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Now I'm curious. Did you eat your placenta?

Poll Results: I'm curious now, did you eat your placenta?

Poll expired: Oct 28, 2004  
  • 6% (9)
  • 93% (132)
141 Total Votes  
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If so, how did you prepare it and what does it taste like?

This is a serious question.
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I did not eat my placentas, never even occured to me at all.
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Well, I never had a placenta. But, I'm curious at the outcome of the poll!
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I didn't eat it. I didn't even get to see it. I didn't realize you *could* eat it!

I'm open to the possibility of eating future placentas....I'll have to bounce it offa DH and see what he thinks about it. I def wanna *SEE* it next time around!
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Never have, but would definitely be open to it.
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i really wanted to try it since i did research it but never did eat it. i didnt find a good recipe that i felt comfy with. altho some women make it into a smoothie (only a small bit of placenta) mixed with favorite fruits and veggies. i also heard you can dry it and grind it into a powder and make capsules out of it. you can also make it into a tincture (never found a good tincture recipe).

next time i probably will try it. who knows it may taste like chicken :
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I need the other option.

I planted mine under a lovely Mt Ash tree and the dog dug it up and ate it.
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Nope, it's actually cryogencially frozen with his cord blood. We had them both saved in case we ever needed them. I had never heard of eating it before.
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i bet your dog will be the healthiest canine around
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Ummm....yes I did consume some of a placenta.

My midwife was concerned about the amount of blood I had lost, but it was borderline type concern, so to be safe I had some blendered up with tomato juice....kind of a homeopathic remedy for loss of blood...so and it was just like a tomato smoothy.

But I do know that folks have made a stew before...though I have not had that.

Joyce in the mts.
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Nope I didn't eat mine : but I didn't really see it either I really wanted to look at it but I just never asked I saw them put it in a bowl and I wanted to see it but then something must have happened to distract me because I forgot all about it until hours later : I guess I was a little out of it probably. Next time I will tell them before I go into labor that I want to take it home bacause I want to bury it and plant a tree. I would have done that this time but we rent so I would not have had anywhere to plant it and I don't think dh would have been too happy to see a placenta every time he opens the freezer : !!!!! He says he saw it after it came out and it gives him nightmares LOL LOL LOL : : : I would possibly be open to drying part of it and making it into a capsul that might be fun
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No, and although I read up on the benefits I really can't see doing so for myself. I have major food control issues and have a hard time getting a lot of things down my throat that I know are good, normal, healthy foods... I like familiar things.

I remember being repulsed by it the first time, the 2nd time the midwife was very excited about it- said it was "the healthiest placenta she'd ever seen" whatever that means. I had an 11 pound baby, so I guess it was what she needed Anyway, after seeing the midwife look at it with awe, I gained a lot of respect for what it did and what it provided.
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No, I don't think I would of since I was pumped full of so many drugs in the end. Maybe next time I will, I'll try the tomato juice idea.
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Nope, didn't eat it but I did see it. Then I gave it to a friend who was there for my birth. She trains search & rescue dogs and placenta is a great training tool. She got 99 bottles of sample out of it. It made me happy because it will help train dogs that will bring closure to a grieving family one day. (In fact, she just helped find a drowning victim this weekend.)
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Well this probably doesn't count, but I took one bite of raw placenta and one bite of cooked. It tasted really gross, like a mouthful of human blood. I would not do it again.

I just tried it because I was curious.
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I would say that counts. you tried it and did not like it.
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We meant to.... then never got motivated enough to research cooking ideas. It was sealed in our fridge for a month until dh planted it with a potted tree......which we will bonzai so it can stay in the same pot. The tree is outside so I thought we'd have a cat problem but we don't...maybe cause its actually under the tree. Either way, it was fun cause it freaked MIL out

Proud mama to my breastfed, co sleeping, cloth diapered, hip huggin' sweethearts Kaiden (12/29/00) and Sasha (8/23/04- amazing UC!)
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That just doesn't sound tasty :LOL
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I had mine stir-fried with garlic and onions, although I wish I would have know about drying it and taking it in capsule form. As I told friends at the time- it wasn't gross, but certainly something I wouldn't order in a restaraunt.

I did have ppd (due to a homebirth turned unnecessary c-sect) but really I think I did it more for the experience. I was much more hard-core back then. Ironically, I was also a vegetarian!

Next came dd and I felt no need or desire to consume placenta. Hers was sent out to the Pacific Ocean.
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