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THe only head ache I've had was when I didn't have enough water the day before. I'm trying to drink lots. My midwives say you should drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150, you should drink at least 75 ounces a day.
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I am brand new to here and not sure about the ettiquite and all but I thought I could relate to all the symptom talk. Felt horrilble car sick for two and a half months, then had random dizzy spell that that lasted three days which made me feel like I drank a bottle of hard liquor and the room spin, my complexion has taken on a new definition for back acne cysts the size of planets, my hair has this weird feel to it now and my lower back started killing. I thought I was on an up swing until my eye started to drive me insane with pain plus headaches. It turns out that I have iritis which is completely random and requires me to take steroid drops in my eye in order to heal the infection and protect my vision. I ended up in the ER with intense pain so bad I thought I was going to lose my eye. And today my left breast started leaking.

Yep, a hole in my left nipple area from 8 years ago when I pierced my nipple started to leak clear/whitish fluid today and completely soaked my pajamas shirt. I can't even believe all the random things that keep happening to my body and with each one I am overcome with worry and concern for the baby. My latest concern is will I be able to breastfeed etc.

I would like to add though that all with baby has been well and my only concern for baby is that something wrong with me could affect baby. I feel blessed in this regard and simply amazed by all this crazyness. And I can't feel the baby move yet! And I am not technically "showing" although not a single pair of pant except the one pair of maternity pants I own fit. Now isn't that a raw deal .

Melody. Stepson 2/98 and EDD 4/23/05 Married to Jack 6/03
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hi melody. welcome. glad to hear pregnancy is fun for you so far. bet you can hardly wait for the next symptom.
yeah, i cant feel my babe either. i didnt feel dd for the longest time, and i was constantly worried that something with me was going to mess up something for her. for instance, my irritable bowel syndrome casues some terrible bloating, and it took me the longest time to believe that there would still be room left for the bay and the gas. i thought she'd get squished out. : so anyway, i think its common, esp for a first timer, to worry. although i dont expect anyone's worries were as crazy as some of mine. the good news is, i hardly worry at all this pregnancy.
also, with dd, i didnt really show until i was well into my fifth month. even though i'd gained plenty of weight. i could have sworn i was carrying the babe in my a**. definately no clothes fit me. this time i am showing in the places i would hope, and my hips arent bigger at all. go figure. \

symptom wise now, i am 16 weeks, and some nausea waves that are annoying still, especially if i overdo sugar, but totally livable. still tired, but better than before. not exactly energetic yet.

still hoping those kegels are going to help. when can i expect to see pregress?
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sunbaby, your reply cracked me up I went maternity shopping today and it sucked. I just look like a marshmellow. Thanks for the encouraging information about not feeling your first baby until later and not showing until later too. Also, it is nice to know I am not the only one who feels nuts sometimes.

I hope your nausea goes completely away very soon.

Melody Expecting baby #1 in April 2005 with DH since 2003
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ok this is rediculous!!! i am WADDLING already!!!! LOL i can feel myself start to do it, then i have to think about NOT doing it !!! :LOL how rediculous is that. i mean i am only 18 weeks. my lower back and my pelvis are so sore most of the day, that my body is just falling into late pregnancy mode. oh and my belly button is already flat WHAAAAAAAAAAA
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