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What is your opinion on recycled wool pants?

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Ok, so I REALLY want to get DS a pair of black longies. And I am not working so custom knit ones are not an option, and I have about 10 things on needles now so making them.....Not happening soon

Plus I need wool for winter in a major way, and I am wanting to add to my stash. I have a start, but I thought an inexpensive way would be to buy a few sweaters and make some butt pants or buy some inexpensive butt pants.

I saw some recycled sweater longies on a few sites. Anyone have any experience with these? Do you like them? Do they work for your heavy wetter? Are some materials better than others? Do you have any opinions on them?

SHARE Thanks!!!!!!
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I have 6 pairs I made myself and I havent even had to lanolize them yet. I love them!

Im not sure about other peoples though I made mine custom fit for DS and preshrunk all the sweaters before cutting so its a tight weave.
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I've made 2 pairs myself so far and really like them. I picked a pretty heavy sweater for the first 2 pairs and now I'm going to make some from a thinner sweater. I didn't shrink or felt mine beforehand, I've read various methods but I wanted to leave plenty of stretch so I left it alone. Other than that, pretty much "ditto" to what SEEPAE said.

I also have a recycled soaker from Black Sheep Crossing, I really like it and although it is thin I haven't had any problems. If I couldn't make my own pants I would have no hesitations buying from her.

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I bought a pair off of eBay and it was itchy and scratchy...typical wool and not what I'd become accustomed to with the lovely covers and soakers we already had. It had to go. :
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I have a couple pair of wool leggings that I got from woolybumbums and they are awesome. They are from soft, slightly felted wool and fit just like tights or leggings. They are great for under dresses and work fabulously. I think felting the sweater before making the pants helps make it work better. I have some that are not felted and they are not as water resistant.
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As was previously mentioned, preshrink your wool in the wash before you sew them. The felting by machine will make them nice and "waterproof" (wool isn't waterproof but you know what I mean). I've only made my own. Look for soft sweaters or wools. Buying them is hit or miss, depending on the wahm and what she used. If the sweater is scratchy then the pants you make out it will be too. I've had to make them b/c the knitted ones I've bought, WITH grow room, are already getting small on Z. : This is a much more economical alternative to the knitted ones, and they work great for us.
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I them! I've made 2 pair (one out of a lambswool sweater and one out of a windpro fleece pull-over). I've also bought a pair from GMWW and they all work great! I just went to salvation army and bought 3 more. I think I've read that if they are kind of scratchy that lanolizing them will help soften them. I suppose it probably coats the fibers and smooths them some.
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I have some that I made and some that I bought. I love them. They are the first I reach for. They can be a bit scratchy because they are sweaters. But other than that they are the best!
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I've made my own and 1 pair that was a thinner wool, I added some felted wool flannel inside to help "strengthen" the water proof barrier aspect.

You can see the ones I made here (below the Sugarbums pants): http://pages.ivillage.com/just.a.thought/id2.html

I used the pattern from babyluv: http://www.babyluv.net/store/

Its easy. Just make sure to use nylon (or some non-wicking) thread
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I agree, making them yourself is easy and SUPER cheap. DD will only have recycled longies this winter.

BTW- always stick your bare arm in the sweater to find out if it is itchy or not
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I made some yesterday, and posted them, but the tread was off-topic so it was deleted. Here is the new thread I created on the craft board, with a pic. They were really easy to make and too cute!

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I've made about 8 pairs from felted and unfelted wool. In my experience in using them for the last month, the felted recycled longies are as reliable as my wool jersy covers, like my Sugarpeas, and can be worn overnight without a worry. The unfelted recycled longies are more day weight and comparable to my knitted soakers, like my Bridgets. They do still work for us overnight, I just need to make sure there is a good absorbant diaper underneath. I like the unfelted ones better, I think they are more comfortable for my baby to wear especially right now when it isn't super cold, just cool fall weather.

There is definitely a huge range of wool quality in wool sweaters, if it is itchy in the store I don't buy it. But the thrift store where I have found my sweaters has literally hundreds to chose from, so it has been easy to find ones I like. I even found a prefelted Italian merino wool sweater that I can't wait to use. I haven't paid more than $2 for any of them, so I feel free to make as many as I want.
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I do not have any but am presently prepping some

kilts for the process of making pants. Shall see what I think and go from there. I have never done that before so it should be an adventure for Alek.
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I am not a big fan. I won a pair off eBay and maybe it was just that pair that turned me off to recycled wool, but they're scratchy and in general just not appealing. They sit in the basket being unused.
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Originally Posted by HoosierDiaperinMama
I am not a big fan. I won a pair off eBay and maybe it was just that pair that turned me off to recycled wool, but they're scratchy and in general just not appealing. They sit in the basket being unused.
Really, must of been a nasty kind of wool. Some of the sweaters I have felt at the Army&Navy store are very soft and would be excellent for covers. I think some wool is awful though, must of been fishermens stuff. :Puke
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awesome, thanks mamas! I knew I could come here for excellent advice.

I WAS going to buy some eBay ones like HoosierMama there, but now I will hit the thrift stores (I have like 10 or 12 old wool sweaters at my parents house, so I might making a trip back to the Midwest to get em!) and find some sweaters. I will definitely make my own, and it they do not work well ok.

And as for the felting tips-THANKS. I will head to the craft board and see what I can find so this stays ON TOPIC. Feel free to join me.

And DreamingMama, post some pics of the kilt longies whn you make em. They sound delish!
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They are soooo easy to make. I used the instructions from this site: http://www.babyluv.net/store/

I made a practice pair first out of a not so soft sweater. They turned out great but wayyyyy too long - my 4 year old fits in them. I have a cashmere sweater that is really soft that I am waiting to make into longies. My kitchen is torn up right now so no sewing for me until we get a dining room table to work on.

Try it. You have nothing to lose except the couple of dollars a thrift store sweater costs and the time it takes to make (it took me about 1 hour to do the whole thing.)
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We have one pair that I bought, made from a recycled sweater and they are nice! The best part about them was the price, they were so afforadable, I don't feel bad when ds wears them outside, etc-which is a nice change from his more expensive ones, that are for wearing out, not playing out. Kwim?
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