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worried about 4 1/2 yr son

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hi moms.i am using this as a way to try and feel a lil better. i havnt taken my son to the docter yet...i will give it more time....here's why.....today while at the store filling out a photo processing envelope,my son began to write on an envelope,so i asked him to write his name to give him something to do....he wrote it backwards! (r o n n o c) as well as each letter backwards! he used to write his name while in nursery school back in the spring just fine! i am now worried that he may have dyslexia! also, he has begun to blink alot...he had an eye screening at school in may and it was normal... back in the winter he had a strange sort of twitch with his eyes/face but that disappeared...but now the blinking! i am now worried that he may have a form of tourette syndrome....i am hoping that these are all normal, childhood nervous behaviours and that it is just me reading too many symptoms of disorders and worrying about them! i am just posting this to see if any one has seen these type of happenings with their children and if they just went away or should i bring him to his pediatrician...or wait until preschool starts to see if any of these things stop, or get worse? help! ~~a really worried mommy
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Hi. I'm not a substitute for a doctor, but it's my understanding that children around that age often have nervous habits, like twitching and blinking and nail-biting. My 5 1/2-year-old daughter started biting her nails about a year ago and still does. But supposedly most of these nervous habits do go away eventually. Ask a doctor though if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Also, remember that many, many children his age don't even know their alphabet, let alone how to write their name. He may have written his name "correctly" before, but perhaps now he's experimenting, or maybe it never sank in that that way was "correct." I certainly wouldn't worry about this.
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Personally I wouldn't worry too much, yet. I understand the writing backwards is actually very common, our pastor's daughter is that age, I had her in Cubbies, and she wrote her name that way for a while but has since changed back. My daughter used to do some blinking things for a while and I was a little concerned and watching her, she'd kind of blink and tip her head, but she's 13 now and apparently grew out of it some time ago.
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It sounds like this is really upsetting you. For your own peace of mind, why not talk to the dr.? If you are type of mom who might speculate and come up with all sorts of upsetting explanations, this may be a good idea. A lot of the things you describe may have some very simple explanations.
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Who is he around? In my case when DD was a little over a year she was in a small family day car witha 3 or 4 yo autistic boy. His actions were quite repetitive and were eye blinking, rolling ,and nail biting to name a few. Well, of course young children LOVE to copy so for some time I had a non autistic child with these tendencies. It was interesting. Unfortunately, she never grew out of the nail biting.
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None of my guys have done this but my MIL gave me some Christmas decorations made by my dh when he was small (4-5) and his name on every one was written in mirror image. MIL said he wrote that way for awhile and then it stopped and went back to normal. I wouldn't be too worried...he's young.
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thank you all for your replies...i have since calmed down a bit...i seem to post here to sort of vent...let it out..discuss...this is after my hub and i talk too...maybe my son is a bit stressed out...i try to keep a fairly active schedule because i think that his behavior gets worse when we are home for the day and he is bored... but then he gets sooo tired and moody because he wont always nap...so maybe he really needs more rest time...i tend to drive around in the car for an hour so that he can sleep cause i can never get him to nap at home...so maybe i just freaked out and read too many symptoms of all of the disorders that kids can have.hmmmmm....my post began with" i think i have calmed down".... maybe that is my answer....i/we should try to calm down at home....we live in a very small apt. and have no ' space' for ourselves...so things tend to get a lil crazy some days....any way i thank you all for your ideas....have a great week!
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Is your son left-handed? I am and I wrote backwards for a long time. I even used to write my brother's name on things to try to get him in trouble...but they always knew who the culprit was...the name was always backwards!

My younger brother, Timmy, also left-handed, got himself the nickname Ymmit, because he also wrote backwards.

It's not uncommon.
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