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Piglet, you sound just wonderful! So blissed-out! I am so envious of you sitting on the beach with your newborn. How totally perfect.

Nancy, I agree with Jillerina! No bloody show necessary. Ok, I only got to 4cms in my labor with Lucy, but I never saw *anything* bloody. When my plug came out, (at around 3cms, this huge giant slug-thing) it was totally clear, no pink tinge even. The little globs I have been losing over the last week or so have been clear, too.

Wow, it sure is quieter around here now that a bunch of us chatterboxes are busy with our newborns!

Christine, sending you labor vibes, and I keep meaning to tell you GOOD LUCK with your VBAC! I know how important they can be, and I wish you all the best for yours!
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Good morning everyone..!! :yawning:
Thia??? where is she??? i'm sure you are so close now...!!!!! birthing vibes birthing vibes...
same to you, Lucysmama, its' great your baby moved down... i hope you hold him today.......
About the bloody mucus thing, I lost some more than one week ago and nothing happened, no baby....so i guess there is no connection at all between those two....
thank you everyone for the dipes' tips....i feel safer now cause they cost fortune here (like everything else) and i was afraid to do more washing ....so i'll wash them four more times and dry them in the dryer and sun dry the ones i didn't to remove the stains....thanx a lot!!! ...
Ashlee......how wonderful to hold ur baby right now...your pictures are so so beautiful and the three of you look so blissed....about the sling...my dh said from the beginning that we buy one for both of us (he can't wait to carry the baby) but we are fighting over the color.......anyway i think i'll order something from amazon maybe cause I don't like the colors of those here....any ideas of more sites that sell slings?? thanx...
bluehalo is so right, court...we can only smile at those who stare....i kind of got used to that since they were staring anyway at me since i came here (cause i don't look japanese ) so now I don't know anymore at what they are staring more: me not being Japanese but in Japan or my big belly..??? :
about sex remarks......well we tried it for two days in a raw and it brought nothing.... : no baby!!!
these days i'm not doing anything...no exercise, no perineal massage, no walking....i guess i'm not helping my baby out at all....can it mean that i'll have hard labor if I don't do this??? still have cramps that come and go and some contractions...

Jillerina...thank for the note that aftre a long (2.5 weeks ) of contractions you had labor in 3 hours... i hope it will e the case iwth me too...
Piglet, it seems you are living in a fairy tale to me......the beach, ur baby in the sling...yay....I love ur life...
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Piglet - Thanks for the reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I won't be pregnant forever. It's funny, but I'm really looking forward to being able to tie my own shoes. :LOL It's the little things... Sounds like your recovery is going great! Someday soon we'll all be able to take our fall babies out for walks! I can't wait!
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My contractions are now about 5-7 minutes apart, though they don't hurt or anything. Just lots of pressure, in my belly, back, and downwards. I took a long hot shower, but that didn't stop or slow them. I just did some of my guided imagery, and I feel very calm and peaceful and hopeful that things will pick up more in the next few hours. I'll keep you guys posted!
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Oh yeah Katie! Happy labor vibes to you!!!!!!!!!
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go, katie, go!!!!!
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I think this might be it! Water broke about an hour ago when I half woke up to find myself sleeping on my back, rolled over to my side and then started "leaking" ... thought it was just the same ole discharge I've been dealing w/ for days until it didn't stop. A little gush when I got up to go to the bathroom to check it out, and some more leakage in the time since then, but no big "whoosh" ...

Having surprisingly regular contrax. ... every 3-5 minutes apart and about 1.5 min long. I'm surprised that they kicked in this quickly, and are so steady. I was laying down trying to get some rest ... I know I can't actually sleep through these, but I thought laying down and relaxing might be the best way to go so early on. But, I was antsy, and it's so much more comfortable to be upright and or walking around. I'm sitting on the birthball right now and it feels so goooood...

Anyway, just thought I'd check in. Hopefully next update w/ have news about the baby!!

Happy birthing vibes to everyone else in the meantime!!
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Christine-you go girl! Happy labor vibes to you too!

And I never had a "whoosh" either with my first-just lots of leaking until much later...

Can't wait to hear of the new babies tomorrow!!
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wow, the race is on! good luck, christine!!!
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Katie and Kristine and Thia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
birth vibes to you all!!!!!
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Wow, Happy Birthing Vibes to Katie and Christine!! I hope you already have your babies by now!!

Well, I think I need to stay away from this thread until after baby is born. You all are driving me crazy with your blissed out newborn stories. :LOL. I WANT MY BABY NOW!!!!!! COME ON OUT BABY!!!! I am so jealous of everyone who is due before me. :LOL j/k Today was my "predicted" due date, but nada, nothing, don't think it is going to be today.
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Is it birthing time or what around here?
Happy Laboring to all you mamas!!

Piglet you sound so wonderfully happy. I love those after birth hormones! They should bottle them. Can you imagine everyone being like that??! Well at least the happy blissed out part not any of the other emotional parts.

We went for out tour yesterday of the labor/delivery area. No big tubs for laboring in. But they have showers in each room Which is just fine. Teeny birthing rooms! I was surprised! How they heck are you going to get the doc, nurse, doula, me and bill in one?? Who knows?? Of course there was the usualy questions about the epidural and I just rolled my eyes. The lady explained there is an anstheologist on staff 24/7 just for that. But she also siad they have birthing balls. I peekd in at the shower they do have removalbe heads. So I kinda spoke up and said oh good the showers have reamovables heads that was such a life saver last time around. One lady asked me whta I had said I repated what I said and mentioned it's so much better than lying in bed!! I was just in a hormanl state and any mention of epidurals throw me for a tizzzy.

Glad to hear all you new mommas are loving your babymoon. That is awesome!

Well there was more I wanted to comment on but I forget.

Ekatherina -I'll PM you some links for sling sites. I don't know if they ship to Japan but it might be a starting place.

Happy birthing labor starting vibes to you all!!
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Well, I'm not in labor. I went and laid down after I posted last night, thinking I should try and get some sleep. I laid there awake with regular contractions, and sometime around 2:30 am finally fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, there was nothing going on. I am totally bummed!!! Things were feeling really good and starting to hurt (especially when I laid down). :

I did have a delicious dream about running and jumping. I was shouting to everyone, "YAY! I'm not pregnant anymore! 2 days ago I had a BABY in my belly. This feels soooooooooo good!" Everyone thought I was nuts. It was nice to bounce around, if only in my dreams!

Go, Christine! I am rooting for you to have a beautiful, joyful, empowering birth!

Off to do my daily exercise regimen....hour of swimming followed by an hour of walking. Seems to help the baby get settled down into my pelvis. I swear, I am in better shape at 9+months pregnant than I was at 3 months!
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Woo Hoo! Yay, Christine...sending lots of birthing vibes your way, hopefully you aren't even needing them at this point...hope you are snuggling your brand new baby

Common babies, we need a birthday buddy for our newest addition

Oh Katie, darn...not again! I was hoping this was it for you! Maybe today will be the day.

So yesterday I had loose BM (sorry) all day long, as well as some gas type pains and tons of contx....but alas, nothing kicked into gear. I am getting so tired of analyzing every little occurance in my body....I hear you Amelia, sometimes I think this thread is a bad place for me right now....but how can we stay away and miss out on all the baby news Oh well, we can honestly say that each day we are one day closer....

Piglet- your updates are such a mood elevator Hope you get your much needed sleep at an early hour tonight!
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Can't wait to hear an update Christine, hope all went well!

Amie- Sorry nothin happened yesterday...I had lots of contractions (and loose BM) yesterday too, but still nothin. I went for a long walk and could barely get through it cause it brought on so many ctrx. Sigh. Loved the unicorn comment btw, that was so sweet. We're getting close!

Thanks everyone for the reassurances about people staring, small shirts etc. I know I should just laugh it off, and I would under normal hormonal circumstances...but I just feel tears welling up instead. Poor me

Nancy, your posts yesterday were cracking me up! I had a dream the other night that we were eating at the food court in a mall w/ a bunch of other pregnant ladies around us. Our food cost 23 dollars (so maybe the 23rd for one of us?) That's too far away. Anyways, George Bush offered to pay for our food but I told him no way!

Piglet- I agree that your posts are so uplifting and inspiring. I'm so glad everything's going so well for you...and that someday I'll have a baby in sling too.

Logan and I watched a homebirth video that the mw loaned us and he really liked it. After the baby was born he turned around to me and said "look mama, a baby" while he touched my belly. Like it had really sunk in that a baby was going to come out of me. He was just so tender and sweet, it's hard to explain. Ofcourse now that he's seen exactly how it happens, he keeps asking me to take my pants off and make the baby come out. If only it were that easy.

Hugs and labor dust everyone!
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Good luck to al you laboring/pre-laboring mamas!! hope things get going for you mamas you kee getting teased by possible labor!

and to all the new mommies...CONGRATULATIONS!! :

only 5 more days till we meet our little wiggle worm....i sooooo can't wait!!

to all,
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Courtney - Your dream cracked me up. My birthday is April 23rd, so Oct 23rd would be my "half-birthday".... hmmm... would that make the baby a Libra or a Scorpio?

It's so nice that all of your kids know about babies and have a general idea where they come from, and what to expect. I remember when my youngest brother was born, I was nine years old, and my parents told me the Easter Bunny brought him (it was Easter Sunday)! :LOL He weighed 12 lbs and I was highly skeptical that any bunny could carry that little bubba.

The really funny thing is that my mom and I are yet to have the sex talk. It was just never brought up. Good thing I figured it out on my own! :LOL

Katie - You're getting soooo close! All of these contractions are working their magic - baby is just taking his/her own sweet time. I'm so impressed you're walking and swimming an hour each, every day! I keep having dreams that I'm riding my bike really really fast and the wind is blowing in my hair.... it feels soooo good. I can't wait to be active again!

Last night I dreamt that I tried to put on my maternity clothes and they were all too small. I was sucking it in trying to get the pants buttoned, and they finally did. Then the pants started shrinking and my body shrinked (shrank? shrunk?) with them. I looked in the mirror and I was back to non-pregnant size! Very weird.

Good luck Christine and Thia... and anyone else who's in labor that I'm overlooking!!

Maybe we'll be seeing some by the end of the day!
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Awwwww, Court that is so sweet about Logan. I can't remember, are you planning to have him there for the birth? He is just about my dd's age. She was born 9 days earlier! She keeps asking me to have the baby, too. We told her the baby was coming in the fall....she keeps saying, "Um, it's fall now, Mommy. You can have the baby!" And almost every day she asks if we can set up the "birffing tub" and push the baby out. Oh, if it were that easy!

Amie- I hope things pick up for you, too! The loose bowels are a good sign.

Court- people are gawking at me, too. Well, I should say, they are staring at my BELLY. They don't even see me watching them stare, cause they are too busy looking at my tummy. They don't even know to do the whole "look away quickly" thing. It's kinda funny. I keep getting twins comments, though, which is not so funny! :

Hopefully Christine is holding her little sweetie now!
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Originally Posted by OakEmber
I am getting so tired of analyzing every little occurance in my body....!

Ditto this!

Everytime I go into the farmers market (our closest grocery store happens to be an organic farmers market ) I see the same women who start cracking up when I check out! They think it's so funny I'm still preggers I'm in there at least everyother day for fresh dinner ingr. and produce.(we're "european type" grocery shopp/meal makers)

Sisters here, were ready to have a baby now! Spent the day in the N. Georgia mtns. yesterday! It was really nice.. Not much else to report!
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Katie- That's great that Lucy's so excited about the birth too! Logan will be here with us (no where else for him really) and he says he wants to see it, so I guess he will unless he's sleeping. It will be interesting to see how these kids react. My mw said her 3 y.o. took it in stride when he watched her birth, and he thought it was so cool that he asked her to push another one out. I meant to respond to something you said earlier about ctrx making you have to pee. They have always made me feel like that, even if I just went. In fact, last night on my walk I was having so many, that I was glancing around for bushes or something. The thought even crossed my mind, "would it really be THAT bad if I just peed in my pants a little?" So, it was pretty bad. Luckily I made it home in time, barely. I think it's a good sign that the baby is low, and the ctrx are pushing him into your bladder. (?) (((Labor Vibes))) to you!

And Nancy- Oct 23 is the first day of the Scorpio sign (before that is Libra). The 23rd sounds sooo far away right now. That's so funny about the Easter Bunny. FWIW, my mom and I never had the sex talk either...I was embarassed even to tell her I was pregnant, cause then she'd know what I'd done.
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