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What symptoms do you have?

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After whining away to dh for weeks (who just does NOT get it) I finally had an opportunity to gripe with a pg friend of mine last night about all the discomforts of early pregnancy ...it was such a cathartic relief to have someone commiserate and GET where I was coming from.

Don't get me wrong I am quite happy to be pregnant and recognize quite well the blessing I am being given.

However I am TOTALLY exhausted chasing a toddler around ... I could sleep for 14 + hours per day and still feel zonked ... I'm also a complete insomniac (takes me hours to fall asleep ... and having to get out of bed to pee every 4 hours means I am maybe getting 2-3 hours of sleep at a time ...NOT helping (neither is the night nursing so I'm considering night weaning which is another stress UGH!!)

Speaking of nursing ...my nipples are KILLING me and dd has decided that she needs to be able to see what is going on around us at all times so is turning and twisting and pulling which is totally awful.

And to top it off I am already getting sore round ligaments ... if I turn too fast or move suddenly I feel as though I'm being stabbed.

Thank goodness the puking 24 hour nausea has finally faded ... now if only this baby will hurry up and start kicking me vigorously in the bladder everything will be perfect LOL.

I really wish I was one of those lucky women who experience no painful or sickening symptoms ...who feel full of life and like they're glowing and beautiful ... do pregnant women really feel this way? Please tell me if you do ... I want to live vicariously!!!
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My biggest symptom has been exhaustion. I seem to make it through the day OK, but hit a brick wall at some point where I feel like I just cannot do anthing else except lie down for a while. Sometimes it hits me very suddenly, like now... :yawning:

I guess I've had most of the other "normal" symptoms: insomnia - going to sleep is not a problem but waking up around 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep
nausea - but no puking, thank god
sore boobs - but they are bigger!
emotions - I almost cried at a radio ad today for that OnStar where some kids were rescued from a dangling car because some lady used her OnStar to call in an accident!

What is a "round ligament" and why is yours sore? I seem to have pulled a groin muscle or something on my right side - it's killing me!!!
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add me to the exhausted list. i can sleep straight 10 hrs at night and still be exhausted the following day. i'm experiencing the round ligament pain too, and uggh, no fun. i''m not feeling sick anymore which is good, but my stomach is soooo smooshed that i can hardly eat anything and that's no fun either. and i can't sleep flat anymore. i have to sleep proped up on two pillows. no sore boobs, and my last nursling weaned herself in my first trimester, which was good.
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So, I sneezed really hard the other day while I was in a lying down position and it gave me a terrible cramp for a few minutes. Was that round ligament pain? Help me out here, experienced mamas!
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really emotional. as in i out and out cried the other day at dd's Clifford video. the part about clifford being the runt of the litter and emily loving him because he needed her and then him growing so huge because of all the love she fed him. oh it was just too much for me.

still a bit naseous but so much more tolerable now.

belly sticking out a little, but by evening it is huge. i'd like to think its the baby showing, but i know its just bloat and gas since its always shrunk down again by morning. i cant wait till i have a legit baby belly, the one i am sporting now, only dh and i can tell the difference, everyone else just rolls their eyes when i try to show it off. but really, my waistband is so much tighter.

more careful and defensive of my physical wellbeing. i gave up riding a horse i have been having a love affair with for months. my logical brain knows darn well he is not going to buck me off, but if he makes so much as a misplaced shimmy now i just panic, and my mama brain screams out 'take no chances'. sigh. guess i will have to find a quiet old horse if i am going to keep riding. i dont feel ready to give it up, but i have become so timid.

pretty tired, although i do ok if i take an afternoon snooze and make sure i am in bed by 9:30. i think the rainbow light prenatals really are helping to keep my energy up. that and chocolate.

oh, and how could i forget my favorite symptom? wetting my pants if i wait too long to pee. ok, not out and out wet, but enough to feel scary. i swear i will do my kegels this pregnancy.
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The round ligaments are the long ligaments that support your uterus on either side (I'll see if I can remember what book it was that I have that shows a good drawing of them) ... they get stretched throughout the pregnancy and can get pretty uncomfortable by the end. I was fortunate in my pg with my dd not to have very much discomfort from them ... but I'm thinking that I may be in for it this time LOL.

ETA ...that groin muscle you pulled is probably actually a round ligament as your uterus is probably still mostly in your pelvis (at least mine is) ... and yes they hurt when I sneeze/cough too ... I need to get over this cold.
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Right now I have to admit I'm feeling pretty good . My nausea is gone and I'm actually starting to sleep better. I was having the insomnia, but I think it was more related to my night-weaning dd than the pregnancy (lack of prolactin, LOL). I am starting to have a tad of heartburn sometimes & my nipples are VERY tender so nursing really hurts. Otherwise, I sometimes don't even feel pregnant. I'm still in my regular clothes (although they're getting snugger). I just can't WAIT to feel this baby moving all around
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Oh, add me to the ranks of the exhausted! I think it's better than first trimester, but gosh- not much! I go to sleep every night at about 8:30 or 9, get up at 7, and feel pretty sure I could tack on another 2-3 hours on either end and still be tired! On weekends, I nap longer than dd does. It's sad! DH and I were just talking about how all I do these days is work and sleep-- not a particularly fulfilling existence. I'd like just a smidgeon of energy, please.

I'm also crazy emotional. As some of you may remember, I'm having a rough time at my job right now, but the littlest thing about work will make me BAWL. It's awful-- I had to travel for work on Wednesday night (through Friday) and I cried to DH for an hour on the phone from my hotel room because my laptop wouldn't work. I'm not generally an overly emotional person, so this was a new one for me. I don't remember being over-sensitive like this with dd. Maybe I was, who knows?

And, last but not least, the darn sex dreams! I keep on having dreams about having sex with people I shouldn't be having sex with. Strange, and kind-of creepy! No more, thank you.

Oh- I forgot one! Itchiness! My boobs, my tummy, my bottom-- everywhere is itchy itchy itchy at night.

Otherwise, my nausea is mostly better, and I'm slowly gaining weight (not back to pre-pg yet, but getting there). I could squeeze into regular clothes still, but the maternity stuff looks better. I'll be happy to get some movement and the little daily assurances that this little one is happy and growing.
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I'm still nauseous : and so very sleepy! Sunbaby, do the RL vites help? I ran out and have been taking another brand, so maybe that's part of it!

ALso, I quit eating all meat except fish 6 years ago, and I've had chicken 3 times in 4 days!!

My nipples are less sore than they were a few weeks ago -
Speedknitter, to bigger at least!

I agree with the pp's about wishing maternity clothes would fit. This between sizes thing is tiresome!
I'm so suprised that the round ligament pain starts this early. Maybe because it's my second? Or maybe I just forgot!
I think that's it, except pregnant brain! Keep having "what was I saying?" moments.

Remember all: kegels, kegels, kegels!!!
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Well... if you really want to live vicariously, I am not nauseous (threw up 4 times in the first 10 weeks, then it went away!), my boobs aren't sore even though I'm nursing a toddler all day and night, and I generally feel normal, just a little tired, and my ligaments pull a little if I don't have enough pillowage going on in the bed at night. And I cry all the time, but that actually feels good.

I hope you feel better soon!!
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Well you asked for it or I wouldn't even comment, so live vicariously through me. I really expected pregnancy to be harder. I hardly know I'm pregnant because the few symptoms I do have are mostly exaggerated versions of pre-pregnancy normal things for me, like heartburn, bad allergies, tiredness - except of course for the mammoth nipples and breasts that are a size larger. I try to feel blessed and remind myself that my mom had easy pregnancies, but since I just had a m/c I'll be much happier when I can feel the baby moving.
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I have three symptoms . . .m/s (which hasn't been bad), a tremendous appetite, and the urge to pee every hour or more. Oh, and maybe I'm finally not an A cup anymore-- I think it's getting closer to a B!
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Speedknitter, that post-sneeze pain sounds exactly like round ligament pain. I had some early on that was awful. Now I mostly get it when I stretch in the morning, sneeze (which I'm doing a lot of with no allergy meds) or extend my torso a lot. I asked the doctor about it and she said it's more intense in older first time moms. Younger ligaments stretch more easily as do ligaments that have been stretched before by pregnancy. It's also more intense with multiples since your uterus is expanding more rapidly (I've been in maternity clothes for 7 weeks now because it's expanded so much so fast). So, I'm getting the round ligament triple whammy. For me it's the least annoying of the annoying symptoms. However, when it first hit it was a bit scary. HTH.
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Hi esqueue, glad to see you back on the board. Yes, I get it too when I stretch in the morning or change positions in bed at night, and if I'm better prepared for that sneeze it does not hurt as much!

My energy level is definitely increasing, and the nausea is almost completely gone. I've actually had a decrease in appetite the last week or so, sometimes have to remind myself to eat something or at least have a glass of milk or juice.
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It was nice to finally have a few minutes to get caught up on reading the posts, it's been along time since I've had a chance. So much to get done while I'm still mobile and not in bedrest-zone. With that being a very good possibility I need to get as much done now as possible. Plus, I've still got to finish fixing our compliance hits from the gov't inspection that we had recently at work. We kinda got our backsides handed to us over some things that we just didn't know or had interpreted differently than the inspectors (but we still have to fix them).

I wish I had more energy. I'm still falling alseep on the sofa every night, waking up all through the night and sleeping late in the morning (easy to do with the dogs snuggled up next to me). However, I'm starting out in the hole on energy since I have two diseases defined by fatigue and one that causes it when untreated (which it is now since I have to be off of the pain meds for PG). It seems like all I do is make food, eat food, clean up after food, but at least I'm catching up on my weight gain - crucial with twins.
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ok, since this is a "symptoms" thread mine have changed and they are not fun symptoms LOL.

first in the last week my boobs have started KILLING Me. the whole thing hurts. even when supported they are SOOO sore. last night my 3 yo play fell on my right one and i thought i was going to die. it hurt so bad i was close to crying. i am 16 weeks, isnt' this just supposed to happen in the first trimester?

i've started getting cramps in my lower back and lower belly, along with braxton hicks ( but i've had those for about 4 weeks now). the cramps are no fun, just like menstrual cramps.

anyone else have similar syptoms or an unpleasant change in their symptoms recently?
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For the last few days, I've been getting menstrual like cramps also. They are no fun! Also, the damn headaches. I've had one lingering around for 3 days already and it just won't go away. It's feels like a never ending hang-over

Can anyone suggest some good natural remedies to get rid of headaches?
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i'm having killer headaches too. i have had one every day this week, and they don't go away. no matter what i do . they seem to get worse when i lie down and close my eyes. i'm also getting very dizzy and out of breath. i have no clue if it's all related to why i am getting the headaches. usually caffeine clears mine up right away, but not these.
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I broke down last night and took a Tylenol. Worked like a charm for about 4 hours. Woke up this morning and the darn headache is back :
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mine was so bad by last night that i went to sleep at like 10 pm LOL. i felt ok when i woke up but by noon it was back. i took a very short nap like 30 min this afternoon and i'm feeling ok right now. i wonder why i never got these headaches before and all of the sudden i get them now? they are really bad right behind my right eye, yeouch!!!!
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