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Hello everyone!

Last night we were up alot. Sasha would nurse, fall asleep, then just as we lay down in bed he'd want more. He snores like you wouldn't believe and makes all these snuffling sounds when he's rooting. DH was laughing at us. I wasn't too happy the fourth time I had to get right back out of bed. I could have used a few more hours sleep this morning, but it's an incredibly gorgeous day here today and I'm itching to get outside. I'm also still obviouly high on motherhood as I'm very happy right now, even though I'm more sleep deprived than I was a couple weeks ago, lol.

I love having a newborn. He's so tiny and so precious. What's really strange is having my DD come and nurse after I've been nursing him: her head looks positively gargantuan! I can't get over how huge she seems compared to him. I'm so loving his little outfits, and OMG do I ever love his diapers. They all fit wonderfully, and I get a big smile every time I change him. THAT is what cute newborn fitteds are all about, lol. Plus I've had no leaks yet, whereas with sposies we had lots of blowouts. I think I mentioned I had no trouble with meconium - washed right out.

You guys were talking about support: it's so amazing to have it! Mum has been by every day to help out, and it's just been great. I can't wait to fully heal up, but it's nice to have so many people around to help.

Well, that's the update for now. I have been reading your posts eagerly awaiting who will be next. Wishing you all great birthing vibes!!!

Oh, speaking of which...I was feeling a bit self-concious about my birth story. It sure isn't as exciting as the labour ones. No surprises, no details of contractions, pushing, etc. It all was so sterile...but then that was the birth I had! The most important part, the emotions, are hard to capture in writing anyways. Happy, Happy, Happy....that about describes it!!

So, looking forward to healing up and getting back into LIFE.
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Happy due date, Momadance!

And I hope this doesn't embarass her, but I wanna give a little shout out to Ann, who wanted to help us out in some way, and sent the baby some much-needed wipes. Thanks so much Ann! We love them and we really appreciate it!

Ummmm, did anyone else not send out their swap package yet? I haven't forgotten about you, Mirthfulmum! I just uh...haven't gotten around to going to the PO yet.

I have to tell you guys something....last night, dh's very elderly grandmother called. She's 88, I think. She is the matriarch of the family, but people don't tell her upsetting things anymore because they don't want to worry her. So nobody had told her I was having a homebirth. But when she called and asked sweetly and innocently, "Where are you going to have the baby?" I just couldn't lie to her. So I said cautiously, "Um...at home. My care provider comes to me." Her voice lit up over the phone - "OH! That's WONDERFUL! How nice of them! In my day, we had to go to the hospital, and that was no fun. We were just having a baby! It's so nice you get to stay home." Sometimes you find support in unexpected places.
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Yippee! Congratulations Futuremama Now you have to change your user name Welcome to the world Miles! So happy to hear all went well!
Take care! Blessings
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FutureMama!!!! Congratulations! Welcome, baby Miles! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
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Happy Birthday Miles Rocket!!!!!

Welcome to the world Miles!! Congratulations Futuremama on such a great birth. Rest up and enjoy your lil dumplin'.

: :
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FutureMamma: How nice that your grandmother was supportive. Birthing babies at home just makes sense. I was thinking the other night "good gosh, what am I doing? I'm going to haul my distracted laboring self with my bag of goodies to this strange place, do the hardest work of my life there, be treated like an invalid for a few days then pack it all up to come home" :

I am sooooooo tired right now, I could pass out at my desk. I slept pretty well last night as far as I can tell, so I wouldn't think I'd be like this. 2.5 more hours...
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: : Hooray!!!! Congratulations FutureMama!!!!! Welcome to the world Miles Rocket!!!

Thrilled to read the birth went well. Can't wait to read more.
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ohhhhhhhhhhh mamas for the support in this mess! I'm feeling good and don't feel the need for a nap and am folding diapers off the line and then knock knock! my organic crib fitted sheets from Ecobaby! They were clearing out bedding! I was thinking about washing it and then wondering about the fit and then saw the directions about trying on stuff before you wash and I went back to the bedroom and tried on the sheets. I had a *huge* ctx when I was putting on the sheet! I just stood there and looked. I'm gonna have a baby. One that I will be able to see sleeping that crib. OK, I need to shut up before I start crying. The sheets were today's highlight. I'm trying to soften up my line dried dipes and then pick up my basket that I just tripped over and dumped. I was thinking about taking out the wool and washing the new stuff anyway, even though my friend said I could only wash the used.

Katie, I have your stuff in baby central (my living room) on the coffee table. I will have to find something to put it in and tuck in a card and probably will ship it off tomorrow. I think that I'll stay around here today and get some cleaning done. :

Feeling better now!

eta: NC homebirth is a site that one of my mw's clients maintains. Its a good site! I used it when I was researching hb and to print off stuff to my spiritual father (my Pastor who sees me as a daughter and had a *fit* about my plans), and my neighbor, who when I told him was like "for real?" :LOL
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: :

Congrats FutureMama!!!! Happy Birthday Miles!!!!!!!
Can't wait to read the story.

I was feeling really crampy this morning, like labor was coming soon! But, now it went away, still going to be awhile yet!

Thia, you need to get some rest!! Rest up for labor and delivery.

Katie, glad your grandmother was so supportive. That was wonderful.
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Welcome, welcome welcome Miles Rocket! Congrats Futuremama and "Futurepapa".

Piglet, I hear you on the lack od sleep. Leo and I have been playing musical beds the last two nights. He just doesn't sleep well unless there is something to suck on (me) or he's lying on my chest. So far the living room couch seems to be the most comfortable place for us both so we've spent many hours propped up with pillows. I'm always amazed that I'm still functioning in the morning after being awake for what feels like "all night"! Ahh well, I knew all those pregnant pee breaks in the middle of the night were training me for something!

I just want to send out my encouragment to all you October mamas. I'm reading the thread just not getting around to posting. Oh and no, I have not sent out my swap gift yet (Soogie) just waiting to think of the perfect thing or to find out if the babe is a boy or a girl!
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So glad we have more babies! I'm in a tired orny mood today too! It's a defiently I don't want to be a mommy type day for me. I am trying to be nice and loving but everything is just irking me!! Well I finally got around to post some pics of my family but I have to get some preggy shots of me. I just realized I don't have any w/ this pregnancy.

I'll have to get DH to take some. Love all the pics everyone! It's fun to see everyone's belly's. We should post some of the the flabby afterbirth tummy shots.

My doula is coming over today to do my bellycast. I'm looking forward to that. I bought some EPO at the store the other day. I had no idea what brand to get since there were at least 5 so i just picked one and have only been starting to tkae them internally. I hope that and some of DH's sperm will help get things going. I have having all this anxitey at night about going into labor and worrying will it be as nice this time.
Darn hormones have me freaking out. Thinking i;m going to have a horrid labor. I just keep thinking everything will be fine this will happen the way they are supposed to but darnit it I'm still have the anxiety.

Oh well It will all be over soon. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Lots of and labor vibes to all!!!

Oh Liam loves the little smiles we can put in the messages. He is always coming over and looking at them and asking me to put them on the computer! It gives me a chuckle.

Take Care all!
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40 wks

Welcome Miles! Looking forward to hearing about your birth, FutureMama.

And, Piglet, I must confess that I have been a total slacker w/ my secret santa gifty. I even had Sasha's birthdate written on my calender as my deadline to ship it out. I promise I'll get w/ it pronto! Sorry to be such a procrastinator.

I saw Gretchen and the twins at our LLL meeting today and got to hold Gwynnyn for a while. Oh my gosh, the tiny little newborn smell and cooing noises were enough to start my labor right there! They are doing very well, by the way, and Gretchen looks fabulous. The twins are nursing well and Gretchen seems to be getting the hang of mothering two at the same time w/ much grace.
I, on the other hand, feel like a large lumbering hippo today. Not one of my better 'glowing earth mother' preggo moments. Hope you are all feeling good and holding the impatience at bay.
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Welcome Miles Rocket!!!! I can't wait to read your birthstory. You sure are a cutie!

And Jillerina...no rush on the gift swap. Enjoy your time babymooning!

We had a lull in birthin' babies...but here they come! I keep checking in to see whose next. So exciting.
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CONGRATULATIoNS, FutureMama!! : how exciting!! can't wait to read your story!

thanks for all the kind comments about my boys....

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38 weeks 3 days!

Congratulations Futuremama!! Welcome Miles Rocket!! : : : Can't wait to read your birth story!

Piglet - Sasha's birthstory is great. Every birth is exciting, even if it is without the element of surprise, it is still a miracle, and a surprise! (Like Christmas morning x1000. ) I'm so impressed that you're up and about so soon, and using a sling! Hope you're getting lots of rest, too.

I just went out for a little "window shopping" while Max was at the groomers, and ended up buying a lamp for the "nursery", a babybook/journal, and Halloween costumes for the dogs : DH is going to die. What is it about pregnancy that makes me want to spend money?! Here I am quitting my job and I'm running up a Visa bill.... Someone please tell me I'm not the only one acting like an idiot!

BTW, I got all choked up at the baby store reading through the baby scrapbooks. What a dork. The saleswoman was trying to pretend she didn't notice. :LOL

So on the way home on the bus, I reached up to grab a map, and a lady in the back of the bus yells out, "Don't reach up!! Don't reach up!!!" and then proceeds to tell me that my baby will have the "bellybutton rope" wrapped around it's neck and will die now because I raised my arms above my head. She had eight babies and this happened to one because she was doing too much hanging of laundry on a clothes line.... Uh huh....o-kaaaay.... Thanks for the advice.

Hope everyone's doing well!
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39 wks tomorrow!

Congratulations Futuremama! and Welcome Miles Rocket (I love that name ) Sounds like you had a wonderful birth! He's beautiful, I love the hat.

nancy- I'm wanting to spend money all the time lately too- it's the nesting thing I think. I have to restrain myself. That is the oldest wivestale in the book - the whole reaching up thing. That's so funny. What do your arms have to do with what goes on in your uterus? And "bellybutton rope"? :LOL That's so cute about your dogs. I haven't even gotten Logan a costume yet.

MW was just here and I'm 2cm, 70 % effaced. She offered to stimulate my cervix if I wanted, but I said we could wait till next Wednesday. I wouldn't mind another week of rest. So everything looks good w/ me and the babe.

Anyone know a good website for affordable toddler costumes? Logan really wants to be a pumpkin- but they only make those for babies. At Target his only choices are cartoon characters pretty much.
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Congrats and WELCOME baby MILES!!! : :

He is adorable!!! Glad to hear all went well!
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congratulations futuremama!!! happy birthday miles rocket!!!

things here are good. gonna go do some sewing.

court - quick pumpkin costume suggestion. get a big orange t-shirt (like too big for logan). draw a jack o lantern face on the front w/ permanent marker.

if you sew you can make the sleeves fit a bit better and put an elastic band around the bottom so it hugs his waist or under his hips or wherever. if you don't sew you can use string threaded through little holes cut into the bottom hem of the shirt or through safety pins to cinch the waist closed. then you can use foam or tissue or a couple pillows even inside the shirt that will be held in place with the waistband. did that make any sense?
black pants and a green stem hat... logan could be quite a pumpkin if you can't find what you're looking for otherwise!

ok, i'm off to make more wipes.

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Thanks flitters! That's awesome, we'll do that! That'll be a fun project to keep me busy, too!
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