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Business advice?

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I'd love to hear about how people got started with their own practices. I just started my own doula business but I'm not sure how to get clients. I've done some advertising, but not much. I don't have a lot of money to spend until I start to make some! I'm trying to go by word of mouth too, but that can be hard. It got me one client so far, but I'd like to get more! I just wanted to hear what others have done and how it worked for you!
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Check out local birthing classes. Talk with a teacher before hand and see if she wouldn't mind you speaking for a couple of minutes on it... ALL those woman ARE expecting, and usually are later into their pregnancies...

Do you have business cards made up? Do you have a local bagel shop or family owned shop that has a bulletin board with everybodies business cards on them?

Check OB/GYN or midwives offices, and see if they wouldn't mind you putting up some business cards.

Think about where Pregnant people go... and GO THERE!!!

Hope even one of these helps you out!

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Make a good web site and advertize the URL on your car windows...Thats how I found out about Doulas in the first place
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