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Do you paint your toddler's fingernails? - Page 2

Poll Results: Have you or would you ever, paint your toddler's nails?

  • 37% (50)
    Yep, we paint them!
  • 14% (19)
    No, we haven't but we might. . .
  • 41% (56)
    No, I would never paint them.
  • 7% (10)
135 Total Votes  
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I would never do it myself but...

my neighbour did dd's toenails a couple of weeks ago & she LOVED it!! They were a silvery blue colour & she would tell everyone she saw, "I got painted toenails!!" & try to take off her shoes if she was wearing any. It was pretty cute.

It's mostly worn off now & I'll just leave it rather than using that nasty smelling remover. If someone wants to do her toes again I guess I wouldn't mind...but definitely not her fingers. Like others have said, I don't want it in her mouth.
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I hate haveing paint on my nails, I like the french manicure look better, But recently our neighboor bought my 7yr old a pixie dust makeup kit, which included some jarring pink nailpolish, Both the girls wanted their nails painted So I let them, I think it looks cute.
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I don't believe in make up for children or women (or men...)

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Soleil, aka Sully, loves having painted toe nails...we always match them up, lots of fun, but I use the natural stuff, also from the natural food store...it's great, my sis works there, 50% off all items...bonus!

I think painted toe nails are awesome!

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Not DS's...

But I used to paint DD fingernails and toes nails when she was little, actually she still ask me to paint them for her, she is 10! I don't think I will be painting DS fingernails....lol althought DD keeps asking me if SHE can paint his.....little stinker
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Does anyone remember a line of children's products called "tinkerbell" that had a peel-off nail polish called bopo? (brush on, peel off) I have heard of a brand in health stores that is similar, though marked to adults, but have not seen it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I would be less reluctant to paint my daughter's nails if I didn't have to remove it. She LOVES having her nails polished.
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Yup, occasionally we'll do my son's toes.
He's 23 months old and calls it "shining"! He loves having his toes painted and you should see him stick his foot out for the polish and when it hits his big toe, the toe just jumps straight out. We get such a kick out of it that we just do it whenever it hits us.
A few weeks ago I gave him some clear polish and he went from person to person painting their toes, even the cat! I have this great photo series of him painting his own toes, and then finally the cat's. The cat is holding his paw up and everything, truly hysterical. If anyone wants to see, let me know and I'll give out a link.
Email me privately
Take care!
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I never paint any of my nails but while we were visiting my family my sisters and neices painted their nails and toenails and abby sat and insisted her toenails be painted (shes 18 months) she sat quietly through the process which shocked me..
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I voted "other". DD1 is 6 and claims to love nail polish but we only do her nails once every couple of months. She has a half dozen little bottles (most given to her as gifts) but she rarely thinks to ask and I don't offer. But she does love them painted and thinks she is quite grown up when they are.
DD2 will turn 2 this week. She has had her fingernails painted once - we were at the beach cabin for 4th of July and a bunch of girls DD1's age were painting nails. DD2 went in and sat very still while a teenage girl painted them for her. It was cute - I took pix. But in general, I think 4 or 5 is a minimum age (for my house) and even then not too often.
I very rarely paint my own nails as I prefer to leave them natural.
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I haven't. However, dh is the nail guy in this house. I have never been able to cut a baby's nails, so dh did that, and he also does the painting of them! Dd1 has had fingers and toes done, but dd2 has only had toes. Dd1 has also painted dh's toes for him. Very cute.

I was given a gift certificate last year for a manicure and pedicure. I didn't have nice fingernails at the time, so I took dd1 (almost 7 at the time) and she got the manicure, I got the pedicure. She was allowed choose whatever she wanted colourwise, and ended up with a different colour on each finger. Luckily she likes pale colours!
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we do it. ds loves it and goes in phases.

and as for the remover...time will remove any polish!
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Originally posted by marchmom19
But to bribe my dd to let me cut her fingernail sine they hurt me when she kneads my breast during nursing I had to cut her nail. So I came up with the clever idea to paint her nail as a bribe for letting me cut them. It works.
ME TOO! It's the only way I can cut Annabelle's nails. She wakes up screaming "NO CUT NAILS" if I try to trim them while she sleeps. So to get her nails painted she has to have them trimmed first.

Claw marks on boobs, or even on legs, was not mentioned in and AP book I've read yet.
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Yes!!!! Only toenails, never fingers. I could never get away with doing mine otherwise. She loves it! She has to stay in the high chair until they are totally dry. Gotta protect what's left of the furniture....
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Ds really enjoyed getting his nails painted when he was younger.

I am bummed that he has become *socialized* as to not be into it anymore. Oh well, maybe I just need to wait til he's a teenager!

I haven't painted dd's b/c she's just 20 months. But we do have some hilarious pics of when she found my lipstick!
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Every time we go to the Dept. Store!

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I only do my toes, but they are always perfect, so I do them at least once a week. It's a little obsession I have. : I try to do them when ds isn't around, because he is desperate to have his done as well. My dh gave me the stink eye when I started to waver. Then, last night while out with friends, somehow nail polish came up and dh remembered that I used to paint his toes this funky dark blue. So, I guess any arguement he had about nail polish only being for girls just go tossed out the window!
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I don't paint my toddler's nails and I never will.

I used to love pedicures (I miss them). But I don't paint my toe nails anymore (2 years now) after I read my FIT PREGNANCY issue that according to a recent study, nail polish contains phthalates, which are absorbed into the body and may cause fertility problems. I've always wondered about nail polish as I applied it. I guess that's another example of that quiet, little voice inside saying something important, that most of us ignore.

Nail Polish and other Cosmetics May Cause Infertility

CNN article - Group links nail polish to Infertility

Nail Polish Risk: Harming Unborn Boys "A chemical known to harm the male reproductive system is found in many nail and cosmetic products. The plasticizer, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), causes birth defects of testicular atrophy, reduced sperm count, and defects in the structure of the penis.

DBP was found in every single person tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in October, 2000. The findings also showed the disturbing fact that women of childbearing age have 20 times more exposure to DBP than the rest of the population. CDC researchers speculate this is because of their higher use of cosmetics and beauty products.

After finding DBP in so many cosmetic products, the EWG recommends that all pregnant women avoid all personal care products with the word phthalate on the label."

Mothering article - Toxic Toy Story - discusses Phthalates.

So... while I'm in my childbearing/breastfeeding years, I won't be applying something potentially toxic on my nails (which always ends up on my skin).

If you want to learn more, just do a search for "phthalates & nail polish."
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gaaah! I have been using "NoMiss" brand because it's formaldehyde-free - but have no idea if it has phthalates...


I love painting my toenails. I feel very sad.
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I said no, but I changed my mind...as a game yes, but as a fashion item, no. And not often, due to the chemical issue.
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I snuck in with a flashlight and painted dd's toenails a couple weeks ago while she slept! (she is 22 months) She was PSYCHED to see her magenta toenails the next morning!!!! It was SOOO cute!! I am all for toenail polish, for boys or girls. (In moderation)
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