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Help! My diapers are disintegrating!

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I really need some help here! We have had MEs for about four years now, since our first DDs birth. I also got some One Size about two years ago when DD2 was born. I have always washed them in hot water with a mild detergent and used a vinegar-filled downy ball during the rinse.

Suddenly, within literally two months, they are deteriorating. The dryer lint catcher is FULL of diaper fuzz every time and the dipes are going bald! All the nap is being stripped from the diapers, and there are hard little balls of fabric inside.

The only thing that has changed is that we moved, so now we are on well water, we bought a new washer (the calypso one that shifts the clothes instead of agitating them), and I have switched detergent to Bi-O-Kleen powder detergent. Why is this happening to all of my dipes, even the newer ones?? Oh, and sometimes I would squirt in a little Dr. Bronner's peppermint to make the house smell yummy.

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All mine disintegated when I bought a new washer too - and I went from a supposedly rough on clothes top loader to a front loader. I thought it was the 95 degrees celcius white wash that was the culprit (all the PUL pockets de-laminated) but PUL is supposed to be autoclavable isnt it? Truth be told, I think it was just coincidence and they simply wore out after nine months of constant use and washing.

Bit odd that the newer ones are doing it too though.
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I have disentegrating diapers too! A long time ago i purchased some used Sandy's off of ebay. When they arrived, I saw that they were in horrible condition-disentegrating. They were all in this condition-extremely disappointed, I put them away. I took them out tonight and gave them a good wash and checked them over to see what I had. They are really bad. It is as if all the material has been bleached away and it's just nylon holding it all together. There is a term for it, but I can't think of it now. Maybe "threadbare". Are they still usable? Would I need to use doublers? I really want to toss them but there are 29 of them and I could really use them right now (trying to refrain from making another large purchase of fb so soon, I just bought a dozen last week).

I'm new to CDing so want to know what I have.
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