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I was following the placenta thread, too. I'd consider it, given the possible alternatives! I must admit, I do feel squeamish about it, but maybe I'd try it a few ways. I don't think I'd be up for making capsules, but I might ask my TCM practitioner about it. I can see myself maybe puréeing it with something to make it more palatable (but not so much as to make it a huge amount to consumer), then a quick gulp....can't see myself frying it up...and I love fried liver...

...ok, first it was breakfast, now enjoy your lunch, everyone! :LOL
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23w + 4d

HI ladies!

I had my first appointment with my midwife group yesterday. Due to timing it was back-to-back with an appointment with my OB group. What a shocking contrast! The OB I saw spent MAYBE 2 minutes with me. I had a whole list of questions (nothing particularly pressing but still) and he was so obviously rushed that I was just like, forget it, I'll just ask the midwife next. The midwife I met with was awesome. I spent 1 hr 15 min in her office and had a full exam (well, part of that was b/c it was my first appt with them). We talked a lot about my concern re: BH vs. preterm labor, and she said as long as they diminish or go away when I rest or drink more water etc., then not to worry (unless there are other signs that it's labor of course, like fluid leaking, etc.). She also concurred (off the record) with Ina May Gaskin that a little drinky drink or two would do a very nice job of stopping early contractions. Anyway, the whole experience made me feel a lot better and I am almost certain I am officially changing care providers to the midwives.

Dh and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary yesterday! It was pretty low key, but he did get me a really lovely pair of earrings (that I actually love and will wear, no less!) and we had a nice romantic dinner after the kids went to bed. I had half a glass of red wine and felt QUITE decadent. mmmmm....

Today kids are kind of driving me batty. Not over-the-edge batty, just irritated more than usual. I think it's the hormones. I've noticed my tolerance for whining or normal toddler behaviour "nuances" to be noticably less as the pregnancy progresses. It doesn't help that it's been chilly and rainy all week and we all feel rather cooped up. The downside (other than feeling guilty for not being super patient) is that I am contracting more today than before. Too much up-and-down but how do I say No to "Mama please pick me up" even if it's the 80th time that morning? For those of you with little ones, are you all still picking them up? I know I shouldn't as much as I do but it's really hard for obvious reasons and I'm not even sure I WANT to stop picking them up... they've been in my arms so much these past 2.5 years it just feels nice and natural.


Ella-makes-3 - I hope your dd feels better soon. UTIs are the worst. On a lighter topic, I'm a Red Sox widow too! I told dh I couldn't stand watching baseball again tonight and he said, "Oh okay honey, we can watch what you want to watch tonight" all nice. THEN he tells me later, laughing, that there is no baseball on tonight!!!!

Heve - those were some cute photos! I wasn't thrilled that they seemed to be advocating something other than breastmilk for babies, but I have been a Sally Fallon fan for a little while and can definitely get behind that diet for adults!

Shannon - I hope you feel better soon

Tug - Hope your little one is on the mend soon.

Shyly - Cheesecake Factory! Just the mention of that place has me drooling right now! Lucky girl. Don't feel bad about Babies R Us - you'll get a lot of great stuff you'd need anyway; I also despise the mega stores but they're so convenient for baby shower shoppers and me alike.

KateSt - I take Nordic Naturals. The problem as others have said with Vit A is when it's synthetic.

Coopsmama - Welcome back! I also burst out the past month. It's funny actually, and also a relief though... FINALLY looking *really* pregnant! (and feeling *really* uncomfortable!!)

Mama2Chloe - You sound like superwife! German chocolate cake from scratch. WOW!

weesej - Hurray on feeling lots of baby kicks the past few weeks!

wtchyhlr - Sorry about the stress this pay period.
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oh, periwinkle - i totally understand about the picking them up. i pick ds up waaaaay more than i'm supposed to (way more than none), but it DOES just feel sooooooo RIGHT. I cuddled and cuddled him today. In bed, carrying him a bit, on the couch. I can't help it. He is my baby and my world. I know that baby Mia is coming but she is much more abstract to me still. He is right here with his little baby boy smell and his poochy tummy and runny nose and poofy butt (well, ok, that bit is the dipe).

also, yay on the great midwife appointment!

as to all of the placenta-eating talk, i'm still at the "uck" phase. i've actually avoided the threads, i have to admit. of course, uncontrolled bleeding would probably change my mind about a lot of things very rapidly.

also, thanks for the vitamin talk, i'm going to try to find some of those!

wine for everybody!!
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No I am much too concerned about not hurting the lady and what I am doing to look or care. I have seen a couple of different thing so far, and having just learned vaginals about 3 months ago and no doing PAPs. No one really cares what you do BTW even Amish women trim and shave sometimes--never seen a wax on an Amish lady though LOL!

Yup 10 babies, thats the 2nd time I have been at 10, been at 1 eleven and met a Grandma at a birth who had 17! Norm around here seems to be 6-8. Always feel like I am just starting out with 3 and 4 on the way

BTW the other #10 had 5 Cesareans then 4 UBAC's then another Cesarean. The #11 had a Cesarean for baby #2 and it was her 9th HBAC. Don't see stuff like that in stats
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Hi again everyone! Feeling better, for once I'm glad dh didn't bother to listen to me. He took my godson home while I layed down, I told him when he got home to wake me and I'd help him load the truck for a dump run. Anyway, he managed to come in, have the dogs bark and still not wake me so he left me sleeping on the couch until 4:30!!! And he even did the dump run and started cleaning out what will be the babies room--why is it that, that is everyone's first question??? "Do you have the babies room ready yet??" NO, we don't--first, I have 16 weeks to go!!! Second, she's going to be in with us at the beginning--yes, we need the room ready as there is NO extra room in our tiny bedroom for an extra dresser or a change table--or anything for that matter, but, why is that everyone's FIRST question. I don't think I've ever asked anyone that--even before I knew about co-sleeping.
Sorry, got off on a ramble there! So as I said, I feel much better after my nap, just so much better my headache is lifting and I no longer feel like I'm going to throw up!
I won't need to nap on Sunday Heve, I want to have fun It was funny, I told dh I was going to your place on Sunday and he started complaining that he wants to do some overtime this weekend, he'll be too tired to socialize, blah, blah, blah. I stopped him short and told him he wasn't invited--so there
Anyway, since he was a good boy, I'm going to head out now and pick up a couple nice steaks for dinner, it's not often he actually gets stuff done if I'm not on top of him.
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Okay you guys...I saw this online comic strip today and it beyond made me laugh. You should check it out...for some strange reason I totally understood it.

funny comic

If you go tomorrow or later, just click back on the archive until you get to 22 Oct

Enjoy...I know I did...
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Shyly - funny comic!! :LOL
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Periwinkle - great to hear that the appt went well, midwife, not OB!!
Dh says that to me too about spending time togethor, watching tv., great male minds think alike huh?
Well we got the results for dd's urine analysis, they said it was clean, no uti's but they are doing a culture, which will be ready tomorrow morning. She keeps complaining of it hurting, I am wondering if I should push for an appointment tomorrow ( Saturday ) or just wait until Monday. I just don't want anything to be really wrong, and not get it looked at.

DD asks me to pick her up all the time, especailly in new surroundings and around people that she is shy with ( almost everyone apart from me and dh ) .
I am trying to get her to go to her daddywhen he is home, or out with us, but sometimes she wants me. I guess I am just trying to get her used to not being picked up all the time, and learn more skills, like not running out in the street, staying by the car in the parking lot and not running off etc. Any tips on this??
I am on the look out for a good toddler book, any suggestions?

So I watched Birth stories on Discovery Health this afternoon. It was a second time mum, having a home birth. It was great to watch, and by the end I was bawling my eyes out like a true pregnant woman!

Tug, I was totally at the yuck phase of the placenta eating, but that dream really changed my views. Still not 100% about it, but churning it over in my head.

Shannon and Heve, have a great time this weekend. Lots of pampering.
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I pick up Chloe all the time. I probably will until birth. She likes to be held and I like to hold her. I'm not too worried about it. If I was on bed rest or bleeding or something going on, I would probably do it less. I just think that my body is used to holding her so I don't think it's a bad thing for me to hold her while PG.

I got to nap for an hour and a half while DH watched Chloe. I feel so much better!!!!!!

Gotta make dinner. Chef salads! yummy and easy! Love, Tricia
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Peri - well, I think the formula comes with a story (too lazy to seach for it now...ugh - Fridays!) - Sally had terrible difficulty bfing, and wanted an alternative to the highly-processed formula...they do support bf as best, and if it becomes necessary to resort to formula, to at least make your own. On the yahoo group, there were many who agreed that you could go from exclusive bfing to bfing with solids, ie from boob to sippy cup, without a drop of formula or bottle having to touch their baby's lips. What she had to say about feeding babies was the very first thing that ever got me onto the books etc - there was an excerpt in a magazine years ago (long before we were even considering ttc). It just spoke to me and made so much sense.

And yay on the great mw appt! What a difference in care!

tug - glad your day turned out to be so cuddle-ful!

Originally Posted by shannon0218
...it's not often he actually gets stuff done if I'm not on top of him.
: did you mean for it to sound that way?!

ella-makes-3 - glad to hear she doesn't have a uti...hope she feels better soon!

oh, speaking of naps...man, I am wiped...want to go to bed. It's been a loooooong day. Technically, dh helped with dinner (mmm - tacos! - homemade, not the little packets), so I guess he's not alone on clean-up duty...not that I hear any washing-up noise down there...

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Happy Friday evening -- It's the weekend!

hevasoul -- thanks for the info. I have read several conflicting things about vit A, and tend to lean towards the "all things in moderation" philosophy about things, but I hadn't had any definite "yes, it is OK" opinions, so I am grateful for the positive vote. I am completely open and interested in all diet, supplement info.

tug -- yup infected. This computer is so overrun, I don't know what to do about it. I use my parent's computer because we haven't gotten the internet at our house for bizarre reasons too complicated to rationalize in writing. Anyway, I keep telling my Mom to take it to a computer doctor, or buy some software, but we are all woefully inept technologically speaking.

periwinkle -- go midwives!!! I love my midwife compared to my OB from previous pregnancy. My dad just asked me if I was going to go to the dr at all and I told him that it would be paying him for doing the same job she is doing, only she is doing it much more thoroughly. And yes, I am picking up ds a lot. I try to tell him to walk or find someone else, but he is a really stubborn dude. Have no idea where he gets it

shannon -- I know about baby room comments. People give me the weirdest looks when I tell them that the baby has no room and neither does my son. Does not compute around here, but then I am used to being the odd man out.

shyly -- great comic

Anyway, I finally went to the resale shop and got some maternity clothes that actually fit ME. My friends and I have all shuffled clothes around, and I have two huge bins of clothes, but they all fit a body much rounder and closer to the ground than mine. So all of my pants have been high waters lately, but very comfy around the middle. And, I also have been starving lately. I just need someone following me around with lots of high protein foods to shove in my mouth when I begin to get grouchy.

I, too, am looking forward to being a Red Sox widow for the next couple of weeks. I hope that it is for only four days, but who knows. Anyway, LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!
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oh yeah - I forgot that I also wanted to comment on the baby's room question! I've lost count of the number of times that was someone's first question! And repeated question - some of them keep asking if we have it done yet, if we've chosen the colours yet, etc...! I guess it is a real rite of passage, but I still am weirded out by how common that question is...I usually am vague, and say we're not too worried about it. Then the general response is that yes, we still have lots of time... so-and-so did it in the final month, etc
btw - thankfully we have a largish bedroom, and will just be adding a small chest of drawers, possibly with a change pad on top, maybe some kind of wall shelving for easy-to-reach diapering schtuff.
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Morning everyone, don't have long, have to teach a lesson this morning, then this dog's course is over and I won't be doing any more actual training until after the baby comes. I'll have to limit myself to behavioral work from here on in.
I'm tired, didn't sleep that well last night, the dogs were restless and for the first time in a while I had to get up to pee several times during the night. Oh well, at least I don't have a headache!!! The sun is actually shining here this morning which is so nice to see--FINALLY!!!!!!
Anyway, check in later, everyone take care!
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Morning ladies. I'm so busy these days I find it hard to sit here and type.

I hurt my back yesterday morning and was in agony all day yesterday. I couldn't lift my son or sit in a chair very long. All I can say is...rice sock...heated...it's a wonderful thing I slept like crapola last night too because I could not get comfortable. It's a little better this morning, but I still get shooting pains in that muscle if I turn too quickly

We've decided to sell our house after all. But we aren't listing it until we are moved into the other house. We just don't want the headache right now with trying to maintain both houses and we don't want to shell out 10% of the rent to a management company either. So on the market it shall go. I feel really good about that decision.

I'm STARVING right now. I have a huge craving for homemade belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream...so off to the kitchen I shall go

Everyone have a wonderful day
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Hey Traci, let me know if you want info on my chiropractor......
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Hi Ladies,
Hey, has anyone experienced (or been experiencing) a subtle shortness in breath? As I mentioned in previous posts, baby and my tummy have gone through a big growth spurt this week and the past couple of days I've had a slight shortness when I breathe.

I've been feeling the baby move often, so I'm not too worried. But just looking for validation this is normal? Thanks, ladies!
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Kate, I think it's pretty normal especially after a growth spurt. You may want to check your blood pressure just to be on the safe side though. I don't know how tall you are, but I know with me, my fundus is up pretty close to my ribs and that has to be pushing various other internal organs up into my chest cavity. So provided your blood pressure is normal, I wouldn't worry.
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Kate, I've had a couple of episodes, especially if I've fallen asleep on my back, where I'll have to sit up and gasp for air. I was told that it's normal and I get to look forward to it getting worse as my lungs and stuff are squished the further along I get. Yay!

DH and I broke out the chainsaws and had a blast today. I waaaay overdid it, and I'm hurting now, but we got in and cut out every single bush in front of our house. It's so weird to see my house without any shrubberies in front now, it looks so bare! We also cut down a couple of branches from each dogwood (I should say limbs) and one from our oak out front. Then we moved to the back yard and I literally had to scream at DH to get him to stop...he got this strange gleam in his eye and just began hacking away with his chainsaw. I don't know if he thought he was in some movie or something, I know I got the feeling while I was going through some bigger brush, but sheesh. Boys and their toys. So now the whole front of our yard is piled with brush. It starts at one end of the yard, goes to the driveway, and starts at the other side of the driveway. I keep seeing people drive by and point. I'm hoping to get a couple more really good cut down sessions in before winter really hits us because there's a beautiful creek at the rear of our property, but there's tons of undergrowth, brush debris, and garbage from the previous tenant (who just threw crap over the fence) so we have our work cut out for us. I want to see my creek and I want to let our little boy play in it when he's older...it's really pretty with a sandy bottom and clear water.

Anyways, as usual I've written a novel of totally useless information about my life. I think I'll go be a bum on the couch now. Have a good weekend.
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So for anyone out there who is as late as we are with the pumpkin patch / hayride extravaganza (for little children), I don't recommend a bumpy hayride when you're already dealing with Braxton Hicks. We went on a hayride this morning out to a pumpkin patch (which delighted dd and ds for the rest of the day and probably week) but I was serious rethinking my choice as we're bumping along. I counted 5 FIVE! BH in 15 minutes - fortunately short, passing ones I probably wouldn't have even noticed had I not been totally focused on them - but even at 20 sec each, 5 in 15 min. was WAAAAY past my comfort zone. Duh. I won't do THAT again. (Haven't had one since.)

Tonight I am angling for a large pepperoni pizza for dinner.

But I wonder what dh is going to have....
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Happy Saturday, everyone!

Peri - you're not alone! dh and I had pizza on Thursday night... ...and it was a large, that we practically finished off together...then I had the 2 remaining pieces for lunch the next day (along with a 1/2 avocado and some leftover chicken soup...!). And today? I wanted to pick up a special (little - ha ha!) treat for when Shannon comes tomorrow, but the only thing I reeeeeeally wanted was double decker chocolate fudge cake from Dufflets (a bakery I used to live around the corner from - dangerous!), so I got a whole cake! Well, we HAD to start it...don't worry, Shannon - there's still some left!

34Me - ouch! sorry about your back! Hope it heals quickly.

Kate - I get winded sometimes if I motor up the stairs to the second floor at work, or get busy at home, up and down the stairs. I don't think I've had a growth spurt yet, though. I haven't taken a photo lately, but it seems to have plateaued...

Monica - sounds like you had a blast with your chainsaw! Make sure you get some rest in this weekend!
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