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Much congratulations Laura on the birth of your daughter. Please take care of yourself
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I don't "know" you, but I stumbled upon this thread while lurking and I wanted to offer congratulations. I hope Megan continues to thrive!
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Welcome Megan , congratulations Mom and family and good luck to you.
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Can we have an update on mama and beautiful baby?
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Welcome Megan!! I hope she continues to do well.
How many weeks was she when you delivered?
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Megan is doing well. I just set up a site for her http://www.babababies.com/view/view.cfm?SiteID=11496
Mama is doing as well as can be expected. I'm still very tired and in totally denial at times that she's here already.
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Congratulations! I bet you are in denial!!! You thought you had all kinds of time to get ready! She's beautiful & It's great she's doing so well. Keep us posted.
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