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Baby Woolies

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I got some Wool pants for my baby from http://www.kirsten.electriceng.com/ .

First of all, Kirsten was great to work with. She kept in contact with me each step of the way, from getting to asking about wool covers. She emailed me to let me know when they would be done, when the would ship, and when they were actually in the mail. Great communication!
The turn around time was quite quick, About a week. They arrived really fast.

I pulled them out of the package and was immedietly impressed! The wool was super soft and fluffy. I found no mistakes, it look flawless. The pants were super cute!

And then I put them on my baby. WOW! The fit is PERFECT! I have not had a pair of wool pants that fit my baby this perfect. I asked for a fold up cuff so they would fit for longer, and even allowing for this growing room, it still fits perfect now! My baby wore these to a LLL meeting and all I got were comments about how cute they were on him. He wore them to bed, and they had no problems keeping up with nite time pee. Not a leak! They fit great over my SugarPlumBaby fitteds, and also over pinned prefolds.

I LOVE these pants and am getting 2 more pairs!

I am editing to add this link to pics of my son in his pants. http://www.haultrash.com/Angie/jackwoolpants.htm
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I ordered a pair of longies from babywoolies through sugarplumbaby.com.
When I go them they came with a note telling me the red bled into the white when she washed them. It wasnt anything horrible but you could tell it bled.
The note also said to email her if I was unhappy so I did.
This Mama has bent over backwards to please me. Gave me a soaker from her site as compensation for the longies problem and when I sent her an email today to let her know I got them and they barely fit she gladly offered more solutions.
With such wonderful customer servive, I dont think i'll shop anywhere else the next time I want more wool.
Also, they are beautifully made!
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I won a Baby Woolies set from the Fluff Factory Auction. I bought them even though C was turning 1yo and they were meant for 2yos. They were 100% donated (and came with a SugarPlumBaby fitted!).

Kristen and I began communicating almost immediately, working the payment and shipping. I felt so comfortable communicating with her from the beginning. She was marvelous and answered my questions and quickly responded to each communication.

I was overjoyed at the beauty of the set through the online pictures, but when I actually opened them up I was just thrilled. I kept touching the knitting. The yarn is lovely in texture and color. The knitting great, the weight is great... I'm still giddy about it a month later. And while its a little bit on C, when I roll up the sleeves and leg cuffs, they stay rolled up.

I absolutely feel confident recommending this Mama and her work!
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Baby Woolies are such a high quality diaper cover. Kirsten oversees every step of the way, loads of communication and loves your input too if you do a custom. I have one pair of shorts and one custom capris and they are some of the best constructed, beautiful, reliable soaker pants out there. She has very good taste in yarn, soft and sturdy. I love the extra room in the booty, the nice long waist and the lovely drawstring. It makes for such an easy fit that actually covers everything. If you do a custom it is HEAPS of fun. You get little graph pics etc and can approve the colors and design before it's done. I highly recommend!
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We ordered from Kirsten on a Wednesday, and she had them in the mail on Saturday! She worked with us every step of the way, sending a preliminary picture of the design, then a few as they progressed, and the end result longies were just amazingly beautiful! She added two inches to the inseam as well and cuffed them so they'd fit Emmeline longer! The fit is amazing, Emme is a very petite baby and we've never had a pair of longies that fit her so snugly and perfectly before! I definitely recommend this mama!
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I love baby woolies!

I bought a custom slot with Baby Woolies, and love the pair of capris Kirsten made! She was wonderful to work with, and very quick - I had the capris within a week of finalizing the details with her.

After getting them, I decided I wanted a drawstring (I had specified none for the order) and she added it for no charge, again very quickly.

Wonderful to work with, and look at how adorable these capris turned out!
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