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WAHM Shoppes

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At first I was happy with WAHM Shoppes. It fit my needs. But as my site grew I found I needed more than WS offered.

The customer service was not great. It is a second job for Tony, so he doesn't have as much time to devote to it, as I needed. Any changes I needed took a week or more after several requests.

The main positive thing is it is cheap!
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I was and still am very disatisfied with wahmshoppes. I am moving my site because I am not happy with his customer service. I could not get answers from him for my questions, and then when I finally did get an answer after asking more than once, it was a snide, snarky, belittling response.

You do get alot for your money, but if you think you might have any problems, questions or need any help in any way, you are best to find something else.
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i signed up with tony last month and he has been extremely helpful with his speedy response to my questions. and, i really like the forum bc simetimes i find my answer there among his other customers.

i found the setup to be extremely easy. a novice could use this service with little difficulty.
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I also did not get any response to emails to whomever is at the other end of WAHMshoppes, but I thought the user setup was pretty good. There were a few annoying things and the help files were a bit lacking, but the support community was well capable of answering questions.

I think it is good overall if you have experience with coding and are computer savvy because you may need to makeshift some html here and there to get it to flow the way you like and you may have to do some searching for answers as you can't always find them in the help files or expect a reply from anyone when you email.
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Add me to the list of getting no replies to emails.

He was very helpful at first. Then I stopped getting my invoice. I emailed him several times..no answer. I had to post on their forum to get him to answer. He never did reply to my emails (I sent to two different addys I had for him).

when I finally did get an answer after asking more than once, it was a snide, snarky, belittling response.
Interesting...I felt the same way.

I finally closed my store and opened my own for free elsewhere.
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I found the information confusing

when I tried to open an account with Wahmshoppes before my site was launched. I asked before opened it and was told I could pay when I directed my servers but I needed a little longer than I expected and ended up paying for 3 months of service I never used. Emails went unanswered. I have returned several times to check it out and no new info is up and I actually had thought the site had been abandoned due to the lack of response in emails. I know many wahms have been happy with it but I for one did not have a good experience, unfornuntately.

Just had to share.
Elizabeth, who hasn't figured out a signature yet.
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I agree. I was at Wahmshoppes for a short time and luckily figured out that it wasn't going to work before investing much time in it. It took the guy forever to answer emails if he even did. It was really frustrating! And I agree that he was kind of rude at times and even pretended that he had emailed me (said that there must be something wrong with my yahoo email because I didn't get his message). So glad I left.

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The price is good. His response time has ranged from "VERY FAST" to NEVER"
I have no complaints about the cart, but the customer service is poor. I really resent being called "kid".
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Oh no, I just signed up a couple of weeks ago. I don't have my store up and running yet, I've just been playing around with it until I actually get my products sewn. I haven't run into any customer service issues yet, but I really haven't had any questions (I'm sure there will be many once I actually open the store). I did find the set-up to be fairly straight forward though (I'm completely HTML illiterate :LOL ) and the price was right. Any other suggestions for hosts? I may change if the service stinks.
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The price seemed great at first but the customer service was terrible, eventually I found a much cheaper host that I am very happy with! But it was a great starting point as I did not know anything about HTML or websites when I signed up at WAHMShoppes.
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My 2 cents

* Very affordable, you get a lot for your money.
* Very user-friendly setup, even a dork like me eventually could figure things out.
* Pretty good support community.
* Fairly straight-forward, easy to understand overall.

* CS: yep, he's usually right there for you if you're asking a simple question or trying to pay, but if you have a problem or want to switch from his service, you'll never hear from him and when you do, he treats you like a moron. NOT something I deal well with.
* If you don't know HTML, his choice of templates sucks.
* If/when you do try to change service, you get a giant run-around. Took me a week to access my own domain because he's got everything tied up in his little WAHMShoppes universe, which consists of domains, etc., but he denies he has any part of them. Whatever!

I think his shop is a great place to start out, but as soon as you're comfortable, I'd suggest switching - but be prepared for his crap!
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Yep I totally agree. I was lucky because I owned my domain before I set up with Tony, so I didn't have to deal with that, but I have heard of many others who did. It just sucks But like you said, it is a good way to start and even learn a bit about html before moving on.
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I'm coming back to add that the customer service has greately improved over the year that I have with using wahmshoppes.
I was going to switch just because the CS was so bad, but now that he seems nicer, I can't really complain.
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And I've noticed on WAHM Shoppe stores that there seem to be a lot of cool new features as well
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I've been with wahmshoppes for about 3 years now. It takes a little getting used to but the price is amazing and the support community will bend over backwards to help out if there are any questions. LOTS of goodies have been added this year, it's always exciting to see what will be added next

my two cents
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I signed up about 2 years ago and was quite satisfied at first (my first WAHM business and I knew pretty much nothing ). Emails took a long time to be answered and the customer service got worse as time went on. I cancelled my membership after 6 months or so because I needed a more professional service (my site grew quite quickly) and I received invoices for another 18 MONTHS -- they kept growing and growing. Every time I'd write, patiently, explaining I'd cancelled my account. After 1.5 years of this I was getting rather stressed and agitated, with getting invoices over $100s of dollars -- I finally wrote a still polite but very-to-the-point email and the invoices finally stopped.

All in all, based on my personal experience, I can't recommend them.
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2 years - still happy

I don't do any of my own coding or design, so I haven't had to deal with the customer service aspects. I love the price & it more than makes up for what I spend on design help.
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I don't know if my friend is on MDC, but she recently tried WAHM Shoppes for her new business. After she sent in her money, Tony stopped all communication. When she finally got into contact with him again, she asked for a refund and he became downright nasty. He said her e-mail service obviously screwed up and lost all the e-mails from him since her payment. Funny, every e-mail he sent she asked for a refund got through. : She fowarded the e-mails to me and another friend to ask for advice. I couldn't believe how rude and demeaning he behaves in his e-mails. I read that he does this as a second business. That's shouldn't be an excuse for poor customer service and such rude behavior.
She has since signed on with another company and is much happier.
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