amanda, I'm so sorry

He will heal quickly, thanks to his years of nursing
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Oh, how sad Amanda! to Alexander

Ds slept through the whole night last night! First time in 18mo... the only problem is I was sleeping on the couch because dh was snoring so now my back hurts.

On second though, maybe ds slept through the night because I wasn't with him?
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, Amanda.

I kind of feel that way about my niece sometimes. She's seven and a half, but I think that if she could nurse she would. Instead, she'll watch BeanBean nurse and say "What does leh taste like?" :LOL Her sister is four years old, and not at all roundabout: she frequently asks me to nurse. When I tell her to ask her mother she says, "NO! I want to take a nurse with BeanBean!" :LOL I'm not sure how comfortable I'd feel nursing a 55 pound four year old who isn't even mine, though. I'm sure that my sister would have issues with it. :LOL
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Oh my goodness Amanda! Your poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon.

Rynna, that's so sweet! How does their mother feel about them wanting to nurse and loving that you're doing it (not to mention wanting to nurse off of you! )? Speaking of nursing other people's kids...

When I was out of state visiting family my sister nursed my baby. He was being especially clingy and I was thinking, "If only there was someone else to nurse him I could actually get something done." At the exact same moment my sister walks up holding her breasts and saying, "Oh man, all my milk is coming down and she (her newborn) *just* fell asleep!" So I handed my little guy off to her just to see. It was so funny. He didn't hesitate. He saw the boob, he went for it! :LOL He was lovin' that newborn milk! My sister actually offered to nurse my 3 1/2 yo when I was in the middle of cooking a huge meal and dd really, reallly wanted to nurse (they were a little more needy while away from home). DD thought about it but it was really just too much about me for her. I think she would've tried actually if she wasn't wanting to nurse - more of an experimental thing, yk? So my sister tried to tend to what I was cooking while dd nursed.
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Amanda and Alexander. How long ago did he wean?


I was just having this conversation with a friend yesterday. I honestly don't know how I would calm my girls down if I couldn't rely on the boob. I mean nursing has gotten us through SO many things. I used to feel bad for ppl in my play group who would constantly tell horror stories about how thier kids won't nap anymore because they couldn't keep them in thier beds! So, they would have to take drastic measures like licking the door, unscrewing the light bulb ect... just to try and keep them in thier rooms! Well, not us, My girls are 4 (TODAY!!!!!) and the only thing I have to do is say, Ok let's go snuggle and have the boob. No kidding, they are right there man!

As far as your little one sleeping through the night busybusymomma, I think you hit the nail right on the head with that one. I just recently night weaned my girls about 4 months ago. I found they were waking each every hour just to nurse. Because they would turn over, feel me and then automaticallly want the boob. Well between the two of them, I was waking up far too much at night. I also found that becuase they were nursing, it would actually take them longer to fall back asleep. As soon as they became night weaned (I needed to teach them how to fall asleep without the boob) if they wake now, I just hold them closer, and they Immediately fall asleep, and have far less wake times at night. But keep in mind my girls are 4 now.
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There are plenty of times when I wish I could still nurse dd for comfort. The other day when I was changing she decided she wanted to try again because she missed it so much. I let her, and after 1 second she popped off and contently said "no milk".
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Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural
Rynna, that's so sweet! How does their mother feel about them wanting to nurse and loving that you're doing it (not to mention wanting to nurse off of you! )?
Oh, she thinks it's nuts. :LOL She totally understands why they don't ask her to nurse (aside from the fact that's she's got no milk); she's not what you'd call "parental." :LOL I don't know what she'd think if I actually nursed them, probably that I was nuts. I have offered them milk in a cup, though; Chibi wouldn't drink it because it was warm. Then again, BeanBean won't drink my milk from a cup, either. BeastieBeast will eat or drink anything, so she's not a really good yardstick for such things. :LOL
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I was a single mom with dd and had to work starting when she was just 4 months old. I was lucky and had a good friend who just had a baby (our babes were 2 weeks apart) and offered to be her caregiver. Dd would not take a bottle and after a couple weeks of driving to nurse every 2 hours my friend offered to nurse dd for me. Dd had no problems and was perfectly content after that and I didn't get fired.

Charmarty- happy birthingday!
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Just jumping in after quickly reading all of the posts--can I join you guys?! My "baby" is 29 months old, and she still loves to nurse. I've not handled that relationship with the reverence it deserves lately, but I'm going to change that. I love that she nurses and I don't want her to stop. I just need to make myself act that way! I could really use the support of this group.

Padomi, I know exactly what you mean about your regional issues! I am from SC, my parents still live there, and my family has a beach house on Hilton Head Island that we frequent regularly (I live in GA, right on the border). I know a handfull of people IRL who EBF, but I don't see them very often. Thank goodness my mom and sisters are very supportive.

Rynna, just wanted to offer a hug of support. I cheated my older dd by asking her to wean when I was pregnant with her sister. She did it without a fuss, but I will always feel regret over my inability to nurse through pregnancy. What an amazing gift you are giving your babies!
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Welcome Fianna!

Spryte, that is so awesome! That is what I would want if I had to leave my baby too. I'd also be more than willing to nurse someone else's kid if they needed me to. Hey, I've even got paperwork (I donate).
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