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Dealing with trolls

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If someone posts something that is inflammatory (subtly? I don't know) and very much contrary to the ideals of Mothering, what does one do? It is obviously someone who signed up, not really realizing what this board is all about, or a troll. (The post was their first.)

I know that the best thing is to ignore trolls, but I'm such a natural butt-in-ski that I'm having a hard time not responding (also, what if it really isn't a troll?). It just irks me so much!

What is the best way to handle this? I don't want to get into it with someone, or overreact to something, but at the same time, MDC is supposed to be a safe place for those of us who believe in this style of parenting.
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It is hard to decide...I have over reacted myself to trolls.
The best thing I triink to do is email or PM Cynthia right away and she'll help you.

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I think for members if you feel thee person is really a troll the best thing to do is ignore the post and PM or email the moderator of the board AND me right away.

However, when it's not so clear I think the best approach is to assume the best and post to inform. As I said in the other thread about trolls some people do stumble upon our boards, do not get a good feel for the Mothering atmosphere and mission, do not read the rules, read a thread that slaps their opinion and post to express what they think. We may read such a post and feel slapped right back and rightly feel inclined to tell them off. But in my less than humble opinion I think polite and respectful discussion of the topic will lead more horses to the Mothering water than will spraying them in the face with it.

I just posted to a thread that may be an example of what you are referring to. Actually it may be the thread you are referring to: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...448#post194448
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