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12 1/2 months PP and still no AF?!

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Kinda nice, but I'm a little concerned! I had placenta accreta with DD, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. DD still nurses a lot, but over a year and still nothing?! Anyone else gone this long, and if so, when did AF finally show. (I've never actually wanted her to show up before :LOL)
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AF WOULD have come back for me when dd was 22 months, but I got pregnant before I even got my period... so I went those nine months of pregnancy with dd, 22 months of no AF to another 9 months of pregnancy, and AF came back when my ds was 18 months. I went for years without a period!
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So almost 2 years and no AF! (well, before getting pg at least) Wow! Okay. I feel a bit better. Anyone else?
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Its quite normal to have delayed return of fertility if you are nursing at will (no schedules)... average ROF is 15 months and some moms go 20 months or more... some moms don't get ROF until their child has completely weaned. Every woman is different.

take care
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I had heard average age for ROF was 14 months for ecological BFing but still you get the idea. DD was almost 20 months before AF returned.
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heh heh... its actually 14.6 mos... but I rounded up and you rounded down :
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lucky you!

my sil has 3 children. each 2 years apart from the next. she never started before she got pregnant again with any of them giving her a 5 year separation from AF! i went about 12 mo. so no worries, it is quite normal!
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I'd be crying if AF came back at 12 months or sooner! The average is 14 months if I remember right. That's when mine finally came back after I decided to cut one of my pumping sessions. I wasn't happy!
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I got af back at 20.5 months pp.

Totally normal.
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Thanks ladies! I feel MUCH better! I actually don't want to start to TTC until Sav is two, so that will make it easier. I'm afraid if I get af back before then, I'll want to get pg ASAP!

Thanks again!
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I got AF at almost 19 months postpartum. He just turned 2 and I just started getting REGULAR AFs. We are ttc too. LOL
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I got my first ppaf at 20 months. I am starting my second month now of ttc and seems like things are normal (I'm not a charter).
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23 mos here for #1, slightly less with others but always more than a year. There is some correlation with night nursing/overall nursing frequency, right?
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Originally Posted by deeporgarten
There is some correlation with night nursing/overall nursing frequency, right?
There is supposed to be some correlation, but I would be an exception. Ds had been down to 3-5 nursing sessions in a 24 hour period for at least 6 months or so before my first ppaf. I was afraid that I would have to wait until he weaned to ttc. I'm thinking that it took longer for me because I lost extra weight after ds was born and got close to being underweight. Not sure though.
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I got AF at 5 months. Ds is exclusively bf'ed, never had a pacifier, and sleeps with me and eats all night. I think it depends more on the personal chemistry. I am fatter than before, so maybe what Marie said has something to do with it. My pet theory is that it has to do with how strong your endocrine "cycling urge" is. I "got my period" during the entire 1st trimester of my pregnancy - my body was still cycling in the background, so it was easy to start up again despite all the bf'ing.
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I'm at 21 mo PP and still no signs of ROF.

Remember, ovulation can occur without any warning so if you don't want #2, you should use contraception!

LAM can be birth control but not typically this late in PP (right?).
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I went 22 months here! Count it a blessing girlfriend
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