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ouch, elena. sounds like you had a rough time.

ok here is the question for me .. what about underwear? it is the in between in underwear thing that is driving me crazy. the elastics from my regular underwear dig in too much .. but the huge pairs i bought last time are way too big still. right now i am using the pairs that have been in the back of my drawer that i was meaning to get rid of .. the ones where the elastic does not work anymore. these are the only comfortable ones and i am so glad i procrastinated in getting rid of them.
anyone have any ideas? if i am going to be switching and wearing more under the belly pants, i am going to need under the belly underwear too.

i just got the most amazing undies from vicky's secret. they are the "pink" line and ride very low in the front, but not too too low in the back, perfect for being pg and growing. 20.00 for 5 prs which is about the same was the icky maternity bikinis that i bought and hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!