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Teeth Grinding

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My 16 month old ds started to grind his teeth! He has all 4 canines and 4 molars (and the front teeth of course) and I'm just wondering first if it's bad for the teeth and second what I can do about it.
He does it mostly when I rock him to sleep.
Any suggestions or similar experiences?
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Grinding Teeth While Sleeping

My ds (age 7) grinds his teeth while he's sleeping. I've tried massaging his jaw when he's doing it and it does help relax him. But he sleeps so hard and this 'habit' is staring to take a tole on his teeth! Any advice?
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My ds does this too. He is 5 years old and has been doing it for a couple of years. He only does this occasionally and only at night. What a sound though! I wonder if its stress induced? I do try to massage him at night, but I don't always get to stay up late to see if its worked.


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I posted on the old thread to bump it up. My ds does this too. I never thought about the allergy connection. Thanks for letting us know about this connection.


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Smilemomma, you're wonderful and Happy Birthday to you're twins.

What is the connection with allergies and teeth grinding. DS (4yrs) has rhinitis and has moments of teeth grinding during the night. I'm not worried as I don't feel the grinding is severe, I'm just curious.

Good news, DS just had another check-up and NO cavities. I was a little worried about that because many of his little friends have cavities.

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Thank you, mtt/bc! That is so nice of you to say! and Thank you! Thank you! from the babies

Hope this helped!
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Teeth Grinding

My 20 mo dd grinds her teeth at night. Won't this wear down her molars? What should I do?

ALSO, since I've got your attention, any miracle remedy for tea-stained teeth (in an adult...besides quitting tea?)?

Merci everyone!
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my (almost) 9 year old does that too!

it makes me crazy

im soooooo afraid he will ruin his teeth.

the dentist said "not to worry", but i can't help worry.

i want him to stop.


i have tried giving him baby teething rings to put into his mouth, but that didn't help.

awful problem in my opinion. hmmmm.
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teeth grinding...help!

My nearly four year old dd grinds her teeth at night. Besides giving me the willies because of the sound, I believe it is bad for her teeth, and a sign of stress. Anyone know any more about teeth grinding, and any suggestions at to what might help her stop? Any thoughts on the stress thing? I hate the thought that there is something she is internalizing and that only comes out this way. I tend to hold tension in my jaw, so I am wondering if it could be a learned thing from me or even genetic. Thoughts please!!! Thanks!
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Hi Pussycat! No, it's not necessarily stress. There are a couple threads on the Dental board that address teeth grinding; if they don't answer your questions, please post back! (You can either scroll down the topics {there are only 3 or 4 pages} or you can use your search button in the upper right corner to take you directly to the appropriate threads!)

Good luck!
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found 'em...Thanks!
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what about grinding on metal?

My 10 1/2 mo old grinds his teeth on the metal edge of our coffee table. We do try and stop him as soon as we can, is this going to damage his teeth? Also, he has a pretty large diastima between #E and F and it seems his frenum attachment is low. I worked for a periodontist who did frenectomies to correct the gap. (on older kids) Is this something I need to worry about? Or do I just let nature take it's coarse for now. BTW, thank you for taking time to provide this service, I don't know many dentists that would do something like this. Especially a dentist and a mom. Wow... you must be busy! Thank you again.
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Smilemomma-HELP-not on archives

Hoping Smilemomma or someone can advise me here.I am some what concerned because my baby SQUEAKS when she chews (quite loudly like a squeaky door) and always has.She did see a dentist at one year and all looked OK and slightly later when I called her about the squeaking she said she never has heard of it before but did not think it was a problem.She was an early teether & had all in except 2 yr molars at 13 months.( this babe has done EVERYTHING early from crawling at 4 months to walking and bilingual talking at 6 months so not a surprize,Ped said she was developmentally like an 18 month old at 9 months and remains equally precocious).My concern with the squeaking is that she had/has a feeding problem that involved jaw problems and after seeing soooooo many medical and alternative practioners ( OT's, D.O.,chiropractors,homeopaths, cranial sacral,lactation specialist etc,etc on & on ) she still never learned to suck properly without hurting me ( tho she has always latched perfectly).She is only 18 lbs at 18 months ( was 13 lbs at 9 months so doing good!) and still breastfeeds alot as she loves it and it keeps her healthy,but I have had extremely sore & inflamed nipples the whole time.I & all have been amazed that I have lasted this long,but its not like there has been a whole lot of choice as she is a very fussy eater.She had the same problem with the bottle ( that we tried to supplement with breast milk) as breast so refused and never would take a pacifier or any kind of milk or formula.She started drinking from a cup at 6 months ( organic kefir and sourcreme is all that she will take when in the mood ) and would not be fed starting at 9 months.She seems to chew well ,but only eats minute amounts.She is tall ,but has never been on the chart for weight since birth ( 6.15 then).Do you think that the squeaking indicates a problem in this case? If so ,whom would I see about it? Thanks so much!
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My 7 year old is an old-time teeth grinder. He's been doing it in his sleep since he had chronic ear infections before he was 2 yrs. old. His molars are just about f-l-a-t, and he's had his share of cavities already. Is there anything that can be done for teeth grinding, or do we just hope he outgrows it?

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Grinding theeth

My ten months old babe has about 5 theeth and now the new thing is to grind them back and forth. It makes that horrible sound . Just curious if other people had that problem. Can it damage their theeth and is there a way to stop them from doing it
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I remember my babies doing this after getting teeth. It seemed experimental, just trying something new with a new body part, you know? I did my best to ignore it so it wouldn't become an issue & it always stopped after a few weeks. I would think that doing it for a long time (months & months) might not be good but I'm not sure what would constitute "too much."
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Help! 3 1/2 yr DD scraping teeth. !!!???

Has anyone ever heard of or had this problem??? My 3 1/2 yr old girl keeps somehow scraping her canine/incisor teeth together on one side whenever she eats for the last few days. It seems to be very painful, she screams for about 10 min. every time she does it, and refuses to eat. Could it possibly be that her next set of molars is coming in and moved the tooth or something? Does anyone have any ideas of why this might be happening and what I can do to help her? :
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Yes, grinding (and also clenching, both are known as bruxism) is VERY harmful to teeth. I am 27 & have fillings (sometimes 2+) in all but my very front teeth. I have cracked 2 of my teeth and must get crowns before I need root canals. There is no known cause or cure. Check here for some good info: http://www.is.wayne.edu/mnissani/bruxnet/advice.htm
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