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Hi everyone. We have been moving and i finally got my internet back on this morning. Anyone want to make a trip to my house to help me unpack and organize??? Come on you know you want to.

Had my first midwife visit this past Wednesday. I am so in with her. She is the most awesome person. I had an exam and urine and blood taken. I have my next appointment on Nov 2nd. This is the first time i have ever met a midwife so i really don't have any comparisons to make but i couldn't imagine anyone being better for me.

We have the choice of just doing our prenatal at the midwife center and birthing at home or birthing there also. I am not sure what i want to do yet. I have lost a lot of my self confidence since having my son. Right now i feel like i want to go there to have the baby and maybe shoot for a homebirth the next time.

I will catch up on the due dates list and shower post (and everything else) tomorrow when i have a little more energy. Right now i am heading to bed.
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welcome back to the board ladywulf!

how was the move? I'd love to help you unpack ...but you didnt move to BC so i guess ill have to pass!

Glad to hear that you love your mw! that must be a load off your shoulders, hey? Im alittle nervous about my birthplace choice too. Last homebirth i bled alittle too much afterward and uterus wouldnt clamp down for awhile....but a nursing baby and mw massaging the uterus helped. im going to try for another homebirth...but have really concrete plan in place should i post partum hemmorage.

anyways...glad to see you back. ttyl
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