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First visit today..

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Can I say that I absolutely love my OB? *sigh* This is my 3rd pg with her, and we have an awesome rapport. I didn't know the date of my LMP (but I do know when I ovulated, sort of) and she couldn't hear the hb, so she did a quick us in the office to ease my fear about that- and I saw a teeny tiny baby with little bitty arms and legs and a fluttering heart And we have an appt for a dating us on Monday at the regular sonographers office so we'll know exactly how big this baby is (my uterus is measuring 14 wks, but I know I'm 9.5) the baby was measuring 8.5w (my babies always measure small though). I don't know how I would be able to get through pregnancy without her- she really listens to me, and doesn't act like "Well, I'm the Dr. and you're just a pg woman", kwim? She's never been pg, but you would never know it. With both of my girls, she came to deliver them (she was not on call either time) and sat on the bed with me, joked around, spent time with me and dh...I hear so many negative things about OBs and I feel so blessed to have her. Sorry for the long rambling, but I know you ladies understand what it's like to trust who's taking care of you
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Originally Posted by KayleeZoo
my uterus is measuring 14 wks, but I know I'm 9.5
i am meauring way bigger than i am too. baby measures right though. i think its a subsiquent pg thing. i look a month bigger than i am.

good to hear that you love your ob. i cant imagine birthing with an attendant that i disliked or didnt click with. you are fortunate me too. i love my mw and her partner totally.

congrats on the good day
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glad to hear you had a good visit, brandi. let us know how the follow up u/s goes.
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