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For those who celebrate...

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All Hallow's Eve -
what are you going to be, and what are those precious babes going to be???

I am still stumped on my costume. I'd like to do something with DH, but we haven't found anything cheap and cool enough.

CJoe is going to be a kung fu master of sorts. Grandma picked him up an authentic kung fu outfit from Chinatown. He looks awesome in it! Once I get some batteries for my digicam I'll take some pics!

What about you?
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Gabriel will be a baby cow... I'll be wearing my cow apron. I can't wait to be asked (or commented upon) why we are wearing matching outfits. Donovan want to be Robin (of Batman fame, since Robin is a great acrobat) and David wants to be a ghoul/monter/frankenstien type dude. Trying to talk DH into being a whoopie cushion, but he's not going for it so far
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My youngest is going to be a lion, If I ever get enough energy to sew it up. Hayden is going to be a power ranger again, and Matthew is going as a were wolf he has been growing his hair since august so he should look pretty freaky by halloween. And me I will be dressed up as a nurse, stuck at work until after all of the fun is over : (those dumb twelve hour shifts I miss all the fun)
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Ds has informed me he wants to be a ghost, and dd will be Little Red Riding Hood. I usually just put on a funny hat or a wig or something.
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Don't know what i'll be. Last year i had a great gypsy getup but i'm not that excited about halloween this year. Someone gave me a pumpkin outfit for Julianna to wear this year - she would have been so cute.

I will tell you all about the cutest costume i've seen. I went to a costume party last year and there was a couple: the woman was about 6 months pg (my guess) and was dressed up as a bee - she was so cute and her husband was dressed as a bee keeper. They were adorable. Just thought i'd share.
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I was hoping maybe Logan would be interested in dressing up this year, we don't really let her have sweets and she doesn't like chocolate anyway but it still would have been fun to have her dress up. But when we were at Target we went over to look at the costumes and the response was zip. So I'm not going to force the issue, besides we are going through the fear of weird things phase, I'm not sure she'd even like it anyway. Oh well, maybe next year!
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i think we are going to go for raggedy andy and raggedy ann. i have most of the andy costume made but ds told me the other day that he couldnt be a clown. he was eager to try on the costume though. dd is very trusting of me and i am sure she will wear whatever i put on her. i think i might just color their hair with that hairspray though because i doubt if either of them would actually wear a wig. we will be going trick-or-treating at our church so we can keep the kids off the street and away from strangers. this is the third year we have had this "trunk-or-treat" activity and it has been a lot of fun for the kids and a carnival for the adults has been added this year.
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My 13 month old girl is going as a lady bug... and my 5 year old girl is going as Ericka from Princess and the Pauper.. We loveeee halloween
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