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Anyone's ribs hurt?

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Hi everyone,
I haven't been posting lately bc of being so tired and nauseous and having to travel across the continent w/ my toddler for a funeral and having to host my in-laws and travel to Mt. St. Helen's a week before it blew again. Whew writing all that makes me tireder!

Anyway, back on topic, I am sore under my rib cage on both sides. Anyone else having this? It's my third pregnancy and I'm only 10 weeks along so I can't believe it would be about my uterus. Any ideas?
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Not to be gross or anything, but do you think it could be gas? Remember, your digestive tract slows down when you're building a baby. Are the pains sharp or dull, and can you identify a time or activity when they're at their worst?
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hey acsw!! alittle off topic, but glad to see you back. i asked about you last week as i wasnt seeing you posting! Glad to see you back. i guess i feel alittle comradery as we are using the same mw.

well im 10 weeks too with baby 3 and i only get lower pain right now. my cervix feels tired sometimes and i definately feel the round ligaments of my uterus stretching. other than that ....just the usual digestion pains. i am having horrid digestion with the pg.

anyways. glad to see you back.
sorry for your loss (re the funeral you attended)
hope everything is going okay for your family.
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Thanks for the welcome back. My web connection is slow and I am falling asleep so early that it is so hard to get on--hopefully I'll get more energy soon!

I feel a connection, too, using the same mw. Sometimes I get nervous bc I "know" what to expect w/ my dr. and I almost feel like this is my first pg! I am doing the diet sheet now and it is driving me crazy recording everything. It reads like "handful of peanuts" "handful of grapes" "28oz of water ongoing in the afternoon" Blah--and do I REALLY want it recorded that I ate 3 of my birthday chocolates this afternoon!

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Originally Posted by acsw
Sometimes I get nervous bc I "know" what to expect w/ my dr. and I almost feel like this is my first pg!
have you watched any of her birth videos where she is the midwife?? If not you should watch them. i think they will really re assure you. if i knew how to load mine on the computer, id let you watch that one. she is very calm and nurturing during the labor. most of the time she jusst sat and held my hand (what i needed) and when the labor wasnt too tough yet, she was funny and happy. i have my 2nd apt with her this coming tuesday. im very excited

also..i love her new partner natasha. not to crazy about the student yet....was considering asking not to have her in the visits. i dont know...maybe ill try one more time. i find her too medical without giving natural alternatives. maybe just a bad first (and second on the phone) impression.

Originally Posted by acsw
and do I REALLY want it recorded that I ate 3 of my birthday chocolates this afternoon!
:LOL oh the naughty things we eat!! I havent done my food chart at all (Oops) maybe i should do that today.......

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I know they'll be wonderful, my friends and you all rave--and the conservative MIL of a friend loved Anne, too. I guess it's just that one of the nice things about #2 was the familiarity of everything. Now it will all be different and if there are any complications it will also be different. It's just silliness.

I have only met w/ Natasha--once for an informational and once for appt #1. I haven't met the student, yet,or had to call. I have an appt Tues, too, at 9 w/ Anne. Maybe we'll bump into each other!

Also, do we have to register to give birth at Surrey? At the moment we are planning a homebirth but w/ my previous history of bleeding that may not be possible. I guess I'll ask on Tues.
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hi anne

i hear what you are saying with the #2 familiarity. Feels like a whole new experience, hey! my apt with anne is for 3:45 thats too bad... it would have been nice to meet there irl.

yeah we have to either register at langley or surrey memorial....just in case something happens that we need to come in the paperwork is already in place. also , last time i was in labor, anne contacted the hospital as i entered active labor, just to have them prepared.

i am also planning another homebirth, but had pretty strong bleeding immediately after the placenta was born last time. so anne, natasha and i will really need to have some concrete plans in place for if i hemmorage. last time i got the oxitosin injection in the second stage (pushing). all of my births have had alot of bleeding. i hear that the 3rd is sometimes worse. this time i feel really strong that i will need to know exactly what would happen should i hemmorage fast. i dont trust my body as much as i used to... : if all else fails and i am still worried, i can always do the hosp. route. ugh i hate hospitals.

on a plus note...i hear smh is alot better than it used to be. apearantly in the new mat ward you can labor deliver and recover in the same room. thats better than before. natasha said its really nice in there.

was your bleeding a pp hemmorage as well??
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