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WOW! This Is Awesome!

Thank you so much for all this info! I'm making my xmas/bday list as we speak. :LOL

Keep it coming!!! I love reading this thread.....
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I can't even imagine using only one knife, we have about 12 but I'm picky.

I forgot one appliance I absolutely love is my Acme citrus juicer. There are so many cheap crappy juicers around that need to be replaced regularly because the motors die. This thing could juice all day long.
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My SaladMaster pots and pans.I have to say that was a great investment.I them... you can steam veggies,fish....without add any water or stir fry foods without using oil .I often bring a couple of small pots when we travel.
And a good cleaver and wooden cutting block.
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What a fun thread! I was lurking here to see if there were any great tips I could also use. Lucky for me (and my $!), there weren't too many things on here that I don't already have.
I have to completely agree with the Kitchen Aid. I don't even use mine everyday, but whenever I want to bake it comes out. Otherwise, I may never have made a loaf of bread or a batch of cookies (baking is not my favorite activity, but eating what I bake is a pleasure!).
The Le Creuset (sp) rubber spatula's are fabulous. I bought a set of 5 from Sur La Table like five years ago and they are still in perfect condition.
I saw one person mention the garlic press, must have!
Do you have a nice pepper mill? I really never thought it would matter that much, until I got one. They can be pretty expensive considering their task, but worth it!
Thanks for giving me something to post about!
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Okay, this is a small thing, but I LOVE my microplane grater:

So good for parmesan, chocolate, lemon/orange zesting. It's a great stocking stuffer!

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I use a double sided rolling pin ALL THE TIME! It's from the Pampered Chef. I have a full size rolling pin in the drawer feeling very neglected and lonely after I purchased the Pampered Chef one! It's so easy to handle and it rolls out all sorts of sizes easily. Oh, and you only need to use one hand which is a HUGE plus in my kitchen since I am either holding the baby or multi-tasking.


Bummer,though, although it would still function the same, mine is wooden and it is so pretty. If you would like a wooden one, I would try to find a consultant that has a leftover one.

I also really like their kitchen spritzer for oils (I think Target has these too). You can make your own oil blends for coating pans (to use like Pam spray). That way I know there are no propelants or who-knows-what in my cooking spray.

(BTW, I don't work for Pampered Chef, I just really like these two things)
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Very small and simple thing but I use it with every meal I cook.
A pampered chef non melting spachua/spoon.
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Huge vote for the Ultimate Chopper. I can't imagine life without it. Soooo worth the money I *love* it!
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My Lagostina pressure cooker and the stainless steel bowl I use in it save me lots of time and let me cook whole foods without planning ahead. Lagostina makes a really safe and easy to use p.c., I highly recommend it http://www.lagostina.com/ccustsparpres.htm

Hmmm...what else? Garlic press, fine strainer, measuring cups and spoons (narrow spoons that fit in spice jars, Lee Valley sells them); MY DISHWASHER (I really, really, really like my dishwasher, but maybe you weren't talking about appliances ).
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I absolutely love my Pampered Chef stoneware. It is awesome!!
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I LOVE my rice cooker. It's a Hirojushi and it has always made rice perfectly every single time.

I also couldn't get by without my blender - an old Osterizer with glass jar. I use it for blending tofu for french toast (vegan), potato leek soup, potato kale soup, smoothies, etc.
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For Those Who Want a "Pro 5 Plus" Kitchen Aid Mixer...

I saw Macys is having a sale. This 450 watt awesome piece of machinery is on sale for $229.00 (normally priced @ $349 - on KitchenAid site it's $399!). Plus, you get a free attachment (by mail) - a food grinder, or a juicer....

I still don't have it in my budget to make this happen for myself (major bummer!), but for anyone interested, the sale ends the 23rd (I think).....
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My Wok, a Joy Chen. I cook so many meals in that thing it's not even funny.

My wooden tools: spatula, spoons, ladles, stirrers, accumulated over years of going to the arts festival, all lefthanded--DH hates that part. When my big round rustic (handle like a smoothed branch, not straight) spatula broke, I shaped and smoothed it into a stirrer, my favorite tool, almost a wand in some ways.

My 1.5 quart Le Crueset pot. Now that I've gotten the skill of it, I like it better for rice than the rice cooker I'd been using almost daily. Realize though that I like the crunchy bits that we sometimes, not always, get on the bottom of the pot. Even some Japanese lament the loss of that with the near universal use of rice cookers nowadays.
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