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calmes forte ( by hylands) and nursing??

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i need a sleep remedy, and i am allergic to chamomile. i bought some calmes forte, which is homeopathic and posted about it a couple weeks ago on the breastfeeding board and got no answer, so hoping for one here. is it safe for nursing moms? i just need something to help me settle down at night that is non addictive and doesnt literally "knock" me out, since i cosleep and need to be able to wake easily in the night. The Calmes stuff seems to be just the thing but says to consult a Dr if nursing. i also clench my jaw alot and am hoping it will help relax me a little more at night to stop that problem, cuz i get alot of headaches. thanks for any info!
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No answers here, stirringleaf, but I'm nursing and taking Calms Forte too so I'm interested in an answer if anybody's got one.

BTW, the label says it contains "Chamomilla 2X (Chamomile) - for nervous irritability" so if you're really allergic to it, you might wanna proceed w/ caution...
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I'm allergic to chammomile, but have no reactions to calms forte OR the teething tablets, which are a lifesaver when we have no calms forte.

My FP actually recommended them during pregnancy and nursing - his wife is a homeopath and used them throughout both her pregnancies and EBF.
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Thanks for your reply, weebitty!!
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I used Hylands Insomnia remedy while nursing and it worked wonders! (it's for insomnia w/ restlessness)not sure what's in it though. wish I could be more help. hope you find something that works for you!
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ohh wonderful, i will use it tonight. i was up till 2 AM last night, and i just want to stop that!

i was a little worried about the chamomile when i saw in there, but thought maybe since its homeopathic i woulndt react. sounds promising.
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