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diarrhea in 3 month old?

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I think my 3 month old dd has diarrhea. She went from pooping mustardy, thick poops once a day or less to pooping sort of watery mustard poops several times a day. She doen'st have a fever and doesn't seem to act sick, although I sort of suspect an ear infection....but I could just be being paranoid since she isn't fussing a whole lot and is still sleeping fine. My two older kids never had diarrhea as babies or ear infections. She is exclusivly breastfed. So if it is diarrhea, what should I do? Her poops have been this way for a few days and seem to be a bit more watery today.
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Are they watery to the point of being absorbed onto the diaper and leaving a yellow stain? NURSE, NURSE, NURSE! No fever or fussiness is a good sighn. Anything different about your diet lately? Blessings, mtn.mama
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I don't think they are that watery, and it hasn't happend since this moring. So she probably dosen't have diarrhea. Maybe it's just a phase or something or maybe connected to bit of a stuffy nose. I'm just paranoid I guess. I hate it when my kids are sick, so I guess I am always in anticipation of it happening, even though it doesn't happen very often!! Geez.......I sound narautic!
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You are NOT neurotic
Here's a link you may find interesting. Click on "Color of the Day" when you get to the site, it is very informative about infant bf poop. You can also do a search on Google for *poop* if you want a good laugh find the "everything you wanted to know about poop" website, I think that's what it is called.
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That was an interesting website, thanx for sharing it! mtn.mama
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