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Thanks for posting about that homebirth video. Oh man I wish I could have a video like that of our upcoming birth. That was amazing! It had me bawling!

Sorry to hear all you mommas wanting to go but your babies aren't wanting to. I understand that! I'm feeling that way too! I'm almost at 39 weeks and am thinking about starting some stuff to get labor going. I don't know about the EPO. Just a bit too icky for me. Then again I drank castor oil last time to get things going.

As far as cravings go it's been tons of pasta throught the pregnancy. Any kind of meat grossed me out for awhile now I'm enjoying it again but not craving it. Tomatoes would give me terrible heartburn until just recently. Of course chocolate and ice cream have been yummy all the time. I've really been on this M&M kick espically the peanut and almond kind. Oh and lots of chocolate milk!! It's been totally different cravings this time around.

Welcome home Piglet. Glad to hear everyone is home and happy!

Not much going on here for contractions. A little bit of BH's here and there but that has been it! I have to remember to ask my OB how long they will let me go over before we tlak induction!

Maybe we will have some more babies soon.

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Momadance- I am sorry to hear about your Dh's grandpa...but yes I agree it is wild the way the universe works like that!

I don't know why we drive ourselves crazy the way we are :LOL I know from what I've read that you are likely to go around the same time as you did before (assuming it is the same father) but yet I hope to defy the stats! My fall back prediction date was Oct.20 so I guess I should quit trying to analyze every little thing! Ember came right around her EDD. And in the grand sheme of things we will be holding our little ones soon enough...

EPO recap...I was told take 2000mg orally and 3000mg vag. I've kinda slacked off though, still taking the oral but I only did about a week of vag. Just too tired by the end of the day to even bother. Oh and just thought of one more thing...when you take it you are supposed to take it with a fat (so even if you wash it down with milk that's fine).

Piglet! Yay, you're back! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see a pic of Sasha!!

If anyone is looking for pics of Leo they are on the birth announcement thread...I went to the yahoo site and was like But I did see Nancy's pic of her DH there with the p'udder..... He's pretty cute Nancy

Oh and Katie...argh, sorry to hear about the comments! Don't let them get to you...so frustrating

I don't think we've heard from Bluehalo in quite some time??
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momadance- I know exactly what you mean! For my 1st pg with my dd, my memere (grandmother) on my dad's side had just passed away and then with my 2nd pg with ds, my husbands grandmother passed away. Talk about the cycle of life!

lucysmama- Happy DD! I know you must be so frustrated! From all your pre labor it sounded as if you would be one of the first ones to deliver. And to think that your family is discussing the size of your vagina just totally cracks me up :LOL What a crazy topic of discussion. Let me say that with all of the jumping, walking and squatting you are doing, you are going to be in great shape once this baby decides to come.

Piglet- Congratulations and hello Sasha

I went in for my 3rd u/s yesterday. I mostly did it for my doc because she wanted to check the size of the baby. From what I have read it is usually inaccurate but after my last pg I had some reconstructive surgery to my perineum/ rectum and they were suggesting I go with a c-section as to avoid any possible tearing. But, that wasn't something I was up to considering I've already had 2 vaginal deliveries. So with me willing to risk it, she thought it would be best to see what the baby's size may be and how big her head was ( My ds was 9lb 4 oz). The technician said that I am on track for a 7lb 2 oz baby. I said WHAT!! Have you seen the size of my belly!! This makes me think that I am probably going to go past my edd. Which I have done with both of my other pg. I have actually gotten into the habit of responding to questions about the due date by saying "She should be here by Thanksgiving ". They usually leave me alone after that
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OakEmber...thanks for the reminder to take epo with fat.. I have just been taking it with water..time to switch it up.

Piglet...CONGRATS and WELCOME HOME!!!! Can hardly wait to see pics of your little guy.
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Congratulations Piglet and Sasha! Sounds like your family is adjusting beautifully.

Happy Due Date Katie. So you've officially held up your end of the bargin, you've housed the little one for 40 weeks, now it's time for him/her to hold up their end and move on out.

Jillerina - Leo is so very cute. And the pictures of your family are wonderful. You all look so happy.

Amie - Thanks for the EPO with fat tip. I was never told that.
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Why does everyone keep saying full term is 38 weeks? because that's when the lungs are done cooking? or cause that's when it's ok to have a section? I don't get it? I asked my mw, and she said full term is 40...
Actually full term is 37 weeks. That just means that the lungs are mature enough. 40 weeks is really just the avg. gestational length. If you were to plot a graph of say 500 woman and at what gestational point they gave birth (assuming they went into labor naturally), most of the dots would be clustered around 40 weeks with the majority in between 39 and 41 weeks. There would be fewer dots, but still a lot around 38 and 42 weeks and even less around 37 or 43 weeks. And, a few outlying ones of those who went gave birth prematurely (before 37 weeks). So, 40 weeks isn't really any magical number, it just means that *most* women give birth *around* 40 weeks, but anywhere from 37-43 (although most doctors now say 42 or less , but my mom was telling me that before they had inductions some people would go to 43 weeks and have perfectly fine, normal babies). is considered normal.
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YAY Piglet!!!! Welcome, Sasha! I look forward to hearing your birth story. What a relief that Emily did so well! How does she like Sasha? How was your hospital stay? How's your incision/pain level? Hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery!

Momadance - I can't speak for others, but for me (and maybe Amy) we had so much PTL and contractions we didn't think we would make it this far. So it is a bit crazy-making. Especially when you take it easy for weeks, hoping to get to 38 weeks, when the baby is mature, and then nothing happens. And having such strong contractions - ones that are starting to hurt - every night is tiring and takes a lot out of me physically and emotionally. I know babies will be born when they are ready, which is why I'm not pulling out the breastpump or taking enemas and castor oil. I just vent here to you guys instead.

Yeah, where IS bluehalo? We haven't heard from her in a while. And Letia, please come back and hang out, we miss you!
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37 weeks 3 days

hi mamas!

welcome home piglet and sasha!!!

what wonderful pictures of jillerina, leo and family!

sorry these last days have become so uncomfortable and emotional for many of you. imagine how all the sweeter it will be when the babe finally does arrive!

things here are good. i feel a bit of progress daily, or at least it seems that way. last night i was woken up by pretty strong menstrual-like cramps. they didn't seem coordinated with any contractions or anything and they went away finally when i got up and walked around a bit, peed and had some water. then i went back to sleep.

oh, in other news, i found i have developed some stretchmarks in the last couple days. they are down low, under my tummy. they are also pale pink and thin - more weblike than tiger stripey. i have some old ones from puberty that are barely visible, these look like they will turn out the same eventually. no big deal. i'll try to put up a more recent picture on our yahoo group later today, but i think they are too faint to show up on the camera unless it's a super-close-up.

i've also been sewing like mad. i finished the curtains then i made a dozen cloth mama pads that should be great for postpartum (i'm really happy with how they came out) and 2 cloth pantiliners with my extra fabric. i also made 10 or 12 cloth wipes so far before i ran out of flannel so i'll probably be making a trip to the fabric store today.

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I met with my midwife yesterday and she told me about how they decide whether to recommend induction or not. She signed me up for an appointment on thursday to get my fluid levels checked and everything. She was gonna make it friday, but then said, "oh, let's do it for thursday so that if we need to induce it'll be one of us" (my midwives share call on the weekend with another group of midwives). It made me feel ill.

She didn't sound "induction happy" per se, but I was shocked that she even mentioned it. I guess they have to though--she does work in a hospital setting. But she also said she thinks everything will be fine and that I may even have my baby before that appointment. Not that she's positive or anything, but she seemed to think it was coming sooner rather than later.

sick of waiting! blah~
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Yeah Katie -- PTL and stuff really makes the whole dragged out. I was 1cm, 50% effaced and at 0 station at 21 weeks!!! So the idea that I will be 38 weeks tomorrow is insane. Not to mention how much this pregnancy really dragged on. It went so slow. Though finally the past week and a half I have been able to enjoy being pregnant a little bit again, since I can be ME -- I go for walks, play with Mickade, move furniture...whatever I want finally!!! I check myself and I guess I am now about 1-2cm, not sure about effacement but at least 50%, and I bet station-wise I'm at like -2, the baby just keeps dropping down. So I feel so ready!! And I think having a homebirth in some ways makes you more anxious, in that I HAD to have everything ready before 37 weeks so things would be in place if I went into labor then, whereas for a hospital birth you can discreetly pack a bag. I have a box of birth supplies, a bassinet full of other birthing stuff, a big pool blown up in my closet, etc.

Kristin -- if you're not comfortable with it, maybe you can get her to reschedule for Monday? That would give you a lot of extra time for things to happen on their own.
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Flitters-running out of flannel?-wish you lived by me-I have yards of it!! I went a little nuts when it was on sale for .99 at 6am the day after Thanksgiving last year-crazy I know! I just finished about a doz wipes myself on the serger for some swaps and now should be able to do some for myself. I really wanted to do some hemp jersey buntings/kimonos but I've never sewn clothes before so a little intimidated by the prospect.

Trying to get things done around here! Making a to-do list for the in-laws might as well keep them busy. And trying to raise some paypal for a KKAFP-my last carrier wanted for my "collection" so I'm listing things on the TP. Feels good to clean but I'll crash soon I'm sure and get a little more done tomorrow.

WHO'S NEXT?????????

Take care
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Kristin - At least make them tell you what your Bishop's score is before you will consent to an induction. If you get a less-than-favorable number (which I believe is less than a 5) DO NOT let them induce you! It could really set you up for a cesarean. This is why I had mine - my dd was not engaged, my cervix was not favorable, and I was induced, which led to a cascade of interventions that led to a surgical delivery. Not fun. I know you are impatient, but it is definitely worth waiting until you and your baby's bodies are ready rather than face the prospect of a potential failed induction. Also, I had an ultrasound to check fluid levels, which was the reason they gave me for the induction - the levels were "a little low." I know now how inaccurate this asessment via ultrasound can be. It is also effected by maternal hydration, so DRINK DRINK DRINK before you go in!
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I'm here, I'm here ... sorry to get everyone excited. Just feeling cranky and quiet. 3 days past my due date, and while yes I'm excited to meet this new baby, I'm not as anxious as everyone else is (friends, family, seemingly everyone and anyone!) ... I just feel like hibernating until the baby comes. I swear I get at least 6 calls daily, and heaven forbid we're not home, my cell and DH's cell start ringing off the hook ... "Are you at the hospital???" Geesh.

Sorry for the rant. It's just freaking crazy-making. I'm glad to have concerned and loving friends and family, but darn, I'm only 3 days "overdue" ... give me a break!!

I'm loving reading about the new babies Sorry to everyone else who is antsy and anxious. The only thing that's making me hope things happen sooner than later is the whole induction-happy trend (esp. hoping for a VBAC here), and I know the later I go, the bigger struggle I'll have keeping everything low key, etc. Otherwise, I'm enjoying these last few days being a family of three
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bluehalo, that's exactly what's driving me crazy! It's the comments!
I wouldn't be so concerned with being less then a week overdue, but everyone else around you goes crazy it seems. Also, like Katie, I find the fact that people are talking about my private parts really annoying!

I didn't go for the stretch and sweep after all. I woke up to good strong contractions this morning and bloody show. I cancelled my mw appointment and I even kept the kids home from school today, but now I'm only having random weak contractions. Somehow I'm not too worried though. I think I might be waiting for tonight, once the kids are in bed and if nothing happens then, I'll send them to school tomorrow. I think maybe I need complete privacy to get this thing happening! I'm sure I'm just on an intermission right now. Maybe this really will be the night!

LOL, finally made a signature. I couldn't resist!
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Good luck Kathy! That's exactly what happened to me. It seemed that having to be mommy caused my labour to stall out... but once Alias was out of the house and in good hands my labour kicked into high gear. Sending you positive birth vibes your way .
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Good luck Kathy!! Happy Birthing!!

I will have to keep that not being mommy idea for when it is my turn. Maybe I will end up going to the hospital earlier than I thought.
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Sending you labor dust Kathy....
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Good luck, Kathy!!

I posted some pictures of the boys and a (bad) belly picture ...just keep in mind that the majority of my weight gain is water, so my face looks bad...dh took that one and a smiling one and the smiling one made my face look even worse...so that's why i put the non-smiling picture on. but yes, i am thrilled to be pregnant even though it may not look like it in the picture...:LOL
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Momadance- My reason is completely different than everyone elses (and probably quite silly). I just felt from the beginning that this baby would be a little early, like during the first half of Oct. Then when I had an u/s in the first trimester for dating it said Oct.15 (only we decided with the midwife not to change the date to avoid the whole induction issue)....so to me it kinda confirmed what I had already been feeling. And though I consider myself to be a very intuitive person...for some reason when it comes to being pregnant I have no intuition as to what I am carrying (which IMO is not fair :LOL) and since I was right in predicting when Ember would come I really would be disappointed if I am wrong. I know, I know SO on top of that, my body has been playing along and giving me all these little feelings I never had before going into labour with Ember and so it's not that I really care if he is early...I was just expecting him to be so And now Dh has a work trip that he is supposed to go on Oct.25

Bluehalo- I'm sorry for doing the same as your friends and family IRL I was just hopeful for ya!

Hmm...interesting. I was planning on having Ember attend the birth but she doesn't want to...maybe that's a good thing.

Kathy, I hope this is your turn and that everything goes smoothly

MamaEmerald- Hope you can do what Katie suggested

I keep editing to add things that I forget, I am sure I am still missing something. I'm glad I could be of help with the EPO Man, something is wrong with me tonight...I am sooo ornary right now and I feel like I need to escape even though the noises Dh and Ember are making are pleasant ones...time to have a long, relaxing bath by candlelight I think
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Piglet! You're birth story is wonderful!!! You got a noodle boy like I did with Mickade.
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