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Question about Milk Thistle

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I bought Milk Thistle today for a liver cleanse, but am not sure how to use it. The bottle states 3 tablets a day (60 tabs). How long do I take it for? Do I use the entire bottle? The woman at the store said most people who use it do it twice a year, but didnt get into specifics. Any help would be really appreciated!
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I'm not sure if Milk Thistle will actually cleanse the liver. I do know it helps to make it stronger and produce the proper enzymes in the right amounts. It will also help the liver to function better.

I give my son one capsule per day. He is 8 and is currently in chelation therapy for heavy metals.

Make sure whatever you are using is 80% Silymarin. That is susposed to be the best and most effective.
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Milk Thistle is not really a "cleanser" for the liver as it is a protector and rejuvenator for the cells of the liver.
People at health food stores are usually not trained herbalists, most are trained by vitamin companies, if at all.
I would suggest researching milk thistle in various herbal books, like Rosemary Gladstar or Susun Weed or Richard Maybe or anything without product promotion.:
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We used MT for DH while undergoing Chemo alternated with Dandilion root ... both worked wonderfully at keeping his liver function normal.
Use the tongue for a check if it's working, poor liver function will result in a yellowish coating on the back of the tongue, if it looks good (pink, no coating) It's working! I'd also research the topic, look for dosages by weight, I dunno if there's anything out there for kids & livers ~ let us know!!
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